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Friday, June 25, 2010


John came to me this morning and asked me to take a picture of the trellises. Seems that he's been mulling something over. He's wondering if the local hardware store would like them well enough to sell them there. Anyway, he's taken the photo above to show. Wish that it had come out that clear when I printed it off.

We enjoyed windows open off and on yesterday as thunderstorms rolled through. The good news is that they ushered in one of those high weather systems and we have a "blue sky alert" for today and the weekend. Perfection.

(Nan was a little less than impressed with windows open than we were, but we bundled her up really well.)

I've finished reading a delightful little book that I'm hoping to share with you. I'm waiting for permission from the publishers. That takes six to eight weeks. Actually, I'm pretty impressed that it only takes that long. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Now if that groundhog finds my mandevilla, I may come unhinged. You'll know when you read a post that says something like this: $##%&*)&^%#^^###%%@@!!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm thinking the hardware store would be wise to sell some of John's trellises. He did a really nice job on them and your photo showcases them very nicely.
    Your weekend weather sounds delightful.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the varmint doesn't find his way to your mandevilla.

  2. If I saw one of John's trellises for sale near me I'd jump to buy it! They are beautiful!

    Glad you had a day of fresh air and gentle breezes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The trellises are wonderful! I'm sure there are lots of people that would be interested in something locally made...and well made! Enjoy your weekend! I'm curious about the book you read! ♥

  4. That would be fantastic - the trellises are really beautiful. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your mandevilla:)

    Enjoy the Blue Skies!

  5. i would certainly buy one of john's trellises!

    i'm intrigued about the book. mostly curious
    why you would need the publisher's permission
    to share about it.


  6. Good for you, John! That's the entrepreneurial spirit. For all those ladies who can't just think something up, and their husband can make it, for them! We who have such husbands, sometimes forget that not all do. :-)

    So glad you persevered with open windows! For everyone's health.

    ????????? You have to get permission from the publisher, to talk about a book you like? And to show a pic of it, maybe? Is that what you mean? YIKES! Who thought that one up?!?

    And I hardly think any publisher would not be very happy with free publicity for his/her book, in Blog Land. More than happy for a free 'push,' which goes out to lots of other gals in Blog Land.

    Please explain this one. Please.


  7. I would definitely buy some of those trellises. I'll bet they're much more sturdy than the cheap things you buy at the garden center. Wanna ship me some? ;o)
    No, really, they are good-looking trellises, and I am actually looking for a couple to put some climbing roses on. I've been thinking of going with iron or metal just because I don't want the cheap-y ones to break after a few years. I've even seen some plastic ones - yuck.

  8. Sounds like a great idea to me, I think John did such a great job,. I am glad you got some fresh air inside yesterday too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. For those who've wondered, I wish to share selections from the book...poetry and passages. It's not okay to do that without asking for permission. ;>

  10. I have the perfect place for one! Wish you were closer! How long does it take for John to make one? Looks like a lot of fine detail work.

  11. I totally think that he should approach the local hardware store. There's NOTHING as nice as these available in my area and I know they would sell. He's done a wonderful job and it's apparent that he would produce a superior project.

    Enjoy the blue skies and as far as the groundhog - - Annie Get Your Gun.

    - Suzanne

  12. I would definitely buy those trellises in a heartbeat. In fact, you need to come and visit me. Bringing trellises in your suitcases. Now would be an excellent idea, because my friends would all buy them too. An EXPORT BUSINESS!!!!!

  13. I think selling trellises is a great idea! Let us know how it goes.

    Becky K.

  14. The trellis is beautiful. It would work perfectly in my garden. I want to grow some clematis on the east side of our house and that would fit the bill, I think!

  15. Glad the breezes flowed freely yesterday...and that blue skies are the standing order for the next few days.

    I'm wondering what John would need to charge to actually make a profit on trellis-making. They look great...but are the customers willing to pay?

  16. John's got a great idea there!

    And shoot that varmit if he eats your pretty plants!

  17. I love the trellises..and I love teh word "trellises"..so how could he loose? It's definately a win-win! So glad yuou opened the windows and let all that happy in :-)

  18. Wow..tell John his trellises are just lovely...good job!!! I would think the hardware store would be nuts not to carry them. :)

    Hey btw...that MT book you mentioned in one of your comments on my blog would be very much welcomed. ;)

    Happy weekend Vee...

  19. I know Vee you are very cautious about using other publications and I guess is the best way to be. Your John is a wonder. The trellises are perfect. I agree shot that varmint if he get your flower. Blessings

  20. Vee,
    Your french doors are lovely, as is the view through them.

    I hope the groundhogs don't find your mandevilla too!

    Hope your weekend is as wonderful.



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