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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Could It Be Any Easier?

No, I think not.

And it's delicious, too.

You can take my word for it.

What you ask?


We had it for supper last night. Three thumbs up.

And what's easier than a skillet cake? I've mentioned the recipe that I found at Cherry Hill Cottage. This time I substituted a cup of walnuts for the fruit and used chocolate cake mix. It's quite good. And easy. And easy is what I'm looking for these days.

This is one of those cakes that gets even better with time. A generous dollop of whipped cream or some ice cream doesn't hurt either. Hope that you'll give it a try.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh.my.goodness! That looks sooo good.

    Chelsea made up some peanut butter Ritz covered in chocolate cookies.

    With one of the boys friends over they went very quickly!

    I'll show her this!
    Hopefully it will capture her fancy. I could make it but then she would likely make something else and we would have so many sweets around here...

    Becky K.

  2. Just found ya through Dawn's site...what a beautiful blog you have here. This cake looks SO yummy...thanks for sharing the link!

  3. OT but... YOU DID IT!!! You made a great new Icon. Well...

    -You made the craft first.

    -Took a pic of it.

    -And make the pic into a new

    Very, very cool. All round. You are just getting wayyyyyyy tooooooo clever, you know. Way too clever. >,-)))) You've left me so far behind you in the dust, that I can't even *see* you anymore. :-)))))))))

    And hooray for you, for so doing!!!


  4. No, Aunt Amelia. I did NOT make the craft. Colleen @ Main Street Memories made the craft and I took the picture. Sorry for any confusion. ~Vee

  5. I have a tomato sauce recipe that tastes wonderful, but is rather labor intensive. This one sounds super simple and how nice to know that it tastes great too. I'll be trying it soon.

  6. Hi, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing, I will have to try it.

  7. Oh my ... an easy to make chocolate cake in a skillet?
    It sounds and looks so good and the nuts make it "healthy" right?

    Enjoy it!

  8. Your skillet cake looks most yummy...even if it is chocolate. (smile) I'm one of those few people who don't go straight for the chocolate desserts. My cast iron skillet is reserved for fun recipes that can be baked in the oven...thanks for the idea.

  9. Thanks for the recipes. It is always fun to try something new. :)

  10. Nuts and chocolate. . my two favorite combos. ..I'll be running to look at this recipe . .thanks Vee.

  11. So homey and yummy hear today! I had to sit and gaze at the magic of your rooftop blanketed in snow with all those delightful icicles fringing your roof, so lovely.

  12. Quick!

    Run back over to 'The Attic.'

    I just changed Header pic.

    Tell me you can look at this one, without smiling. Or giggling. Or something.


  13. Hey, that looks like fun! I always like recipes that are unique!

  14. Delicious AND easy! A perfect combination! That sauce is one I definitely need to try. Thanks for sharing, Vee!


  15. Delicious......my word for the year. Now I will need to take it more seriously and make a chocolate skillet cake. I don't know if it will age much though. Especially if there is ice cream in the house! ~Kathy

    P.S. I'll reflect further on the future of my journals in another blog post very soon.

  16. yes, please! chocolate, nuts, whipped cream...

  17. Hi Vee,
    This cake looks out of this world yummy!. Your little grandson is so cute! so like a little boy to wear his hat backwards. I think the snowman is bigger then he is.
    Take care and keep warm,
    hugs, Elizabeth

  18. The cake looks wonderful! Love the photo of your grandson, too! Are you having trouble with junk comments? I am! EEEE!!!

  19. That looks so yummy!

    Your grandson picture is adorable, but I couldn't leave a comment on that post.

  20. That looks like a really decadent dessert! Your Grandson and his pirate snowman is a darling picture!


  21. This looks so delicious and who doesn't love chocolate! Thank you for your kind comments about Charli. She seems to be on the mend.

  22. Yummmmm, you mind if I pop by for a piece Vee? Looks so delish ~ stay cozy and have a wonderful weekend sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  23. Oh that Miss Tina -.....she can be such a culprit with enabling us with those delectable treats!!! Gotta love that dear friend though!
    Nothing beats a sweet treat to top of the day.



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