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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deck Washing and Mounted Trellises

John has been very busy around here. Typically, the constant rain and the humidity of June has caused the deck to become very dirty with mildew and molds. It's completely unsightly when it gets this bad.

This little sprayer apparatus worked very well. John used some sort of deck cleaner and just had at it.

In the noonday sun (we get about two hours of full sun on the deck before the sun falls behind the treeline again), see how bright and clean it is. Ahhh, so much better!

The trellises are mounted. John figured out some intricate system. Needless to say, they are very solidly on the wall and not coming off any time soon. I spent a bit of time looking for some sort of inexpensive climbing something or others. I found clematis on sale for $3 a pot and now find myself wishing that I had purchased three. Even if I'd much rather have something else, that's such a bargain that I can't refuse. Especially since it is this late in the growing season and I just need something. To those who've suggested various plants, believe me, I have taken note and have them on my list for future reference.

What projects are going on at your place this week?


  1. What a squeaky clean deck! My only project for the week is trying to keep up with watering in the relentless heat. I 'spose I should be doing that now...

  2. Funny, Warren is working at our deck too. It needs to be sealed so he is using the pressure washer and working in sections. Unfortunately it is making a bigger mess before we get happy results.

    Your deck looks great! Makes me want to just come to your place....
    avoiding my mess altogether.

    Becky K.

  3. Send the man this way - I have stuff that needs cleaning! And I love the trellis (s) (can't think re the proper multiple at the mo). Clematis sounds perfect. The growing season here is just really getting underway, and in Switzerland is a month behind us at least. They have yet to have ANY sun or warmth.
    I read of friends eating tomatoes already. We will have to wait another month at least for them to grow and ripen! Patience, Linds, patience.....

  4. Doesn't it feel good to have it all clean? Our 'front porch' cleaning and patio re-sealing has not yet happened this year...and summer is already upon us.

    Enjoy your trellises...and the clematis that will soon be hiding them.

  5. Hi Vee!
    I know all about the mildew problem! and have seen my dh do as John did so many times. I thought we southerners only had to deal with this kind of problem since we have so much heat and humidity. lol It does look great and what a nice treat to be able to go out and enjoy it.
    I also read your last few posts, and enjoyed catching up so much, I wouldn't touch the tree cutting with a ten foot pole. LOL Like elbows everyone has more than one opinion. lol.
    In our other home we had trees everywhere so when we moved here dh said "I am building in an open field," Well i guess we know were he stands, however we do have lots of woodland behind though. ( I bet he wishes he had some trees now to give shade to this house, since we are in a heat wave) LOL
    Your trellises look great, and I am so looking forward to seeing the clematis growing there.Please tell John what a great job he did with mounting them.
    Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment, and about the knee pads we finally discovered we had some in the garage, but by that time, Dear One was almost finished with the job.lol

  6. Wow, your deck is beautiful. And what great timing for me that you put up those pictures. I am wanting to redo our deck and make a patio area, too. Yours may just serve as an example. Your John is a treasure!


  7. How is the gopher hunting coming? You two are very busy in your yard. I love a freshly cleaned deck. It always amazes me when people don't notice their own dirty deck.
    You won't make the list of dirty deck folks this year.

  8. Nice work, John! Your deck is all set for a nice picnic!

    I'm doing all my yearly routine doctor visits this week. It;s amazing how many of my parts need a check up..lol! I'll be happy when everyhting is done and hopefully all will be normal.

  9. Your deck looks bright and shiny clean thanks to John's hard work. I hope he's enjoying a bit of a break once in awhile.
    The growing season is just beginning here, and I would think you have lots of time to plant yet.

    Projects around here include the ongoing renovations, some weeding I need to get to and then I'll fill the empty space with a few more plants. I'm beading my daughter's wedding veil these days, something that I can't do for more than about an hour at a time.

  10. Deck looks great now. Ken loves using the power washer!
    Like the trellises too.
    No projects going on right now but I hope to paint the kitchen one day soon.

  11. My goodness Vee, that John is such a handy guy!!!!! He takes such good care of you, doesn't he?? I'm so in love with the trellis display, it won't be long and they'll be covered with beautiful vines ~ I'm planning on getting back out into my studio...now that it's clean I can't wait to make something!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  12. Wed. 6/23/2010 Did you feel the earthquake? Another report says they did, in Boston.

    My daughter called me to ask... Nope. I was listening to 'Band of Horses,' loudly. :-)

    I did feel the last one, a few years ago. But that one was closer. Was at my computer, with feet on the floor, and I felt shaking. ,-) This time I was kind of 'suspended' in my recliner... relaxing. :-)

    Nope, not prone to earth quakes here, but we know we're on a fault too. These are old, old mountains, which we are near.

    Great work John! One of those pesky house owning things, to be kept at. Yuck...

  13. Hi Vee,
    You are welcome to anything I have. I love that you are using that one. I just went to a cute little gizmo called Skinit and used that image to make a cover for my ipod.

    Those trellises are going to be beautiful. Your deck really looks great. I am in the middle of moving my art room from upstairs and everything is a big mess. So I thought I would stop for a cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs.

    Ned has to paint our deck, it hasn't been painted for about five years now.

    Enjoy the day, and you don't have to put that message about permission from me. It gives me so much pleasure when someone can use an image of mine.

    Have a beautiful day. Have I told you that you comments always make me smile.


  14. Hi Vee! Have you tried those great big bright blue morning glory's? I just buy the seeds, they never fail. They open up in the sun and close in the evening, very cheery!
    This week, let's see? Preparing for #2 daughters birthday party on Saturday, planning a bridal shower for a friend next week, tending the Little Loves.
    I have been crocheting dishclothes like crazy for gifts and also making an apron...whew, I'm worn out just thinking about it;(

    The deck looks great, but that's next weekend!

  15. We have the same issue with our decks annually here in the sweltery south. Yours cleaned up so nicely. Can I ask what is that critter in the photo below? I think he is cute but am sorry he is snacking on your plants.

  16. The deck looks great! And what nice railing. I need to do ours...
    but right now I am painting the back of the house. What fun! (seriously, it's exciting)

  17. The deck looks great. Don't forget you can always add some climbing roses later to the trellis's.

    Clematis love to climb and bloom on the roses.

    I am thinking Fourth of July with blue clematis...just sounds like you.

  18. Beautiful deck - can I come over for coffee and a chat?? Love the pictures of John being sooo helpful and kind :-)


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