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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It was a rainy morning followed by an overcast day with oxygen-sucking humidity levels that would make a lesser woman tear off her clothes and jump in the river. You'll be happy to know that I exercised great restraint.

I've decided that my new word should be "sing."

When things don't quite work out — sing! Try it and see if it doesn't work. Report back.

For example, what if I told you that shortly after taking my header photo, my bolero lilies looked like this?

Sigh Sing! Check back tomorrow and I'll share all. Today, the hospital bed arrives and the whole house is upside down. La-la-la-la-la...

You have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Hasn't the heat and humidity been nearly unbearable this summer?!

    Singing definitely changes your focus. Of course I hate getting a tune in my head and can't shake it! I hope things go well with the changes today.

    xo, Jen

  2. "Sing, Sing a Song, Make it simple to last your whole life long...."
    The Carpenter's classic.

    I am so happy that you captured the beauty of those lilies before they fell apart.

    Such interesting days you are having.
    Not exactly what you would have ordered, but interesting, nonetheless.

    Praying that you always have a song in your heart.


    Becky K.

  3. Ok, sing it is for today then. After yesterday spent wrestling with tax officials and ex employers and money and ...... just imagine if I had burst into song in the middle of it all.

    And the humidity? We have it here too. Dire. Just dire. I am considering lying on the tiled kitchen floor. I may never get up again.

  4. He is my strength and my song...He shall put a new song in my mouth...I hear your praise pouring forth!

  5. You are doing more than just singing! TOTALLY WOW HEADER PIC! Woot!!! Love it! Oh to be able to size my pics, like that! -moan- -sob- -sigh-

    Oooops, forgot! Have to sing!

    Ahhh but what happens when one gets arrested, for her singing voice??? Yeah! Me! And if no police are around, people make *citizen arrests*. -le sigh-


    Luck with up-side-down-household. Hope your weather is better over there, though. Yesterday was the pits and you made a great word pic, to describe it. Oxygen-sucking humidity! Fantastic use of language!


  6. Sing! When the calendar flips to July and there has been NO heat or humidity...sing! I like your word...singing is good for the soul.

    About the lilies...deer?

  7. Altogether now....la la la la la! Love your new banner! And don't read my post today...it's depressing when I should be SINGING! heehee! ♥

  8. I'm singing right with you friend! And the red flower is amazing..er..in the "before" picture!

  9. Vee, great timing on the lily picture taking!

    Singing always helps me! Whistling does, too - but my daughter does not like whistling and keeps saying, "MOM!" I whistle even louder... ;o)

    Looks like you'll be doing lots of singing today! Can we send in requests??? JK! I'm praying that things go well for you and yours today and in the days to come. Big hug!

  10. Hi Vee,
    I love to sing! even off key! LOL.
    Your lilies sure did put on a show for you, so pretty! Don't you just love what God and Mother Nature has created for us to enjoy!
    Take care and big hugs,

  11. Sing - a choice to make. No heat nor humidity here. I'm wearing a sweater and have my little heater on. But the sun is shining, I slept well last night, and God is with me. Sing!

  12. I'm smiling that you are receiving comments today. . .wonderful.
    I'm singing as I go about my day .. so far so good.
    I'll be thinking about you as you try to sort out what should go where.

  13. . . . or whistle!

    i can't whistle on tune, though.

    sounds like you need a good song.
    i like to celebrate Christmas in july.
    how about "joy to the world?"

    praying for you,

  14. It seems to me that you have chosen a most appropriate word today. I will sing along with you as our weatherman is promising we will be under 90 degrees tomorrow. If he is wrong, I can't promise to still be singing tomorrow. We set a record yesterday for the most consecutive days in the 90s in June.
    So glad you captured that gorgeous photo of your lily.
    Hope all goes well for you today and you are able to sing your way through the day.

  15. Uhhh I hate the HHH days. Glad that I work in AC because we only have a room air conditioner in the bedroom at home.

    I love rhubarb pie and even eat it raw with salt! Your pie looks wonderful!


  16. My lilies also all lost their flowers. They only last about a week or two at most.

    An electric hospital bed may make things much easier for your Nan, and for you as she can sit up in it and you can raise it up if you have to sponge bathe her in bed, and you won't have to bend over quite so much.

    Keep singing! It's a wonderful release!

  17. I'm still singing...and I requested one of the Anne George mysteries from my library! Sounds like one I will enjoy! Thank you! ♥

  18. I love your header. It's beautiful ♥ Believe it or not I do sing when I'm stressed, angry, or am having a bad day. Sometimes I put on very loud music much to my neighbors dismay I'm sure. Then I dance all over the house. After I'm finished I feel so much better. Another thing I do is go in the bathroom and scream. It works every time.

  19. Oh it works for me too! And I love how you've got your scrabble letters by the window..... do you keep them there all the time, changing the word you want to focus on?

    I love it!

    I'll be thinking of you when I'm humming my next tune... which could break out any second now!


  20. Nooooooooooooooooooo! Okay you hit me on a bad day, I just found SIX gopher holes in my garden!!!! I am a little vexed with varmints myself, sorry I am not up to singing, but go for it :)


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