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Monday, January 25, 2010

Up to Somethin'

Been thinking about this trouble spot since I visited Margo's Junkin' Journal a few days ago. The solution had been brewing and I knew that I had just the thing...just exactly "the thing," but where was it?

Not there...

Not there...

Not there...

Not there!

Bravely, I struck off after it...

twice! (This was a reenactment for blogging purposes don'tcha know.)

Much better! What's that? Yes, I was in my nightie. Doesn't every gal scamper about her backyard in January this way?

Yes! This will work...

if I don't get carried away with the cleaning

and leave just the right amount of dirt and mold. Gotta love those nice chippy cracks, too.

Determined to achieve my goal of creating a new centerpiece similar to Margo's, I decided not to even sneak a peek at the original.

Still no peeks, obviously... :-/

Had to peek

Calling it quits for today, though I'm going to try again soon. Stay tuned for further developments.

In the meantime, check out *Margo's Junkin' Journal Giveaway*


  1. That was fun and you made a beautiful center piece!! :-)

  2. You did good gal. Nice idea. I will check her out. BTW, you asked about a nickname, just call me Q. Blessings

  3. Good Morning Vee,
    As always great read, I will soon be leaving here with a smile, and much to ponder on.

    Trying to play catchup as well,as i always read your last three post, yes it has been that long since I have visited, but have a good excuse.
    I really got a chuckle over the jam post. I thought I was the only one who kept that many jams in the refrig. Thanks for that delicious looking recipe, for once I have found someone who has given me a recipe that looks great and with ingredients I have on hand.lol.
    You are doing wonders with your mosaics, enjoyed them all especially with the grandkids. I still have not got the hang of it yet.

  4. I am trying to come up with a mantel display. I love what you did for your centerpiece!

  5. So fun!

    Doesn't it feel good to be creative?

    Now, I had better get busy. This week will be a very full one. Just one problem, my jammies are so comfy, I am not wanting to get dressed....hmmm.

    But, alas, I need to get milk, make candles, teach the kiddos and prepare something for dinner.

    Becky K.

  6. -giggles- You are so cute!

    Best part, you seem to be having fun again! And you know, I so applaud that. :-)))) Hugsssssss...

    How is your back this morning though? From the looks of it, that *dish* weighs a ton! Eeeeeek! Lugging it in and cleaning it and moving it to "the perfect spot." Mmmmmm... Need some liniment? ,-)

    Gentle hugs...

  7. Hahaha, that sounds like something I would do - venturing out in my nightie (if I had one, ROFL), looking for things to create an impromptu decoration! You did great in your creation!

  8. Intrepid, that is what you are! A girl on a mission, and I love the new centrepiece! I still have to get around to playing mosaics, Vee. I am full of good intentions. Sigh.

  9. bravo and hilarious!!! hans and i played hooky from
    church yesterday, and did all manner of chores in
    our sleepwear.

    i think i like your centerpiece even better than the

    ps. i read aloud to him your song yesterday, and tha
    was our church! :)

  10. Good morning Vee -

    Nice arrangement you have there. I 'll have to go check Margo's blog. She's always so creative!

    I hope you really didn't have tears for my silly poem. I was disappointed that she was gone, but certainly didn't mean to make anyone cry. It just crossed my mind to do a tribute to her short life with me, and so I did. It DID get me thinking that I NEED some more chickens. My husband just keeps rolling his eyes, and says if I do, HE's not messing with them.

    Sorry to hear about your two friends that passed away. We never know when He will come for us. We need to always be ready. THey sounded like lovely people...

  11. Good job. Amazing what can be created from 'this and that'...while still in one's nightgown!

    I'm still in my pj's...though there hasn't been much creating going on over here this morning.

    Have a fun day.

  12. Oh I love it! And, have you heard of SOCKS! Brrrr....

  13. Hi Vee
    I live in a high density neighbor area so I can not go out in my PJ's in fear of being spotted by the ones who peer out their windows every few minutes and take notes...lol Very often i put sweats over my pj's and venture out that way for the newspaper that missed our porch steps.

    Your creative arrangement looks very nice sitting on the window sill that has such a pretty view!

    Sorry you are having trouble enlarging my blog mosaics..I am using the new Blogspot editor to do my blogs posts ..could there be a conflict with the editor you are using? No one has mentioned this problem to me before. It just may be a temporary Blogspot thing.

    So sorry for any inconvenience.

    South west SD was a beautiful place to visit! I'd love to go back someday. Glad you are enjoying the photos.

  14. What a fun post. I really enjoyed reading it. I think I need to tell you to stay warm. Out there in your nightie. LOL Last time I was outside in my nightie I got locked out. When I turned around there was a huge elk standing there. I swear he was laughing. He didn't have a house key either... Love your centerpiece

  15. I love it Vee. . you did an awesome job. I sometimes have to hunt high and low to find the piece I know I have .. somewhere.

  16. What a cute blog... this is my first visit here...and I loved your little jaunt outside to create your new centerpiece...Great job...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...Stop in...Love to have you!

  17. You are so funny darting around your backyard in your nightgown.
    I love the way it turned out. I never would have thought to mix those elements together, but it definitely works well.

  18. Talk about sacrifice for arts sake! But it was worth it cuz it looks fabulous!

  19. I think you did a wonderful job. It's beautiful!

  20. Love it, a woman on a mission!! And the grouping is wonderful - what a great space to fill. I would never think to bring in part of our bird bath.

    Have a good night!

  21. Hi Vee,
    I haven't seen Margo's yet, but I love what you did. speaking of New England, snow and nightgowns...Our coyotes came back and live in a den in our yard. We are supposed to make lots of noise so that our sweet little dog cocoa doesn't end up being lunch.

    Well, the other day I was outside with cocoa on a leash and my Golden next to me. I was wearing my pjs and a robe with my boots, and carrying this huge bell. I thought, if anyone sees me they are going to take me away.

    Have a great night.

  22. Vee,

    I have been known to get a brilliant idea and strike out in my jammies to the storage shed. Glad to know I am in good company! I adore that beautiful window and your arrangement is awesome. I am going over to peek!


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