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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mandevilla, French Doors, and an Old Book

It's not blue clematis, Cindy. Nope. My eye went straight for this plant called "Pretty Crimson Mandevilla" It's pretty darned crimson all right. Last night, while I waited for the pharmacy to straighten up a snafu with the doctor's prescription, I was able to wander around in the garden section for a considerable length of time. Not wanting that shopping to go to waste, this climber came home with me.

This morning, it's being used to prop a French door open. My house is so stale being closed up because Nan feels the drafts so. Tough. I'm going to be mean and keep the doors and windows open today. It's a shame to have such beautiful doors and not be able to open them to the fresh, light breeze.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You're doing some little thing and a memory floats back up to the surface and begins to paddle around in your brain? This morning's duck was this picture.

It's titled Grandmother's Birthday by G.S. Knowles. I love this picture from my childhood collection  and I do believe that I can thank Knowles for my French doors. Everyone wondered why I was so insistent upon doors that opened out. :D

Have a marvelous Thursday. I must scoot before the great hordes arrive...ackk...in less than an hour...dishes not done...Nan not up... Later!


  1. "My house is so stale being closed up because Nan feels the drafts so. Tough. I'm going to be mean and keep the doors and windows open today. It's a shame to have such beautiful doors and not be able to open them to the fresh, light breeze."

    I love you! I love you today! I am sooooooooooo PROUD of you! Proud, Hon. Proud!

    You are NOT being mean! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not!

    You are being smart and adding to the health of your home, in which all of you live. Stale and stuffy air, in June, is NOT healthy.

    Big, huge, gentle hugs...........

  2. And if everyone one else, who comments here, doesn't tell you the same thing, I *might* just come over to all their blogs and Tsk,Tsk, Tsk at them. For not backing up your brave wisdom.

    Because new and brave wisdom, need backing up!


  3. Hi Vee, I say "Girl"open those doors. Do you have any idea what I would give to be able to do just that? My home is a bit stale too, and now i am having to rely on scented oil, no way as fresh as the air that God gives.

    Your Mandevilla is stunning, i have a pink one and it is beautiful too.
    Enjoy your day, and as always I am so blessed.

  4. I am going to take up another space, and tell you how beautiful those photos are.
    I guess it must be the music that makes me want to linger here too. lol

  5. Hello Vee,

    With the heat and humidity we are having here I have the house all closed up tight. But as soon as that clears out you can bet the windows will be open to let the fresh air in.

    I love your choice in vine. I have been trying and trying to get some vines growing up our deck walls for weeks to no avail. I am a failure....guess I'll have to put Mikey on the job.

    Enjoy that air....
    It is good for Nan too, even if she doesn't know it.

    Becky K.

  6. Please do open your windows and doors and enjoy every breath of that fresh air. Maybe Nan would be more comfortable with an afghan or sweater? I would give anything to be able to open our windows in the summer. We are supposed to reach 97 today and humidity at least that high. I am so thankful for the AC, but fresh air sounds very appealing right about now.
    Your mandevilla is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the sweet picture of Grandmother's Birthday.

  7. And it is true that Nan can wear a sweater or have a lap blanket..- fresh air is good for EverYonE.
    Love the flower! I'm totally into red red flowers so this made me smile ...and yes, the French Doors MUST open out! Perfection!!

  8. Oh, how I do love the fresh air! Your picture is so charming--and yes, I do wish I could replace my old patio doors with french, paned ones that open out onto the patio. Perhaps in my future (hopefully)smaller, one level house with NO stairs!!! I'm also coveting your picket fence!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! They encourage me so much! V.

  9. Lemme know if I show up as a follower on your BlogFrog....I get a lot of notifications and I always follow back but I want to know if I'm doing it right.....

  10. open those doors and let the lovely
    air in!

    i have NEVER seen a crimson mandevilla
    before. extraordinary!!!

  11. such a beautiful red! I do hope you get to enjoy some fresh air this beautifulday :)

  12. What a lovely choice! And your french doors are delightful! Open away, my dear!

  13. I bought one of those plants also at Mother's Day. I think they are so beautiful. Have a great weekend...m...

  14. Lovely drawing. I agree that you should open those doors and windows. I'm sorry, it's not all about her. Even at 100 years of age someone can learn to cooperate. HA. Look, I'm dealing with the same issues around here so I can say those things and get away with it.

    Hoardes are arriving? That sounds dangerous.

  15. 'Let the fresh air in...face it with a grin...' Is that how the song goes? I'm hoping you had some fresh air today....and that Nan discovered she loved it!

  16. Keep the doors open and offer Nan a blanket. My Grandma is the same way,refuses to turn on the air conditioning even when it reaches 100 outside!
    No wonder we don't like to visit during the summer.

  17. Your red Mandevilla is gorgeous!

    I love open windows in summer as I hear all the birdsong ouside. We get a surprising amount of it!

  18. I do love the French door opening out, just lovely with that wonderfully viney mandevilla.

    I hope John does well with his trellis sales. I love the idea of using them for pots outside like that...hmmmm.


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