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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Gathering

It was a delight to have a meeting of the clan (most of it) over the weekend.  Note to self: It is always more fun to have these gatherings at someone else's place. In this case, someone else's place was my sister's. The pictures I am sharing today are of her flowers, her yard, her deck, her cars, her trees. Should I include my brother-in-law in this possession list?

Of course, you know that I loved seeing this bright yellow Adirondack chair first thing. The peonies weren't bad either.

These huge hostas line both sides of the drive. Note the steep stairs on either side. Fortunately for Nan, we were able to drive around to the back of the house as seen in the first picture so she stepped from the car directly to the deck.
My grand listens amused to his mother's discussions of why he should eat something besides his shoe. Goodness, I remember those days so well and both my kids lived to tell about it so I'm hoping that Sam gets hungry one day soon and eats a hamburger.

Sis does have a little red house and she also has a little red shed right behind these bleeding hearts. I think that it would make a cute playhouse for her grands some day. (Are you listening, dear nieces?)

So many good things to eat, but this was my favorite — a rhubarb square. This recipe has been on my blog before right *here.*

(This new editor drives me foolish. I have been trying to create this post for the better part of an hour and my brain and patience are scrambled. If I had a computer program that worked this poorly, it would be history. I'd smash it to smithereens with a hammer. Then I'd jump on what remained. There! I feel better now. )

Oh, it worked that time. Where was I? Oh yes, Jake enjoyed looking at all the flowers and so did I. Here's a nice batch of flower pics without comment.

(Forgive me for not being able to scoot in between pictures with my text.) And we played. We played roll down the hill (yes, I played that one), and we played tag (yup, me too), and we played hide n' seek (you betcha! my favorite spot was behind a big old oak tree), and we played golf (sure did, hit every golf ball, two). John was especially impressive and I didn't get one picture of him. Darn! Apparently, my sis and her hubby practice on "their private fairway" quite often. She is getting ready to tee off on the left while her daughter and mine watch.

Thank you for taking the garden tour through my sister's yard. Many of the pictures featured in yesterday's mosaic were of my sister's town as well.

I'm sure that lots of bloggers have their stories to share today after the holiday and I want to read them all!  Enjoy a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. I am not thrilled with the new editor either...but you still managed a lovely post.

    Looks like you had great weather and a very pretty setting.

    I haven't played hide and seek for years. Maybe when the grandchildren come along...

    Becky K.

  2. If you're going to list your bro-in-law on your sis's possession list......... Then show him, "already." Mmmmm, please show him. -evil grin-

    That's some spread and pretty flowers. Glad the weather cooperated for your family gathering on Memorial Day too.

    We had a couple of family "gatherings." Meaning, one included our daughter's visiting in-laws (Who went home the next day) and yesterday's included just locals.

    You Dear Vee, have hit on a verity-of-life! Gatherings are always more fun, at someone else's home! :-)

    Gentle Summer hugs...
    P.S. The contractors come tomorrow/Wed. To begin tearing walls, and giving us a real main floor laundry! I may burst with excitement. After I burst with the non-joy of dust all over. -grin

  3. Glad you had such a great time Vee...loved the flowers and that will make a spectacular play house for grands! I'm sure the nieces are paying attention. Wish we could have joined you!

  4. Beautiful flower pics! I would love a little red shed in my yard! Sounds like you had a really fun day with your family!

  5. Wow..that is the gathering of dreams..beautiful location, sweet children and good food. So glad your day was so nice..now, rest and take care of you, OK?

    PS- have I told you how much I enjoy your music choice? Well, I DO!

  6. Looks like a great way to spend Memorial Day. I couldn't agree more about it being more fun at someone else's house. It gives one more time to relax, check out the flowers and take pictures of them to share with blog friends.
    Your sister has a lovely garden and the red shed is adorable. I really like the bleeding hearts too.

    Glad you had a nice day.

  7. It looks like a park to me! Beautiful photos...gardens, grands, family, cute cottage. nice yellow chair...did I miss the brother-in-law? Thanks for sharing.

  8. what a beautiful family you have and your sister's gardens are just lovely!

  9. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful holiday, Vee. The grands are growing up so fast AND so cute!

    Now you should have had someone doing a video of ya'll rolling down the hill. THAT would have been fun!

    I want some grands...sigh...

  10. this new editor is driving me batty!
    jk. . . i have no idea what that is.

    i LOVED the photos of your sister's
    incredible garden and golf range.

    white bleeding heart? to die for.

    BUT those lovely grands stole the


  11. Looks like the perfect day! Love the beautiful flowers and photos of family! Enjoy your day...any of those rhubarb squares left? heehee! ♥

  12. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for taking time out from tag to take some pictures to share. FUN!!

  13. Your sister has a beautiful yard. It's hard to believe we all had snow just a month or two ago. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's fun to play games like we did as children again. I do that a lot. That pie looks devine. Your mosiac in the previous post is beautiful too. I have to say I love the music here as well.

  14. All of your pictures are wonderful and I'm so glad you included a link to the Rhubarb Square. It looks delicious!

  15. That looks like it was the best fun! I would have played all of those games too. Your sisters garden is lovely and I adore that yellow chair!

  16. Your sister has lovely property, Vee! All that green seemed to go on for miles. Glad it was a fun day out full of exercise with the grands and good food.

    Before we know it July 4th will be here! I'm already tired of the heat..lol

  17. Your get together looks wonderful. What a spectacular yard, and the kids look like they are having a ball.

    Somehow Vee, I managed to keep my old blogger...never switched. I get a bit nervous sometimes because I am afraid it might go poof and be gone someday. But I still enjoy the original blogger. I have the new one on my book blog, I'll have to have a peek.

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  18. I am having same problems with the new editor too, I haven't switched back because of taking so long uploading photos.

    It looks like a great family get together, and the flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your week.

  19. What fun! What memories! Beautiful place. C

  20. Beautiful family, beautiful day!

  21. What a great yard to have all the family meet and enjoy the holiday. Everything is so pretty and green. Lots of room to have lots of fun!!

  22. Oh, what a lovely time! I tried to visit yesterday and your blog was behaving strangely, so I scooted without making a comment (since I couldn't read it, LOL). What a lovely garden she has!


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