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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrating Winter

The Garden Gate

This is the painting that led me to Nita Leger Casey's blog Gingerbread Art Studio. Images of New England are so pleasing to my eye. Must be because I adore the familiar for these are the scenes I see all around me this January.

Nita has been so kind to give me permission to show some of her paintings. She told me via email that she lives in a gingerbread house in New England, visits Maine often, and also has a blog about France where she was born. Those paintings are beautiful as well, but my focus today is on her artistic view of New England.

Both my daughter and I were charmed by this painting of Owls Head, Maine. She and I have only seen it in summer so the winter view is new to us. If you are a longtime reader of this blog, you may remember my discussion of Owls Head from this photo.

Let's get back to winter, shall we? I'm going to stop typing and allow Nita's paintings to speak for themselves.

Winter Shadows

Pepperell Street

Once in a Blue Moon

Nita shares the most celebratory winter story of "Once in a Blue Moon" right *here.*

If you happen to be at Logan Airport in Boston, you can see some of Nita's work in person. Just check her sidebar for more information.

Please visit Gingerbread Art Studio and be charmed as well. There's so much more to see!

Yesterday, I was visiting Dear Diary - Cait O'Connor where Cait has written the most wonderful poetry named A Walk in the Snow. It made me yearn for the outdoors and, though I couldn't go for a walk, I did lean over the deck railing and inhale the wonderful, crisp air. I'm all for celebrating winter since it will long be with me and this poem will help you celebrate winter, too. Just see if it doesn't!

Thank you for visiting me today and remember to Celebrate Winter!


  1. We're all in favour of celebrating winter out as well...especially this year...with us counting the days to the winter games. But we are in the middle of a mild weather system...warm & wet...with no end in sight. So send us a little of your snow...at least by February 12th. We need it!

    The paintings of New England in winter are most lovely!

  2. oh, i love her paintings and will go right not to her

  3. All of her paintings are lovely. My favorite is Pepperell Street.

  4. Vee, thank you for introducing me to Nita's work. I just adore it!

    By the way, I was able to visit New England for the first time in the Fall of 2007. I fell in love with it.


  5. Beautiful water colors! I am heading over there for a peak. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist Vee.

  6. I love winter. These paintings are amazing and bring back so many childhood memories from living in New England. We would play in the snow from morning til night back then.

    Thanks for the show & tell Vee, so lovely!

  7. Ohhhhhhhh that 'Once In A Blue Moon' painting!!!!!!! Be still my heart!

    And I'll be sure to visit the link you left us, too.

    Happy sniffing Winter from the deck railing. I have to do it, by opening the patio door and sticking my head out. -gigggles-

    You have an excuse for not walking, your duties. But my excuse is not keen... I'm afraid of falling. -bleahhhhhhhhhhh-


  8. Greetings, Friend!

    Loved the paintings you posted today. So cute the way you've got it "snowing" on your blog, too. It looks like the flakes are falling right over the paintings!

    I snapped some photos this morning of our backyard trees, H.E.A.V.Y. with ice, frost and snow. Such a wonderland around here. I love winter!! I'll post them if I can get them off the camera.

    BTW, I have a tin of ginger cookies exactly like those in the top picture on your sidebar. Yummy, thin and crispy!

    Hope you are well!

  9. Ok, If I can mostly celebrate it from my nice warm house. Truth be told, I went on a walk with the dogs yesterday and was out throwing sticks for them today. It was actually fun and refreshing. I must be getting used to the cold temperatures.

    These paintings are wonderful.

    Becky K.

  10. Beautiful paintings. I can see why the first one would draw you to her blog and I also love the one called "Pepperell Street". I will have to go visit her blog and also the other one you mention.

  11. Oh my gosh! The Owls Head painting looks as if it was painted from the house we rented there on 2 occasions! It is a beautiful spot and we have some lovely memories of it. What lovely art! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Vee,
    I have been catching up with you and have enjoyed my visit very much as always!!!.
    You are such a delight.
    I want to wish you and your sweet family a very Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true this year.
    Take care,

  13. I absolutely adore winter! Even though it's freezing cold outside, I'm inside warm and snug either painting or reading in big cozy chair wrapped up in a afghan.

  14. I love winter, although here in the south it is not as beautiful as yours. The artwork is gorgeous and so peaceful. Thank you so much for sharing.


  15. I'm so glad you're able to celebrate the winter, Vee. We here in the south, 'specially in Texas, just don't get much winter, and when we do and it's this cold (we set records here), MAN, we've just about had all we can stand. Give us back our heat and humidity! Winter is beautiful when you have snow, but mostly it's just bare & brown around here.

    Love these watercolors. Nita is very talented and I'll have to check into her more of her work. You're so sweet to showcase her work as you did mine! I'll never forget that!

  16. Hi Vee, The paintings are beautiful and thank you for sharing the blog with the poem. I just love the little snowman your grandson's made on your side bar. I have been trying to get my hubby to make one with me to post but so far no luck. We have only had one real snow storm here and it is not the type of snow needed to build one.

  17. To everyone who has posted a comment about my work, I want to say thank you with all my heart, you have made my day ! I love New England and wouldn't not live anywhere else now. My husband and lived all over the world but this is the place ,I have a daughter who lives in Hilton Head, love to visit but love to come back home,I walked this morning with my dog Clancy ,17 degree and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, now I am ready to paint! enjoy my sites ! Nita

  18. Hi Vee,
    Nita Leger Casey's watercolors are so beautiful! Painting snow with the right depth and coloring is not an easy task, and her expert works are very charming.
    Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist!

    I, too, enjoy winter as a season and would miss it if I lived in a warmer climate. Winter has a beauty all its own. I will read Cait's poem next...thanks again!

  19. LOL! You're celebrating winter and I'm pushing spring!

    I love her paintings! I like looking at pictures of snow. I don't really want all that snow (which is why we moved from NJ to Georgia). Thank you for her link - I'll go have a peak now.


  20. Her paintings are gorgeous! Winter always looks so much more romantic in paintings and photos than in real life. Off to take a look at her blog!


  21. Such beautiful and inspirational paintings! I find myself gazing at them and imagining the story within! Just lovely, thanks for sharing with us!

  22. You know I'm a big fan of winter, too! Those paintings are beautiful. Randey and I went to one of the "Starving Artists" sales a week or so ago at a hotel in Ft. Worth - we bought 2 paintings. Both are winter scenes. lol Something about seeing paintings of snow just makes me thing of good things. :)

  23. I love so many things about winter. I could use a vacation to enjoy some sunshine, but I do love all the nesting and cozy stuff of winter.

    I'm glad you are back to blogging more! I caught up on some posts! And, um, yeah, I'm off your blogroll now. So if you want to add me, I'll proudly accept. :-)

    Blessings Vee!

  24. Hi again Vee - if you're interested in the gopher story check my post on Oct. 20, 09! See what you've missed? Gophers! ;-)

  25. Lovely pictures! I fondly remember our many vacations to Maine.


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