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Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you have spiderwort growing in your garden? It's a wonderful little flower tending more toward blue than purple. It's a perennial, which in my book is an added bonus.

The Death Spray that I spoke of earlier found at LL's is not working quite as well as I'd hoped. The rhubarb leaves are still being eaten overnight. Oh, and do be careful when using any such spray. I accidentally inhaled some yesterday and it wasn't pleasant. Yup, those stupid product warnings are made for folks like me. < insert wry, very wry, grin >

The strawberry shortcake was delish. We were able to talk my mother into staying for supper. I thought that since this making a meal of strawberry shortcake is an old family tradition and all... Mother told me that my grandmother came up with it; my grandmother told me that her grandmother came up with it. Well, as stated, it goes away back and I have no idea to whom proper credit goes. I do think everyone should try it!

Edited to Add: *More information* from Leslie on how far back this eating of strawberry shortcake for supper goes. It is not original with my family. John's family didn't do it, though he's not opposed. This leads me to wonder if your family does. Oh, we make meals of corn on the cob as well in late August and early September. And I'd be mighty tempted with fresh tomatoes, too, but never have.

This next bit is only for regular readers and the curious. Nan is now enrolled with the hospice program. It sounds as if it will be just the support that she needs. It has no time limit; it is covered by her insurance; it does provide respite care twice a week for two hours at a time; a doctor is on staff and he can make house calls; there's a nurse on duty 24/7 if a question comes up at any hour. Best of all, if caring for Nan becomes too much for either of us, she can go to the Hospice House, which is a wonderful facility. My sister looked into it last fall when we thought my mother might need it. One of the first things the Hospice nurse said was that a lot of the medications that my grandmother is taking will be removed. They're no longer of any benefit to her. Also, if she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't have to eat. These things will be her choice. This will represent a major shift so it'll be interesting to see how it all goes.

Time for a bit of levity...

I was able to pop in to visit with the grands a few nights ago. Only the youngest and my son were home at first, but the eldest and his mom came in after a while. I asked my returning grand if he'd been visiting.

His response, "No! I just forgot to stay home."

Love kid logic and must remember that line!

Have a wonderful Friday...


  1. Hello Vee, I do not have Spiderwort but, I have been out collecting seed from the wild Spiderwort plants that I see growing along the roadsides and fields. I love Spiderwort. Such a beautiful color the flowers are. Really enjoyed the music playing, 'A trip to the green gables'.

  2. We have various tiny blue-ish flowers here and there. Could you possibly put something beside a flower, so we could judge if it's tiny, really tiny, etc.? Got a ruler handy and hold it beside? I hear you! I am never satisfied! -grinnnnn-

    Old family friend told us to put beer in an old tin pie pan, and put it beside the rhubarb. They'll go drown themselves in the beer.

    Family tradition is wonderful! And when it's delicious, like a meal of strawberry shortcake, it's even better!

    I-am-so-happy-for-all, about the enrollment in hospice! Oh my Dear, it sounds like something which will be a Win-Win for you and for Nan. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! So many aspects of it. I am so happpppy!

    "No! I just forgot to stay home." Fantastic reply from your grand! Mmmmm, start writing these things down, hu? Even just make a Topic Tag or whatever we do, at the end of our posts, in that little box down below... With "Grand's Sayings" or something. When you hear one, post it, and give it that Tag, and you can always find them!

    Oh oh, I just used up all my *Words Of Wisdom And Wonder,* for today! LOL!

    Mmmmm, did I say I'm happy for you? Yes I did. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  3. Mikey's first landscape job in Lancaster City involved removing tons of spiderwort. I put one of those pulled plants in my side bed. I'll get to see how quickly it spreads.

    So very happy your Grandmother will receive the services of Hospice. I truly hope this is a big relief to you. Who knows, maybe some of those meds were taking away her appetite....it happens.

    Your grandson's "funny" is sweet. I love the thought processes of children!

    Becky K.

  4. Hi Vee:

    Funny story, my mother always called the blue flowers that close in the late afternoon that grow between her interlock, Four O'Clocks. I now see that they are Spiderwort, just like yours.

    I called her and told her the proper name and she said she knew that, she just likes to call them four oclocks as that's when they close.


