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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Tree Wranglers

Soooo, did you guess that the boleros went down because of this man? What? With all the clues that were there, too: sawdust, fallen branches, leaves in the background. Guess that we won't be calling you "Sherlock" any time soon. ;>

We've been chatting about opening up the tree canopy, John and I. Very easy for me since I wouldn't be up and down that ladder 79 times. Nor would I be climbing about in the treetops, swinging ropes, tying off ladders, moving ladders, getting chainsaws up and down ladders, cranking on tree limbs, hauling them away and all the other things that went into opening up our view to the sky.

As our neighbor was on vacation, John thought it a great time to do this knowing that we already had his permission and knowing that if he were home he'd want to help. John prefers to work alone as he feels safer.

Here's the story in mosaic photos...if you can take it. (Yes, John is an expert. People actually pay him to take down trees. I do hope that he'll not be doing this kind of work much longer, though. It's a rough job!)

Did you notice our friendly neighbor up there? No? I just knew that you're not quite ready for detective school. (He had arrived home the day before John started this chore unbeknownst to us. Ha! Some things are just too funny. I could read John's mind as Mr. Friendly Neighbor arrived to help.)

Ahhhh, yes! We can see the vultures wheeling overhead.

A gal's got to have some diversions. There are so many pictures that I took from the house that I'm not showing. I called it my "coward's view." Anyway, my "oh, look at thats" are 1. that tenacious poinsettia that refuses to give up the ghost though it's been tossed over the banking 2. a black butterfly perched on Claudi's hat 3. my *pumpkin muffin* ...when the going gets tough — eat!

There were only three casualties: the fence, the well house, and the boleros. I am praising God that my hubby is on terra firma.

And this is where we began yesterday morning. Only now, what remains of the lilies is right here brightening my kitchen windowsill.

One day soon, I'll share what my opened canopy looks like. Lots more sun and breeze, which is such a relief.

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. Oh my my palms are sweaty just looking at the photos - couldn't have watched in person.

    I love how you displayed your plate on the window thing-ama -igs!

    Cooler weather here today - 60's last night!


  2. I am glad to hear he is back on terra firma too. Good job excellently done! I can imagine your delight with the breeze and a real blue sky above!

  3. Acckkkk! I am afraid of heights and of things falling on my head. So happy to have missed this party!

    Seriously though, thank God everyone is healthy after this adventure.

    Becky K.

  4. Hooray for opening up the tree canopy!

    Hooray for being done, with the project! And back on solid ground.

    Hooray for happy wife, checking brave husband, for TICKS!

  5. Oh sigh! I am sooooo *jealous* of your beeeeeeeeeeeeutiful Header. -moan- -sob- -sigh- Just purrrfect, for 4th of July time and all.

    So now I go back to trying to trick my iPhoto thing, into spitting out a right-size-pic of our flag, for my 4th of July Header. Trick! Really I have to trick it into giving me the correct size. By standing back from subject, to take a pic, and then being able to crop it down in size.

    Photo programs which Pc people can easily down-load, don't seem to easily download for me. And sure, it's because I'm still clue-less. I know I am. I know I am. :-(

    I accept my clue-less condition, but it still *hurts*!


  6. Well, I'm glad that's done! I know of tree falling accidents...I'm sure there are always risks.

    You really do live on the edge of the forest! We're trying to encourage a tree to spread it's canopy and give us a wee bit of shade (we think it will still be getting hot this summer!)...and you need to let a little sunshine in.

  7. Vee, I sat here biting my nails and teetering in my chair just watching John up there in that tree! I'm glad he's back on the ground, too. You tell him for us that we were worried sick about him being up there in the canopy! I know you'll enjoy having the sky opened up and it'll help your garden areas AND perhaps the sunshine will be able to warm your cozy house when the outside is cold!

  8. How lucky you are that your hubby is fearless! Opening a tree canopy, while a wonderful idea, scares the crap out of me! I would be standing way off with you watching through a lens. The finished project will be quite lovely and one you will certainly enjoy!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. what a scary job. his expression tells
    the story. :)

    i loved you photos. i hate the thought
    of thinning out trees, but love the


  10. If you and John would like to come to Vancouver Island, we have an old cherry tree that needs to come down!

    I'll bet John was exhausted by the end of that day. So glad it all went well.

  11. Oh thank you Dear Friend, for commenting that you would go listen to *my man's* music [Ryan of "Band of Horses"]. :-) At bottom of this post.

    Did you know that some churches do this? Let bands play in them? I have seen a video, of BoH playing in a church in our country. The lady in charge of having this kind of an event said; "We have great accoustics. And maybe, people who come, will come back to a church service sometime." I like her attitude.

    Hope you enjoyed Ryan playing the organ, instead of his usual keyboard. :-)

  12. Wow -- there were a lot of trees there! That is dangerous work and I'm glad John was able to get the job done without injury or great damage. I know from experience that tree limbs are so much heavier than they look.

    Looking forward to seeing your new view next post!

  13. AHHH! Be careful John! That looks really scary and dangerous! {I've never seen John look "grumpy" ..but int he first photo? Just a wee bit..}
    Enjoy your blue sky and send away the vultures!

  14. I would have never guessed this to be the demise of the boleros, nor would I have spotted the friendly neighbor. I think that is because I was too busy racing through the pictures to be sure John was safe and sound. It was a relief to see that the casualties didn't involve humans. But then, you did say John was an expert at this, didn't you?
    Enjoy your new view.

  15. I am definitely not a good detective...oh my John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My goodness...phew I am glad it is over before I knew it began.

    Glad your lilies were rescued.

    Enjoy your sunny week!

  16. YOU AND TREES, Vee...what a hoot. Now you have some blue sky and an opening for the light.

    Scary seeing the process, but I tip my cap to him.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. Hurrah for open canopy and the men who tackle the job of making such things possible!

  18. You have seriously good photo skills Vee!
    And 1 very handy hubby:)


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