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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creative Concealment, Etc.

Although I'd really like to be participating in Melissa's event today, I am not doing anything unique to disguise the eyesores in my home. Lots of gals are so, if you want to check out some great ideas, visit Solving Flaws: Creative Concealment.

What I have been attempting to do is solve my figure flaws. I've been shopping and nearly wore myself into a frazzle yesterday afternoon trying on one outfit after another. I finally settled on a black skirt with a flowered hem and a black jacket plus an orange shell. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Apparently, my head was not in gear because the one for whom it matters most was not impressed. Definitely not. More shopping to ensue tomorrow.

Hoping to get it right, I went shopping again last night after supper out. Still couldn't find any clothes to wear so I switched tacks — who can't find something wonderful for the house at T.J. Maxx? I found another apothecary jar! I'm so excited about it, too, because it's heavy, uniquely shaped, and a great price. Still can't find a good cloche, but a good apothecary jar is not to be despised.

Enjoy your Tuesday, Everyone!


  1. Vee,
    Well wishes on finding the perfect outfit. Love the little jar, looks so sweet next to its taller mate. I am now two promised posts behind so i am off to play catch up! Happy Shopping!

  2. Hi Vee,

    You found a great deal. I could live at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. I can usually find home things there. I have difficulty finding clothes period! Good luck in the search.


  3. Love your new jar, VEE. Hang in there in the clothes war. I hate shopping for clothes although I really love them and can seem to never have enough.

  4. Oh heavens... I'd love to see 'Creative Concealment' Ideas, but I'd never join in! {Too fragile about my decorating -grin-}

    Suggestion: Ask "The One For Whom It Matters," for tips/suggestions. Fav colors. Fav style. Etc. Or take him with you. Otherwise, you are shopping 'in the dark,' so to speak.

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  5. You commented in my blog: "Did you write all of that lovely prose? I just love it and want to copy it and put it in my picture frame...Would you let me?"

    Thank you for being so very, very sweet!

    Yes, I wrote it. Just thought of things which 'say July' to me. :-)

    I would be very, very flattered if you copied my words and put them in a picture frame. Wow yes!!!

    Smilnsigh blog

  6. I actually quite like your new outfit, but I hope you can find another that will please the one who matters most. Your new jar is beautiful --- and will make a lovely addition to your home decor!

    Happy Day!

  7. I have this insatiable desire to help people dress. Is that bad? I wish a thousand times (not that it would help). . that I could have shopped with you yesterday. I have an idea for a blog post. . it will involve my matchy matchy friend Kathy .. .I'm thinking of doing a shopping trip with her .. taking photos with different clothes on .. .sounds like so much fun. . kind of like What not to Wear .. blog style.
    I think that the skirt. .from what I can see, looks really nice. . .
    Oh I wish we had those stores. ..

  8. Okay now I love that outfit...whats not to love? Nice jar, too...I love little cloches, have one of my English Rabbits under one on my cat plate, too cute...are you going to fill the jar? I'm thinking of starting a button jar...

  9. Ah.......the one who matters most.....I hope he likes the next outfit better than the last......if not, I'm sure he'll be gazing at your lovely face instead when the time comes....

    I've bought too many jars lately for a certain bride's candy "buffet". Those glass confections are hard to resist!

  10. Hi Vee! I have the exact same apothacary jar! What a wonderful deal too...clothes shopping ~ not to fun...Hope you're having a wonderful day dear Vee ~ xxoo, Dawn

  11. Oh I love your jar!! I hate shopping for clothes too...my brain still thinks I am a size 7 but that is not the reality....I did go to Kohl's and bought some very nice tops on clearance...
    That floral skirt is very pretty.
    It's a bit cooler so far today...

  12. I like jars like that too. You found a really nice one.
    Hope you find an outfit that you like.

  13. Vee - I sympathize with the clothes shopping thing. I recently bought some tops that are gathered under the bosom...I don't know what that would be called. At my age it certainly can't be called a "baby doll" top...more like Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte top. Anyway, every time I wear it the Farmer gives me some kind of odd look, like "what are you thinking, wearing that??"

