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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on Doodles

Do you like to draw? Doodle? I love to doodle. I create all sorts of flowers and curlicues. Doodles may say things about us. Last night found me wondering what a doodle drawing done of me says.

It was with some interest that I posed for a drawing my grandmother was working on last evening. Never have seen her pick up a pencil and start drawing that way. It's been a challenge for her to write much of anything lately, though she does stay on top of her crossword puzzles always working in ink and using all caps.

Note the turned-out foot and the way she placed my hand. Find myself wondering if it speaks of my impatience and frustration from time to time. She has made me look like something of a whacked bird, don't ya think? Love the bob that she gave my hair, though.

Looking forward to Thursday morning when we'll take down the tree. It's the morning after Epiphany, which we will celebrate with a Christmas-style dinner and some reading and reflection. We may use the final ceremony of Advent as our take-off place. It was gleaned from Quill Cottage with year before last's Christmas post Serendipity Sunday Week Four. And there may be a final gift of Christmas for John and Nan...we'll see. And it's fun to think that, even though I'm taking the tree down, it'll be right back up before the year ends.

Happy redecorating to us all!


  1. I love your tree de-decorating tradition! I might steal it from you, if you don't mind!

    I love your icicle picture! I love icicles!

  2. I'm smiling...about the doodle. And I'm wondering what it was you were wearing as you posed? It's a keeper!

    I like the tree de-decorating idea. Mine's all packed away...no pomp & ceremony...but let's see if I can remember that idea for a whole year.

  3. Your link leads to a page where it says; "Doodling is also an outlet for frustrated artistic expression."

    But I don't doodle.


    What does that mean???

    So does that mean...
    1) that I have no artistic expression, frustrated or otherwise? [I used to draw, paint, use pastels]

    Or does it mean...
    2) that I am not at all frustrated in my artistic expression? Which would mean that I am running around, using my artistic abilities to the fullest.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmm...

    Why did you have to bring up the topic of Doodling? Hu? Hu? Hu? Now I can worry about what deep-seated horror it speaks to, in my phyche, because I don't Doodle and so many other people do
    Doodle? Eeeeeeeek! -moan- -pout-


  4. My mom has always been a doodler. Some of her little sketches leave me with the giggles. It seems your grandmother has a good sense of humor.

    What a great tradition for taking down the tree. There is no pomp and circumstance about it. Maybe I should rethink that and make putting away just as special as putting it all up.

    Hope your New Year is off to a great start!

  5. What a wonderful tradition of taking down your tree...it seems a more gentle end to the hustle and bustle of the season.

    I got a smile looking at your portrait.....


    p.s. I posted some pictures of the rest of the mantel in process today for you....

  6. Nanny has still "got it"! Love her drawing - she still has her "get up and go"! My Nanny was instrumental in getting me to draw as a child. She would draw little figures, very primative, and I would put the faces and the bellybuttons on them. Everything had to have a bellybutton! At least your Nan gave you more buttons so no one would know which one is YOUR bellybutton! tee-hee!

  7. Oh by the way, enjoyed greatly the "I love guns" video posted by Aunt Amelia! Now I see what you all must think of me! ;-)

  8. You HAVE to keep that. How cool.

    My Christmas Tree sits naked except for the lights, which are not lit. It waits for me to muster the courage to deal with the thousands of needles which shall trail from the living room to the kitchen, out through the garage and finally out the door.

    What was I thinking when I said yes to Chelsea?? Must be that soft spot that I have for her.

    Becky K.

  9. That is a cute picture. Definitely a treasure. :) I doodle all the time. Used to do in class then get in trouble for "not paying attention". That was how I did pay attention. It kept my mind from wandering.

    We have always kept our tree up until Epiphany - for the twelve days of Christmas season. Glad to know others do it, too.

  10. Hi Vee,
    great doodle your grandmother made, Oh how blessed to have this time with her, I so miss being with mine.she was quite a character too.

    I like your plans of celebration that you have scheduled this week, such a sweet way to end a wonderful holiday.
    I was also thinking today that I will be putting these same decorations, that I am taking down, back up within the year.
    Have a joy filled week.

