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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Posy Pictures

A scary thing happened when I logged in today. There was a message (can you see it, too) saying that bandwith had been exceeded. After a little research at Blogger help, I think I've discovered that it is my template that is causing the difficulty. Hope that it will fix itself. For a moment there I had my blog crashing or having to create a new blog when I like this one just fine, and all sorts of other calamities. I employed my "just slow down" method of tackling a problem. I hate going off on a tizzy when there's no need. Now if there is a need, I am perfectly capable of it — tizzy time that is. (Edited to Add: Problem solved. After reading Aunt Amelia's comment, I just removed the template.)

Three regular old photos no new editor or anything special.

My mother gave me some flowers so we had to create a space. More like John created the space while I watched. Blessed me.

There are some irises not too happy with the transplant and a potentilla bush, which isn't showing up so well, and the two azalea plants my daughter gave me for Mother's Day and just when I had about decided to give azaleas the boot. Now I have four to give the boot except that I just can't.

Being outside is tricky here. We have the smoke from the Quebec forest fires and it's tick season; I have had two thus far. This morning, I feel as if there are a hundred marching all over me. Ackkk! Just slow down, Vee, no tizzy time for you today. Good heavens! Now I'm talking to myself on my blog. This can't be good.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Just sent a RED ALERT email, because a couple of min. ago, I could not SEEEEEEE anything [but pics] on your blog. All was covered with that Exceeded Bandwidth thing.

    NOW I can see, read, and comment. Wheeeew! But if I had not come back and tried again, I'd not know that.

    Guess it isn't that you are over the 100% of your Photo Bucket thing...

    Wow, I've never seen anything like that!

  2. Good grief .. that is scary. Have you ever backed up your blog? I had my son looking into that for my blog and the mgcc for such scary eventualities. I wonder what that is all about. Surely they would not offer new blog templates and then say we have too much stuff on our blog.

    OH .. but I apologize for the Canadian smoke coming your way. .that is really too bad.
    Ticks? I don't even know if I know what one looks like.

  3. Mikey had a tiny tick embedded in his shoulder Sunday Morning. We are watching for a bulls eye rash...just in case. Hate those little critters.

    Your new flower bed is looking good.
    Those Iris will be happy next year.

    Becky K.

  4. LOL, Vee, I was talking back TO you! THat can't be good!!!!!

    The photos are lovely. You are lucky to have someone who will cater to your every whim.

    Ok, just for a minute I was dreaming.


  5. Yikes, that is scary. Glad to hear you were able to solve the bandwidth problem. Ticks are another scary thing and could certainly send one into a tizzy fit. Maybe the safest thing to do would be to find a nice comfy chair near the window and sit and gaze at your pretty flowers.

  6. Glad to see everything is working fine on your blog now.
    I'm up to 82% of capacity on my blog. I will just start a new one when I've reached my limit.

  7. Ticks? Eww! I hate 'em, too. Just removed one from one of our outside cats today.

  8. Oh no -- I didn't know that blogs have a capacity limit!? That happened to my Picasa photo storage -- I used up all my free space and now have to pay $20 a year for added photo storage. I like Picasa and edit on it so I didn't want to give it up.

    Ticks? ICK! Lyme disease is such a worrisome thing. Caution your grandsons to be careful.

  9. How do you know how much bandwidth you've used up? Is there a way to tell before getting the notice?

    Ticks and smoke - already! We're still waiting for some sunshine and warmer weather here. My garden is stalemate.

  10. Hmmm...not sure what your issues with bandwidth were...but glad it's all hunky-dory over here now!

    I don't think we have ticks out here...not that I know of. And the smoke from Quebec isn't bothering us either...but I'm sure we'll soon have plenty of our own.

  11. SO, it's OK to talk to your self..just don't day "Huh?" like you didn't HEAR yourself.. LOL

    Stay outta da smoke and away from da tics!

  12. I haven't allowed myself to use the new back ground templates as they don't show with older browsers (like the one at work..I kept wondering why the blogs looked better at home!) and also are harder to load on slow connections. I like the plain white or color back ground best, actually. Easier to read and see the pictures!

  13. Shudder - ticks.

    Sorry you have smoke. We get ours in August.

    Your pictures are great and glad you got your problem solved.

