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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We have a new pet...actually, he's been around for a few months now. We first started seeing him (her?) when just a little bugger no bigger than a squirrel. It didn't take long to find a fair amount of flower loss and damage to the lawn with many large holes being dug.

But, gosh, isn't he cute? NOT! I could so cheerfully wring his neck with my bare hands. But then does he look a bit vicious to you?

Suppose that he can be forgiven for that knowing that the lady of the house is actively planning his demise nearly every waking moment of her day.

What have we tried thus far? Let's see, there's been good old-fashioned poison pellets, cat litter to fill the holes (ugh), and a trap.

Score to date — Chomper:3 Vee:zip

Any other ideas besides buckshot or a .22? (Forestalling Vickie right off the bat.)

Hope your day is going better!

P.S. Thanks to all who commented on yesterday's post about trees. Fascinating! Linds, a "right to light" law sounds fantastic.

P.P.S. For those who've wondered, Chomper is a groundhog, also known as a woodchuck or a whistle pig.


  1. He sure is cute! I can't help...I'm a big softie! Hubby would get the B B gun! lol

  2. I saw LOTS of these on the golf course Friday.
    My Dad who lives in PA in the middle of nowhere shoots them out of his back window when he gets them in his yard.

  3. Well if the traps don't work then I'm all for shooting. They will really cause a lot of damage to your yard (I'm sure you already know/have experienced that). Good luck! I wish someone would tell me how to get rid of chipmunks!


  4. Ugly thing. Not physically necessarily but all of the damage they do.

    Farmers are shooting them here all of the time.

  5. We have at least one of these fellows AND chipmunks.

    We've tried all kinds of suggestions but nothing has worked, the big holes still pop up and at times... cause us to trip and go down.

    We have neighbors who have had professionals come out and still have the problem.

    I've learned to live with the chippymunkies. Although, if they ever figure a way to get into the garden gate, they are in trouble.

  6. Hey there, guess what? You have a "Mountain Boomer"...they are part of the nutria family. Believe it or not they are considered endangered in Oregon (not my yard though). So you option is to set a live trap and relocate the little bugger!
    We had to "relocate" ours to heaven:)

  7. Shoot him! Can't tell you how many of these varmits we have killed. They are not only destructive to your plants, their tunnels and holes can quickly break legs of livestock and people! And they are not cute and cuddly. They can do a lot of damage with their strong and razor teeth.

  8. Agree with Donna! Shoot him! Falling... because of a hole made by him, will make you regret not doing so.

  9. Must be related to the cat family --- it seems s/he has nine lives!

  10. I've never heard of cat little in a hole. We have enough of that, but too bad it doesn't work.

    We have a spray bottle of stuff, (I cannot remember the name) that is supposed to repel all or most animals because of its really bad smell. It has things like blood meal, rosemary, garlic, and other stuff. It is supposed to last for two months once dried for 6 hours before a rain. I had to reapply because it rained. As I have only just done this, I do not know if it works. It would drive me away, that's for sure.

    I hope you find a solution.

  11. Oh my ..he looks well fed! The critters have certainly multiplied this season!

  12. Whaaa-a-a-a? You cut me off at the pass, Vee! ;o) Now just look at all the other comments about shootin' the varmint! I'm not the only one who advocates anihilation!
    There's just some things that ya gotta do to get rid of the critters. He looks like a bigger version of my problem gophers! Our nutrias stick around the lakes and ponds... Good luck!

  13. FYI, my son said to try hiding or camoflaging the trap... Put some brush or something around it. What do those things eat? Grubs, etc.? Then he needs something similar to tempt him with. Maybe a can of tuna or some hotdogs? Course, you might catch the cat...

  14. Other than that - JUST SHOOT IT!

    My dad said that wildlife do not like the human smell, and that if you'd collect hair from your beauty shop - have them save it for you - and spread it around your yard, garden, in their mounds, it would repel them and make them go away. if not,



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