    I think I'll take your tack and simply go shopping for apothecary jars. Saw a nice one at JoAnn Fabrics. Now I'll definitely go back for it.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  14. A good cloche is almost impossible to find, you know it? I don't know how all these people do it. I finally found one, a small one, that was fairly reasonably priced. I've seen MANY, however, that would require I fill out loan paperwork in order to purchase. Ridiculous. (Or maybe I'm just ridiculously cheap, who knows? lol)

    So your loved one didn't dig the new outfit, huh? I was going to do a post about a similar subject later on this week. About how you think a certain thing looks good, but those closest to you don't seem too impressed. It happens to me all the flippin' time. lol

    I for one like your outfit - nice color. And I, of course, love the apothecary jar. (And now that the idea of collecting those has flitted thru my head, they'll become as rare as do-do birds. ha!)


  15. Hee hee...I just loved your post. Clothing shopping...that used to be a joy for me. Its not just the sad figure that I've disolved into...or out of...or morphed into ...its the money, the lack of middle age clothing styles...etc. etc.

    Anyway....suffice it to say, I have found basic lines and plain colours with wonderful accessories are the best standbys. My problem is that working clothes FAR outnumber any casual clothing I posses. Oh well...

    I am glad you got a jar...looks good. I personally liked your outfit too.

  16. Oh, Vee, thank you for sharing about the Creative Concealment ideas going on at my blog. You are such a dear. And yes, I completely understand your frustration about the shopping. In my case, every year it feels like I am a different shape so I want to start over with a more CONCEALING wardrobe. Eek. I'm not necessarily bigger, my chub just moves around. How about that for a post? How to Hide Your Chub. I'm thinking about that one.

    Great finds, and good luck concealing.

    Happy day,

  17. Join me and Tara in our quest to get fit on our blogs, Vee! The three way mirrors in dressing rooms have made me more determined to fix my multiple figure flaws :-)

    Love the apothecary jar!

    Hugs, pat

  18. I saw some great apothocery jars at Ross yesterday. Today I got a white ceramic soup tureen at T. J. Maxx, with embossed sea life on it, put it right next to my white ceramic shell. Love those stores, and LOVE our blog!!

  19. Good luck on that outfit shopping! We could be wearing hoop skirts so that's a plus right? The worst thing in the world to me is shopping for clothes...I'm not normal! One of those lindt balls are in order :).

    I have something at my blog for you Vee...LOL

  20. I love your post today. I happen to think your outfit is very nice. I love the skirt. My husband will frequently say, "Are you going to where that?" Like no, I just put this on to prance around in. I always know when he thinks something looks wrong on me. Sometimes I change, sometimes I don't. I used to love to clothes shop, but now it is a huge challenge. T.J. Maxx is a great store. You just have to hunt for the treasures I have found. Their housewares is really great. Later, Trish

  21. Beautiful jar. I'd like to have a cloche as well... let me know if you find any deals. Sorry about the outfit... I hate to shop, so I feel your pain. Better luck tomorrow.

    Don't you just love Melissa's blog... I don't currently have anything that has to be disguised in my present house. I have had plenty in my 6 previous houses, though. Just no pictures. :-)

    Love ya,

  22. Nicely done in your good fashion sense selections Vee...and the apothecary jar...perfecto!

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog Vee and your kind comments. I have to come by to visit you and have not been disappointed. What a wonderful apothecary jar you have found! I have looked for them here but there are just not to be found so far. Here in Holland, they are called gember potten or ginger jars. I have one in porcelain though. I agree that shopping for home is great fun and I always prefer that to shopping for clothes which I have grown to loath. I do love the skirt you found. It is very summery and cheerful.

    Hugs ~

  24. I think your new outfit is cute as can be. It is so difficult for me to find much I like these days and I hear that from much older ladies to much younger ones. My friend said if she would wear any of the current tops everyone would think she's expecting. Oy, all those high waists and loose bottoms; I think she's right.


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