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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vaulting Daylilies and Stunted Astilbes

We have a saying in my corner, which goes like this: Y*o*u can't get there from here or more accurately: Y*o*u can't get theyah from heah.  And so it has been in my little town today. I tried to get to the transfer station just past eight this morning and ran into a blocked street in short order. Turning around, I figured a way to circumvent the situation only to find that both ends of my street were now blocked. I ran over the detour sign (I am not kidding) and headed on my way. Gheesh. (Turns out that the whole town is abuzz with activity...lots of yard sales, a library book sale, a pie sale, a parade, a 5K race, a firemen's muster, and assorted other activities. Wish I could go! It would be a blogger's dream.)

Instead, I'm showing the daylilies just beginning to bloom and my wee bitty astilbe on the lower right. Believe me, they're not supposed to be this way. Must need some vitamins. Please ignore the lawn's needing to be mowed. John is off to a birthday party and I'm tied to the house.

Hope that your Saturday is going well. Mine is quiet, which is a-ok with me. Almost. ;>


  1. Your lilies are standing tall! My Saturday is going well. Spend the morning outside in the garden and we are heading out to the store in a little bit to pick up so salmon for dinner....

  2. I am so excited...I used Armor-All on our shutters today and they look like new. The poor things were so faded. I think I will show them on Wednesday. Between that and cutting Mikey's hair, saving chicks' lives whenever possible I am having a relatively quiet day, as well.

    Is it ok that I smiled that you ran over a "detour" sign? Sorry.
    Glad you emerged from your journey in one piece.

    Becky K.

  3. They can't pen you in, LOL! Just roll right over that detour sign - love it! Love the daylilies framed against the house like that.

    We're having a nice Saturday. About to ruin it all by starting laundry and more unpacking. LOL!

  4. I live where there is road construction all over the city - stimulus $ at work on much needed street maintenance, but nevertheless, no matter where you are, you can't get there from here. I keep reminding myself that someday, it will all be worth it.

    My morning was spent watering. I've had a break this summer with lots of rain, but not a drop the last 10 days or so. Now it's my turn, so I'm tied to the house, as well.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. I so want you to not be always tied to the house...

  6. That's a catchy title you came up with today, Vee. Vaulting or not ~ they make a pretty picture.

    I had to chuckle at the vision of you rolling over that detour sign. Book sales, garage sales and pie sales sound very inviting.

    Like you I am staying close to home today. My chiropractor is on vacation next week and I don't want to take any chances of having a set back while she is gone. Not to mention it is hotter than heck out there.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  7. sounds like you could use a teensy
    bit of a tiny party. :)

    love your daylilies and poor astilbe.
    who cares about the lawn?

  8. Your lilies are so tall and beautiful!! I laughed picturing you running down that sign! :-)

  9. I have buds, your day lilies are just a bit ahead of mine. Your weather seems to have caught up fast. Hope your are enjoying the weekend. With lots of fresh air!

  10. Vee,
    I just snuck down here to leave a comment because if I don't I will burst. I love you!!!! You crack me up. I love your eyes, I can see your great sense of humor peeking through those glasses. You don't fool me if you are not nice that's okay with me for I am a sinner too. Yet you are so endearing, and I think that the Lord might have you be at the head of the class!! Just saying.
    Happy Sunday. karen

  11. Oh I'd love to go to a garage sale, library sale, 5k and all the rest - soulds like a fantastic Saturday anywhere - or is that "any wayah"?

  12. I know your Sunday comments are off and I am on my laptop (with no email associated to it so can't email you) but after reading your Sunday post had to tell you that our message this AM tied right in with your post. John 21:15-17 I have read it so many times but this morning our pastor reminded us that Peter is struggling with forgiving Peter. Jesus never struggles with loving Peter. (Peter uses Phileo love and Christ uses agape love when speaking in this passage) We are all just a bunch of misfits really. So wonderful that God does not see us that way- He loves us and forgives us even when we can't forgive ourselves.

  13. Vee, I love your Daylilles, your photos are always so beautiful.
    I enjoyed reading about your trip, Living in the country, trips to town are not that frequent, and therefore I miss a lot of garage sales. I don't know if I could have not stopped with all that activity going on. I got a great laugh of seeing you run over that sign. lol
    I read Sunday post, but won't comment as you have comments off too today.

  14. My Day Lilies have all stopped blooming ..they were so pretty while they last!

    I giggled at your "nice" post ( yes, you are!) and I LOVE your rhubarb custard pie!

    Busy weekend, hot and beastly humid too!

    ♥ Pat

  15. My daylilies overgrew my pathway...and so they are now gone. I will just enjoy yours from afar.

    What...you ran over a detour sign? Now is that nice? Smile.

  16. I love these daylilies. I loved them as a kid and still believe, along with all the new cultivars, I must have some of these that I remember from childhood and my grandmother's place. There are precious memories associated with thses.

  17. LOL!!!!!! Oh Vee, I can't stop laughing. And I can just "see" your little smirk, when you posted Mon.'s Rhubarb Pie Mosaic. Without comments!

    Being as I am the dear friend who need explanations, you just know I'd be laughing my head off , and want to comment.

    Soooooooooo, you turned comments offff! You bad. You bad. You bad. >,-))))))))) [Even if it is an inside joke, between just us.]

    And you already bad, for posting that gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrgous PIE! Which my family wants. And which I can't eat any more. -sighhhhhhhhhh-



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