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Friday, January 22, 2010

An Experiment With Pattern

That "quilt" mosaic on Wednesday sparked something. I've always been interested in pattern and design and have actually written about it before in a post titled Fractals.

Have you ever heard of a Sierpinski triangle? It is a formula that repeats over and over again in what some might initially consider randomness or chaos, but which ultimately turns out to be design. (Course you know what I think about design.) The triangles are fun *to make; children who reach a certain age love them; and they can be colored to create all sorts of delicious designs.

Well thought I, why not try it with photo mosaics in squares and see what happens. Now I don't know if this can be considered "Sierpinski" though it looks "Sierpinski-ish" enough to me.

(Any reason at all to feature the grands, both of whom have had a birthday since last they showed up here. Four and three — what delightful ages to be!)

A friend purchased a somewhat expensive computer program to help her design quilts. I think I might show her this and see what she thinks. She's going to say,"Muddy." That much I do know. ☺

*To make a Sierpinski triangle:

1. Draw a large triangle
2. Draw a triangle within the triangle where the points touch at the midpoints of each of the original's sides...that's three. ;>
3. Continue in this fashion for each newly created triangle.

Go ahead and try it; you know you want to!!

Happy Friday, Everyone...


  1. O.k., now this is COOL!

    A treat for the eyes.

  2. Dear Vee, thank you for saying hello on my blog today! I'm glad to hear you've been visiting since New Year's! Hoping I've inspired and made you smile and that you come back often!

    I don't know how you do all that computer cutting and pasting to make all those wee little squares, but wow! I'm computer challenged and a total novice at Photoshop! So when I see someone going lickety split at it, I'm awed!

    Enjoy your day and hope to see you again!


  3. Awesome! OK, I am stumped on how you did this!

  4. This is intriguing! What an interesting concept to use with most any designs....grandkids, flowers, anything of interest could make a stunning arrangement on a wall!

  5. Mmmmmm, no I don't think I want to. I'm glad that you can do those mosaic things. But every time I try to down load the necessary pics, into the "Mosaic Maker," it seems to be very difficult. -pout-

    Yeahhhhhh, I'm just not techy! >,-)

    Oh and your Load Time just now was 00:00:04.112. A bit longer than yesterday but I bet those fancy patterns today, took longer. :-)

    Did you try Stopwatch yet? It's fun!!!! And interesting to try it, with the url of other blogs. Some took so long, that I stopped it, without waiting for the complete time.


    I love techy stuff, which I CAN do. -grin-

  6. There you have it...the pattern for a quilt of the grands...aged 4 and 3. And I'd stick to the squares for quilting!

    Good job!

  7. Cool! How in the world do you do that?

  8. dear vee,

    what an intriguing idea. i checked out your dr. sierpinski, a polish mathmetician, who invented
    the elegant design. no more polish jokes at my

    i am continually amazed, as my years increase, at
    God's design vs. randomness. both are beautiful.

    can one design something random?


  9. Wow, really fun!

    Now, can you make that into a quilt? I have special fabric for quilting that is backed with paper so it can go through the printer. With such a thing you can choose one of these amazing design choices and make a quilt!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    And yes, the china hutch is mine and is how it looks 'today'. Tea things in china hutches seem to be fluid at my house!


  10. oh, i'm getting sooooo smart from your lovely and
    informative teaching on patterns and fractals.

    thank you for answering my question in such a
    perfect manner!


  11. A quilt would be beautiful! It's incredible all of the things available to us today. I often wonder what my mother or grandmother would think of all of it.

  12. I like it! If you enlarged it, it would be a neat piece to mat and frame. Talk about a comversation piece!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. Sounds like Geometry to me! That was the only higher math that I liked because at least I could memorize the theorems without understanding how they worked..lol

    Happy 3 and 4 to the adorable grands! I think their image mosaics looks like art. Brava!

  14. Hi Vee!

    Love those darling little ones, how precious!! The pattern is awesome. What a great thing to try as the little ones get older and start experimenting with shapes and designs. I love it!

    Have a grand weekend!! Hugs, SHerry

  15. How neat & those grands are adorable.
    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Yes, I DO want to. I loved geometry in school. Have you given a tutorial on how to do the photo mosaic, or can you point me in the direction to one?

    - Suzanne


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