    Lisa x

  5. Spiderwort is new to me...very pretty.

    I've never really heard of making a meal out of strawberry shortcake...but why not?

    I'm planning on 'forgetting to stay home' today.

  6. I do believe we have spiderwort around our yard in a few places! I like that it just shows up and needs no real tending. My kind of plant! My mom's medications were all removed from her at the end too. She was basically in hospice care although she never made the last trip home. Hard decisions to make at this point in life! Best wishes to you!

  7. I don't think I've seen spiderwort around here...it looks very pretty!

    The hospice program for Nan sounds very supportive! I hope it works out well for all of you as much as possible.

    Your grandson sounds very logical, Vee. That was such a cute comment!

  8. Hi, Vee - kids say the darndest things! How very cute! Yes I agree with Aunt Amelia - you need to write them down, or do a sweet little sidebar "silly" with sayings from your grandsons. Now, that would be something new and you could possibly start a new trend in blogging!

    I'm glad that Hospice will be helping you guys out with Nan. I hear they REALLY do much good during times like this. These things are so hard, but they have to be done. Tony's Mom is not ready for that yet, but we've already talked to the nursing home staff about it. She can stay where she's at, and Hospice care will come in to help when the time comes.

    Haven't seen spiderwort around here I don't think. It's pretty. I love anything blue and there aren't that many blue flowers to choose from.

    Strawberry shortcake sounds absolutely decadent and indulgent and why shouldn't one enjoy it all for supper!!! Sounds wonderful to me! Lately I've been having sliced cucumbers and tomatoes for supper - that's it! Fresh from the garden!

  9. I do have spiderwort! It just appeared in my garden a few years ago and I thought it was so pretty I transplanted some to different areas. It is pretty!

    No we don't have strawberry shortcake for dinner. When I was little we used to have bananna splits for dinner in the summer now and then. I've suggested it to my family but my husband isn't game (he'd live on salmon and salad if he could)!

    I'm so glad your Grandma will receive Hospice care. I hope that will be a benefit to everyone.


  10. Spiderwort is new to me, but oh, so pretty. I love any blue-ish flowers.

    So glad to hear that Nan, and you, are receiving care. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Your grandson has the perfect outlook - forgetting to stay home!

  11. No, I don't have Spiderwort, but it sure looks pretty.
    I hope you find great support from Hospice. They were with my mom in her last few months and I found them to be so helpful and compassionate. They are still calling me periodically to offer support in the grieving process.

    Your grandson's comment is precious. I'll have to remember that one.

  12. No, I don't have a spider wort, but I sure think it is beautiful. Maybe I should look into these!

    We have snails and they sure like to suck the life out of plants. I heard that you can take your broken egg shells and place them around the base of the plant. The snails don't like them as they cut them. Either that or a tin of beer...get 'em drunk!! ;)

    Vee, I sure hope that everything goes good for Nan. Hospice is a wonderful program, as you know.

    Sending you a hug,

  13. Got to appreciate the wisdom of young folks, LOL! I am so happy that the hospice folks are finding solutions for your grandma's situation. You will all continue to be in my prayers.

  14. We have spiderwort. Love it. If I deadhead it I can get it to re-bloom the same season. It's easy, hardy, and great to divide and share.
    Mine's purple though. Love your blue.

  15. Oh, you always make me chuckle..."I forgot to stay home" When my girls were young I kept journals of everything that they said. Too cute. So glad that you Grandmother is getting lots of extra care. Vee I never heard of Spiderwort plants. They do look so nice. My husband does all the gardening around here. I was bitten by a recluse spider a few years back and ended up in the hospital. It took months for it to heal. Now I just stay on the deck and say "Oh Ned that looks so nice." Hope you have a lovely evening. I'll check out that free site with the graphics.


  16. Hi Vee,

    I love Spiderwort...one of my favorite plants. Wish my landlord would quit weed-whacking it!

    About that lavabo...what a shocker! I have to rethink my idea of hanging it on the privacy fence and training vines around it. Truly a bargain.

    Take care,

  17. I'm so glad you looked into Hospice. This sounds like it might be a good solution. If I remember they have a family support group too. I continue to pray for all of you. I admire you so much Vee. Your whole family is blessed to have you.


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