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Friday, January 29, 2010

Coldest Day of the Year

...so they tell us. That'd be good as another day like this wouldn't be much fun. The furnace has run all day long and still I can feel the chill about my feet.

It looked like this with the wind howling and blowing up puffs of snow. All pictures look as if patches of fog are drifting across the landscape, but it's really a fine snow powder.

We had company for lunch — my mother and sister. It was too bad that they chose this day to get out and about. My mother looked so small and cold when she came in that I wanted to gather her in like a child and wrap her in a cozy blanket. Instead, I served her tea right away and had her sit nearest the heat.

This afternoon while taking care of emails, the view beyond my window was this...

Inside it was this...

my nan's bed. I seriously considered asking her if I could climb in there and take a nap. She didn't need it...


  1. Brrr....looks chilly!
    Keep warm & cozy!


  2. Oh brrr! You do look warm and cozy though!

  3. That bed does look inviting for a nap on a cold winter's day!

  4. Oh, that looks COLD!! Our day was in the mid 70s - that I can deal with! :)

  5. What a great day for a snooze in the cozy bed... I wanted to crawl in there myself.

  6. It was so cold here today, too, Vee. I didn't want to get up from my warm bed to go to the park for my morning walk, but i'm always happy afterwards, so I went. It took a long time for my fingers and toes to get warm when I got back home. bbbbbrrrrrr

    Glad your Mom and sister were able to make a visit, and from this photo Nan looks well cared for! You have a dear heart!

  7. Oh Vee - Can I crawl up there in Nan's bed and take a nap? How come grandmothers' beds always look and feel the coziest? My Nanny's always did. It always felt so good when I would stay with her when I was young. I would be so excited that I could hardly go to sleep! I just wanted to savor every single minute!

  8. It may be cold as could be outside...but it looks mighty cozy inside!

  9. What a sweet post! I am chilled looking at those pictures of outside. Makes me appreciate California, despite the rain - though much needed - no regrets there.

    Have a cozy weekend. Thank you for your friendship, Vee.


  10. I love the picture of hih reading. Please stay safe and warm. It is snowing here also..m.

  11. Keep that furnace going, Vee. Your Nan looks very cosy indeed! And I can quite understand why you wanted to leap into that bed and curl up too!

  12. Hope you have a cozy weekend and enjoy some snow days! I love your beautiful home! ♥

  13. Methinks the Full Moon brings clear skies. Which in winter, bring loss of heat from the earth. Which brings very cold temps for us.

    The moon is beautiful. The cold is not.

    Your heating bill must be... big, this year. For obvious reasons. Although we are not turning our auto temps down, except at night. But when the sun shines, it warms the rooms we use, so that helps much.

    No, we never considered this, way back when we built. We just lucked out. ,-)

    Add some extra socks and leg warmers!!! :-))))

  14. Vee, even with the coldest of cold, your blog posts still warm my heart. It's so sweet to hear you wanting to care for those around you and make sure they are warm and loved. I also loved seeing the pictures of your grandson and his pirate snowman. Thanks for your comment... it was actually not a conscious decision to use Rhett Butler's words for my site. Rather, I think they were just back there in my mind and said what I wanted to say... then later I realized that GWTW was where I first heard them together.

    It's really great to have you posting again!


  15. It's cold here too. I was supposed to go food shopping, but the thought of getting into that cold car, driving to the market, and walking passed the frozen food aisle is not too appealing. Great day to have a nap, I say. Tell Nan that her bed looks very cozy.

  16. Now that does look cold ~ really cold. Nan's cozy bed looks like the place to be today. I found the picture of her reading to be so sweet. I'm glad to hear your mom and sister were able to come over to visit. I hope your mom has been feeling good.
    Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. I would curl up in that bed too if it looked like that outside! I have two dogs right now sitting in front of the fire panting like crazy.

  18. Oh, and I thought is was cold here! I believe that cozy bed would definitely be calling my name! :) Stay warm! ~hugs, Rhonda

  19. looks like you are enjoying the storm that came through here the last few days.

    i had to chuckle about your finding hidden wooden
    spoons in the garden. when my shelby was five and
    grocery shopping with me, she said, "mom i don't
    think we reallly need any more wooden spoons."

    stay warm!

  20. Boy I checked out your temps after your comment on my post...brrrr! It looks like you are all staying cozy though...snuggling down with a good book!

    Sweet kitty :)

  21. We just got rid of all our snow and then got more of it yesterday. I am so ready for spring.

  22. I right there with you..."3 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over, so they all rolled over and..."

    Stay warm and snuggley.


  23. I can't believe all of the snow you have been getting. It looks so cold outside but so warm and inviting in your home. Stay warm. Thank you for your kindness and concern for charli and me. Charli is back to her usual self now and doing great.

  24. Love the lounge photo -stay warm and oh, I l.o.v.e your quilted background :-)


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