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Monday, January 18, 2010

Seven Facts

Ages ago...and I do mean ages, Margie at Margie's Crafts (aka Margie Loves Wool) tagged me with the Seven Facts Meme. I told her that I'd return to it one day and this is the day six months later.

So here goes...

1. I procrastinate. (Oh stop! ;> )

2. My hair hasn't been this long since I was in college and I loathe it. I seriously considered chopping it off myself, but am reconsidering now that I see what I did to my poor Nan's hair Sunday morning. Good thing her eyesight isn't what it once was. Suffice it to say that she complained of being cold all day.

3. Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber is my current read. I may not finish it.

4. Baked Tina's Upside Down Pineapple Cake this weekend sorta; didn't have the proper ingredients so substituted spice cake and pears.

5. Shoveling isn't my favorite thing so John does most of it. He's doing it now.

6. Found myself staring at my hands a few days ago. They looked older than I ever remember.

7. Love the Google art that commemorates a special day. It's the only way that I remembered that today is Martin Luther King Day.

Although I no longer tag anyone, please feel free to do this if you'd like and let me know so that I can read yours!

Come back tomorrow and I'll share a long overdue (September 8th overdue) thank you for a giveaway win from Colleen at Main Street Memories.


  1. I enjoyed reading these little facts about you. I also like the picture of John shoveling complete with snowflakes falling.

  2. Fun reading the little tidbits about you.
    I've noticed my hands lately too!!

  3. I stopped reading Twenty Wishes after a few chapters. Don't remember what is was but I didn't care for like I did her first book from the knitting shop.

  4. Ooooops, you got some snow and etc., hu? We lucked out, again and didn't get hit.

    Don't you *dare* cut your own hair! Make an appointment and have it cut. Someone will just have to Nan-Sit for you, while you're gone.

    Bleahhhhhhhhhhh... I was doing so well, with not sounding all bossssssy and such, here. I really was trying and I really was proud of myself, for being sweeeet.

    And then you said about cutting your own hair and you tipped me over the edge! -pout- -moan- -sigh-

    That's it! It's all your fault! Not my fault that I let down my guard and sounded all bossssssy and such, here again. -sighhhhhhh- That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  5. Great blog.....just popped in but can really relate. Hope you have a great New Year!!!!

  6. I share your procrastination...loved your "facts." C

  7. Interesting facts about you Vee--Procastination is my middle name..lol...so I can totally relate.
    I'm usually the one who shovels because I'm home when it snows and V's at work. Thankfully it snowed on weekends and I have had a break so far this winter.

    I have big freckles on my hands now which I hate. Too much sun in my teens I guess.

    How about you keep growing your hair and eventually donate it to "Locks for Love" which makes wigs for children with cancer?

  8. Oh my Vee, my hands look just like my mother's hands!!! I can push the skin around like I used to when I was a child...oh well...and I managed to give myself a mullet in the bathroom last night in a desperate attempt to give my "recession" hair do a new do! Well, I worked on it again this morning and tried to make it better ~ it's still messed up though! I hope you are staying warm and cozy sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  9. Vee, you are precious. I love learning new things about you. I love the special day Google words, too. Thanks for your sweet words about my lump in the road. Glad to be able to move on from that now.


  10. I laughed at this. I'd have to use almost all the same "answers" right down to having John (mine not yours!) shovel the snow. ;) LOL I'm not a big Debbie Macomber fan. Not sure why.

  11. I enjoyed your post Vee. It was nice learning more about you. Stay warm. We haven't had much snow this year. I think it all fell in your direction.

  12. What a great MEME! Loved reading about you Vee. And yes... my hands are an attraction that I am not pleased with these days too. LOL

    have a grand day! Hugs, Sherry


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