  11. I love to doodle and draw. Have a wonderful week!

  12. I'm really not much of a doodler, but I know others who are. How cool that I can now analyze them :)

    The drawing your Nan did of you is great. I would definitely keep that one if I were you. Do you think her crossword puzzles done in ink are one of the secrets to her longevity?

  13. I'm a dreadful doodler. I have not one speck of free hand artistic talent. . .still .. I enjoy making flowers with petals and two leaves and that's about it.
    I'm finding that even my lil farm hand has learned it's better to ask Grandpa when he feels a need to see a truck or a dog or near anything drawn.
    Love your new hair do . .so fun.

  14. I'm so glad to read about your Ephiphany plans. It's interesting to see how differently we each approach these special times in the year. Looks like Nan has already given you an unexpected gift.

  15. My first thought on the doodle was - good hair day! I love the bob too.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the impatience thing. You have a Super Senior living in your home and it's a given. Just ask me. HA!

  16. My tree is coming down now - for Epiphany. I hate to see it go away, but, as you said, it will be up before we know it! Here in the UK most people leave their decorations up till 12th night, or Epiphany, and I really love that tradition!
    As for doodles - I just had a look at the scraps of paper I keep next to the computer and yes, I apparently do doodle. A great deal more than I thought! Random patterns seem to be my thing!

  17. Good morning Vee, The doodle is sweet. That is one I would keep forever. I love to doodle too but I am not a very good artist at all. I loved reading about your Epiphany tradions. We always took our tree down the day after Epiphany too. I hope you have a wonderful day today.

  18. I don't doodle at all! What does that mean I wonder.

    My tree is down and all Christmas is packed away. I'm dreaming about my garden now. All the seed catalogs are coming in and there's so much to choose from and plans to make.


    P.S. I really felt like I didn't do much last year. I think because the year before I did ALOT. But last year I purposely slowed down!

  19. Sounds like a great tradition to me!


  20. We don't take our tree down until after Epiphany either but I'm so ready to get back to "normal" ... besides we're going to paint the living room before everything goes back.

    Thanks for all your comments on my photos, Vee! I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to reply to them. The curtain photo you're thinking of was taken way back in 2007 but it's one of my favs too.

    Happy New Year to you!


  21. Oh yes, with taking down the holiday decor, there's always the thought of redecorating. And about your grandmother. She's of course doing the exact things she should. Keeping her brain stimulated with crossword puzzles. And I so admire her! I could never overcome my fear and use a pen!

  22. Your doodle portrait by Nan is a framable effort. She should have included a halo around your head for all you do for her! :-)

    I had to take my tree down early this year as we had a recycle pick up and I wanted it to be turned into mulch and not added to a land fill. I always feel sad when I take it down and the house seems so empty when it is gone. Maybe I should make a new ritual out of it as you do, and then I'd feel better?

  23. YOu bet, I doodle. I doodle at work when I'm on the phone with clients and whomever. I doodle in court while listening to testimony. To the outside observer it appears that I am not paying attention, but doodling actually helps me focus...I need to investigate this.

    Great post...great drawing! C

  24. Vee,

    You are so funny and Nana's doodle is priceless. You must keep it or frame it. I doodle when I am on the phone on whatever paper is handy. Once the water company got a very fancy envelope from me :c)

    Thank you for the sweet mention. I hope your celebration was a wonderful one.

  25. Good Morning Vee!

    Great candy cane use! Love your method. Enjoy your Epiphany celebration. What a great way to celebrate a special season.

    Hugs, Sherry

  26. Enjoyed my first-time visit (I believe) to your site. Very welcoming and a delightful peek into your world.

    Doodling -- yes I do it. It seems to be one of those unconscious things that just happen when I've got pen or pencil in hand. I tend to doodle letters in calligraphy. On especially close-to-Him moments when I'm quiet, it's amazing what sort of form my doodlings take then, as if something doodles out from deep within.

    I'll come again........ Happy New Year..... oh yes, I say twenty-ten now.


  27. PS. I see you enjoy Enchanted April.... I think that has to remain my top favourite movie of all time. I have lots I love, but that one takes me on a journey of the heart and senses any and every time I watch it. Glad to 'meet' a kindred.


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