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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberries and a Sweetheart

Sent John off for a few things from the store and he took the scenic route past the farmstand and picked up strawberries. That means just one thing—strawberry shortcake for supper. That's right. Our strawberry season is short and swift so we devote an entire meal to the delicious strawberry. Course John could enjoy strawberry shortcake any day; somehow Nan and I will just have to endure. ;>

In further John news, he continues his work on the trellises.

Does he not look happy?

Don't look now, Hon, but I see more painting in your future.

He thinks that I'm kidding!
And a very happy Thursday to you...


  1. Surely he is thrilled. After all, he well knew about all of your projects before he asked you to marry him, right?

    Great pics!

    Georgia (MIL) brought us another quart of strawberries. This made us happy as we were afraid the season was over.
    Tonight we will enjoy one of her traditional strawberry pies. Oh my!

  2. Oh Yum! There is nothing more fabulous than fresh strawberries in the spring. A whole meal devoted to strawberries is nearly heaven on earth!

    How sweet of John to paint for you. If only our men realized how much we could really give them to do! lol

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. What a sweetheart indeed! Strawberries and he's painting your trellis's....lucky you!

  4. Mmmmm, more playing with your Header. I like this much. :-) Somehow, I really like kind-of-BIG Headers pics. :-)

    Strawberry Shortcake! Now there is something I miss. With this dang gluten free existence. Unless I can get to a gluten free bakery and pick up some gluten free pound cake, and make it with that.

    Yes, they do make gluten free Pound Cake! I found it in the Jewish food section of my supermarket, at Passover time. Yummmmmmm... I bought/froze a bunch of them, but they're long gone.

    Neeeeed to look for more! A relative of my D-I-Law gave me a couple of cards, from bakeries he's found. But they're down a ways, from here.... Necessity may push me out on the road though!!! :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  5. what a sweetie! the strawberries look heavenly and I love your new header! the basket with the blue lobelia spilling over it's side is perfect!

  6. That does it. I'm going to have to get some strawberries!

  7. Strawberry Shortcake will take you a long way in your project list.. smart girl.

  8. We've been making detours past the strawberry stand almost daily around here! Enjoy your day...strawberries, trellis's and anything else it brings your way.

  9. Ah strawberries, who doesn't like them?!

  10. He looks like he's having the time of his life. Well, maybe Hawaii would be one up on that but you know........

  11. What a guy that John is! Does he ever NOT look happy?? Love the idea of strawberry shortcake for supper ;-D

    Your header is beAUtIlfL!!

  12. What time is supper? We love strawberries. My daughter and I have cultivated a few strawberry plans for several years now, our problem is, whoever finds them first, EATS them straight off the vine!! :o) Have an awesome day!!

  13. he is the cutest thing ever! you better
    watch out! :)

    what did you mean by "bob's your uncle?"

  14. Vee, you know why is smiling while he works?

    Because he loves you so, and he loves doing things that please you!!!

    Lucky woman!

  15. Oh Vee love that header and the strawberries, out of sight. It is wonderful to have a good man. We are all blessed who do. Loved your post from yesterday. You are on the right track with compassion and tenderness dear friend. Blessings

  16. What a sweetheart than man is! Feed him some strawberry shortcake this instant!

  17. My birthday cake request every year is a strawberry shortcake! I've loved it since childhood.

    I love the photos of John at work! He looks quite content to be making those trellises for you, Vee!

  18. Oooo Yippeee I loved this post! I love your strawberry photo.

    Soooo, what does strawberry shortcake mean to you? Angel food cake, pie crust, biscuits, vanilla cake?

  19. Lovely photo of your yummy strawberries. Strawberry shortcake for supper sounds like a brilliant idea to me. It also sounds like a sure way to keep your painter happy :).


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