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Friday, June 4, 2010

Trellises Three

Sunlight on Chippy White Fence this Morning

Oh boy! Look what I found in the garage last night!

Gotta love a listening man that's all I have to say about this. I had to test them, though they are not finished as in painted.

I want to especially thank all those who mentioned trellises as an answer on my Mirror Mirror on the Garage Wall post so here's a big thank you to Packrat who was the first to suggest it, Lisa, Sharon, Terra, and Judy. With all your voices together, believe me, I heard "trellises" and started subtly mentioning them...of course ;> ...with the result I'm showing here.

I made the mistake of saying, "Wow! That was quick." I was assured that they were not done quickly at all. So let's see how long before they are painted and mounted and there is anything climbing on them, which is when I'll need to thank a lot more sweet gals!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. i love your new trellises!

    thank you for such a sweet comment
    on my live oak tree. you cannot imagine
    my shock to see it, though, because i had
    not posted that yet.

    i guess i accidentally did. ? i wrote it a
    week ago to post sometime.


  2. Those are going to look great, Vee! Can't wait to see what you put on them!

  3. [reason for no caps ~~ easier to type, after fall]

    oh naughty you! telling him that it was quick. naughty you. but i have to love it when you don't *say the right thing* too. as in, i'm allllways doing that!!!!! -grin-

    lovely look there!

    and might as well confess, you missed a day posting and i was gettin' ready to 'call out the possee.' -sigh- i know! i know! blogging without obligation! i know!

    [but i still got a little worried] :-)

  4. Just the ticket, I'm thinkin'.

    I went out this morning and hung the string for the pretty climbing vines Georgia brought me recently. They are on the side of the deck that she sees all of the time...I rarely see it...

    Becky K.

  5. A perfect place for the new trellises. Terrific idea.

  6. John's trellises are gorgeous! They will really dress up the garage wall. What will you plant to grow up them?

  7. Love, Love, Love....all three of them! I'm impressed your hubby made them! Lucky you!

  8. there is something endearing about trellises with their vines climbing skyward! hope you get to enjoy yours soon :)

  9. Very pretty indeed. There is something about a trellise that adds such charm to a garden. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I hope you have a fabulous weekend :>)

  10. oh dear. i just reread your comment at
    live oak and realize you thought i was
    trying to get you over.

    what i was trying to do is get someone
    to see the scripture in my silly poem on
    the 'blue skies' post.

    what am i? eight, i guess.

  11. I think your new trellises are going to look great. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  12. Oh...I love them! And I can already see the David Austin climbing roses climbing up. Can you tell I was At the garden shop yesterday...checking out climbing roses?

    Tell John...'good job'.

  13. Wow - those are really nice! Can't wait to see the finished project. Love your white fence, too.... :o)

  14. Lovely! And what is going to go on them? Morning glories? Climbing roses? Tell us!!!

  15. He made those! He is one Handy Man.
    And your yard and embellishments are very nice:)

  16. Vee, this is a great idea!!!! And I can already see them all filled with wonderful plants ~ they'll be gorgeous! I hope you all have a great weekend Vee, hugs and love, Dawn

  17. I agree - WOW!!!

    You're saying he made them? Omigosh. A handy guy is worth his weight in gold. Those trellises are going to look great. Have you decided what you'll plant to climb on them?

    I have two suggestions. Neither one creates beautiful flowers but they are both beautiful, thick and hearty vines. "Dutchman's Pipe" and "Porcelain Berry Vine". The Dutchman's Pipe produces pipe shaped blossoms. Porcelain Berry produces berrie that turn from pale, pale blue to turquoise to purple. I love to watch them change color in the fall.

    Congratulations on a problem solved.

  18. Those trellises are going to look really good there! I think they'll be so pretty with something growing up them!


  19. Send him over here quick. I have sticks in pots tied with string - Alan's great achievement!!


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