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Friday, January 8, 2010


We hear the weather reports concerning cold and snow from all over. In my corner, we're not experiencing anything beyond the normal, but for all of you who find yourselves in such harsh weather, I offer this. ;D

We have a few candy canes leftover...precious few. Over the holidays, I learned a new way to use them from somewhere. Perhaps this recipe from The Old Painted Cottage will be helpful, but do be warned as it's highly addictive. Here, I'm just using hot cocoa mix and a whipped cream topping with a bit of crushed candy cane mixed in. It's perfect because it's not too sweet, yet there is that subtle peppermint flavor.

How to crush those candy canes without a big mess? I tried a number of methods and wound up using two plastic lids with a nice edge to capture the bits and pieces. Nothing worse than hurtling bits of candy cane all over the place.

Here's what you need...candy canes, lids, and a hammer
On the altar so to speak
Use a dishtowel, if you'd like to protect the lids...I didn't bother and they seem none the worse for wear.

The result
Just three left

And, should you tire of hot drinks, we enjoyed the most delicious peppermint milkshakes last night using this formula:

* 1 cup milk
* as much French vanilla ice cream as you wish (I'm so flexible.)
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 1 crushed candy cane

Wonder what it would be like with chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream...

Stay warm out there!


  1. Sounds delicious!! I have never had much luck crushing them either, so I read this with interest.

  2. I am making snow ice cream and now I am going to add some crushed peppermint! Lots of snow here!

  3. mmm...loks delicious! We still have quite a few leftover from Christmas, I may have to get out the hammer! :)


  4. Hi Vee, Sorry my last post line was confusing! :) I meant that today would be the day I finish putting up my Christmas decorations...I hope! It's the 8th of Jan. and I still have 3 trees up! LOL! That is so sad! I'm thinking it will be tomorrow now, before I finish...again, I hope! :)

    Enjoy your nice weather! We are unseasonably FRIGID here! Not use to these chilly temps!!! The sun did finally come out, so it doesn't seem quite as dreary!

    Thanks for the great tip on crushing candy canes! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  5. I don't have any candy canes...sob. But it does sound delicious!

  6. "Nothing worse than hurtling bits of candy cane all over the place."

    Ohhh I can see the 2 kitties in your house, "having a ball," chasing after them!!!!!!!! ,-) Really!

    But I know. it wouldn't be any fun for you to have to go around and find and sweep them up, after the fun.

    OK, no kitty fun, at this time. >,-)

  7. YUM! It is so cold here- even in North Carolina! So great to see your posts! Now if only I had the time or gumption- since Thanksgiving I have been spending several days a week at my parents' in Virginia taking dad to chemo..... and so it goes. Thankful that I am able but feeling turned upside down and blogging is at the bottom of the upside down.

  8. Sounds yummy! I like to heat some Chocolate Silk soy milk...wonder how the peppermints would go in that! lol

  9. Good idea. You could also put them in a freezer bag and take the hammer to them.
    Wish I had some candy canes!

  10. Vee,
    This sounds wonderful. We have had snow, but it has been much like every other year, and I think it isn't nearly as cold as some places in the country. Hard to believe we are the New Englanders. Some of the South has cooler conditions.

    I have to try this recipe.

  11. Oh, YUM! Now I know what to do with those precious candy canes so they don't languish in the sweets drawer. Nothing unusual here in Vermont for weather either--though I'm not looking forward to the arctic blast forecast for the weekend! ~Kathy

  12. Actually, no, Karen, the shards of candy cane pierce right through the freezer bag. Trust me on this. :D

  13. It sounds wonderful! Just the right type of treat for a cold winter night, or as a energy boost after shoveling snow.

    Have a happy weekend!

  14. Oh Vee, this sounds absolutely delish...and we have candy canes left! The kids will love this treat while enjoying their snowdays, and the hammering of the candy will allow me to vent frustration from being cooped up with them....and the pig. LOL

    Hope all is well for you!


  15. Hi Vee - I've had this before. It's also good to just stir your coffee with the candy cane. When you've got enough flavor you can take it out and use it again! Just stick it in the fridge!

  16. That's a great idea...I have TONS left.

    Yes, I know,it's been forever since I happened by...lol. I have been so busy with things here at home I haven't had much time for Blog surfing...hopefully that will change here soon.

    Kailei is getting ready to go to Hollywood next week for a class trip for the Future Film Makers of America through her Video Production class, we are getting excited about that. They are going to tour some film schools and then watch a live taping at the CBS lot...then spend time at Disney.

    Rush and I are still struggling through Algebra....another year and I'm not any smarter...lol.

    Hope all is well with you and I plan on not being such a stranger anymore. I miss my good friends. :)


  17. I came to enjoy candy-cane whipping cream this Christmas season...and I still have a few left!

    If you have a coffee grinder...it works perfectly for grinding up the candy canes.

  18. I love peppermint. Do you remember King Leo candy that came in a tin. We had not seen any in years and found some just before Christmas at Cracker Barrell...hugs...m

  19. No snow here just single digit temps and I am NOT a single digit kind of gal! I'll have to whip up a batch of that warm drink for my sweetheart, I don't drink cocoa not liking chocolate and all, but, he would appreciate it very much. I hope your Saturday is a sweet one!

  20. Well, I must say, this does NOTHING to advance my resolution...C

  21. Hi Vee,
    I just so enjoyed this as I have been taking decorations down all week and just happened to glance at my candy canes on the counter yesterday, and found myself wondering what to do with them, and thanks to you I now have some great recipes.
    The chocolate ice cream sounds great to me, hope your weekend is filled with many blessings,

  22. I have one candy cane left! It's laying on my desk....waiting. There used to be three, now there's one.

    Sounds delicious! I might sacrifice my last one for the good of the family and make your recipe later today (or maybe not)~smile.

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Horrors, no, Judy! LOL! I have a coffee grinder for hazelnut coffee ONLY and a coffee grinder for herbs. I do not intend to purchase a coffee grinder for candy canes. But a simple wiping out of the candy canes does the trick or must one do a more serious cleansing?

  24. i love your blog! will come visit frequently!

    the scriptures are so encouraging.

  25. Oh darn, I didn't buy any candy canes because I didn't know what to do with them after Christmas. Nobody at my house eats them, but these ideas would appeal to us. I'll have to make a note of this for next Christmas.

  26. dear vee,

    your exceptionally kinds words of encouragement on my blog made me burst into tears. i have no idea what i am doing, but blogs like yours have already
    pulled me 'up' a bit.

    i am embarrassed to say that i don't really even understand what you meant about 'blogroll'

    so much to learn!

    thank you,

  27. My mom made this for us in the winter and pepermint icecream in the summer. She would put them in a double zipper bag (one inside the other) and crush them with a hammer. I always got it crushed o.k. but my brother was like a monster. She had to watch him or he'd tear the bags and there'd be sticky pepermint everywhere!

    Well, I'll be back soon. Miss you dear friend!

  28. So nice to have your blog back again, Vee. It's like having an old and treasured friend to visit with.

  29. Oh I like the idea of the crushed candy cane. I am going to give that a try. Blessings

  30. dear vee,

    you cannot imagine my gratitude for your gracious
    endorsement of my blog.

    not being well-versed in the computer world, much
    less the blog universe, i had no idea what you intended to do.

    be assured that i will, somehow, find a way to bless
    you back!


  31. What a great idea Vee. I do have a few candy canes left and I am going to give it a try. Thank you :>) Now let's see.... Where is that hammer. I hope you are staying cozy and warm ♥


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