  14. I'm glad you figured out the problem with blogger! That is scary as we all use so many photos in our posts! Love your beautiful flowers! Enjoy your evening! ♥

  15. Oh, Vee, I just love visiting with you! Talking to yourself or not, I'll join right in with you. :) Pretty flower pictures today - thank you for sharing with us!

  16. Well, join the club - I talk to myself all the time. What's even funnier is that I talk to myself in Spanish (to practice)!!! haha!

    I know nothing of bandwidth or photo bucket - if i ever see it, I'm sure it'll scare the pee-diddle out of me!

    Pretty flowers - next year, they'll be all established and look wonderful! I love azaleas (Tyler Azalea Trails -google it sometime!)

    Ticks? Yuck. I once got on on top of my head and didn't know it til it filled up like a water balloon. Dad pulled it out for me - OUCH!!!

  17. Hi Vee, After reading this post, I will be backing up my blog , haven't done it in a while.Enjoyed your flowers today, and smiled as I read of John doing the work, because that seems to be happening more and more around here since g-daughter came. LOL. How's that for an excuse?

  18. Talking to your self on your blog...I love you VEE!!! lol

    The columbine looks so beautiful and whimsical.

    Wow... was the broadband thing because of blogger in draft...which I am using?

    I don't even have a clue how to back up my blog...yikes.

  19. Hmmm maybe they are not columbine...no spurs?

  20. I love your flowers. All is so pretty and just calming. FLowers are my comfort in all the chaos surrounding me!

    I have had blogger issues for a week now (which is why I couldn't post). I had to upgrade my picasaweb storage before I could post another picture. If I just deleted old pics they would have been removed from my blog as well. It was just $5, but still rather annoying to figure out!

    Hope you have enjoyed a lovely week!


  21. LOL.... I always enjoy your posts. It's been taking me what seems like hours to upload a simple picture and forget all about videos. I think your flowers are beautiful ♥

  22. My blog threw a fit too! I had a little panic attack, called a friend whose son is a Whiz Kid, and ,VIOLA...I'm back!
    And I must say, you have some great camera skills:)

  23. I didn't even know that could happen - scary stuff! I keep saying I should back my blog up but I don't back anything up (living life on the edge~smile). Glad you solved the problem. The new bed looks lovely! I just chucked a bunch of daylillies. I'm tired of dividing them!


  24. well, i am happy you fixed your
    editor, and i think your photos
    look just as beautiful as always.

    guess i don't know what to look

    i DO know that your new bed is
    gorgeous and will only increase
    in beauty.


  25. Hey There

    I love the first photo - reminds me of dancing fairies!

    I'm like you, I go slow-mo when things heat up.

    Glad to know that all is ok!


  26. Hahaha, caught you talking to yourself! Ah, this is much better now. Can see your posts again. And I guess I am not the only one who gets frustrated with the Google editor. I have read that Windows Live Writer is the way to go. But I have been too busy to download and try it. I write every post first in a Microsoft Word document and then copy things over. So if Blogger ever goes suicidal on me, I'll at least have a record of my dribs and drabs.

    Heehee, loved your little comments the other day. Yes, you WILL have patience in waiting for more cottage pictures. First order of business is for us to get settled. next week I hope to post pics of the kitchen. Oh my!

  27. I love the phrase, "No tizzy time for you today." I'll have to use that on myself! Life's lessons and laughs are so often found in your pages Vee! Thank you!

  28. I've never heard of such a thing, "Exceeded Bandwidth", what the heck is that?

    Ho-hum....your flower pics are so pretty. I remember those tics while living in Mass., yuck, don't miss those little monsters.

    I'm so lost now without my "LOST", now that's sick for ya! LOL

  29. So glad that your bandwidth issue has been resolved....We had some major smoke in RI from those fires - I even ran outside thinking a neighbors house was on fire! Can't imagine how it was for those poor Canadians....
    Your flowers are so pretty - recently did some transplanting of daylilies and they are all very unhappy, too!
    Have a blessed day!

  30. good morning. it's love here in. . .our
    town. how's the weather in your neck
    of the woods?

    i crestfallen that no one, not a single
    person detected my hidden scripture,
    so now it's all up to you.

    the prize is one of my super special
    hand made novelties. oh wait, i don't
    make ANYTHING!

  31. Don't you just hate it when something on blogger is not working. Glad you were able to find out what the problem was.

    You do enjoy changing your headers I see.


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