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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Chatty Little Post

And no one has time to read it. My timing is certainly interesting. :D

Mother moved to her new home this week. I've been feeling lost. It has been so much fun having her here. I don't know how to describe it exactly. When I wanted to talk there was a woman to talk with, yet we could sit and read and be quiet for long stretches of time. I had a built-in "playmate" who was more than willing to go along with any of my schemes. She was happy to try a new recipe, work on a new craft, read a blog I pointed out to her or head off for a little shopping. Perhaps I was afforded the luxury of a return to childhood without all the fussy parenting. Some fussy parenting, but not all. While I know that she's not even a mile down the way, it's not the same. I told her to hurry back. And she will be back for a few days over Christmas. Think I can last?

It's been one of those weeks. One of those weeks where many events culminated in troubles. The old "when it rains, it pours" kinds of weeks. We all have them, but it is a special affront during Christmas when we fervently wish for things to go well, for people to be well, for there to be abundance, for there to be joy and peace across the land and around the world. When world peace becomes too much to hope for, we still hope for peace to reign in our hearts and families. All too often that is another "too much to hope for" because we can not control other people and the decisions that they will make. When my son stopped by to pick up some packages he'd had sent here, I shared some of this with him. He listened to me vent: he's so wonderfully sympathetic that I didn't know when to shut up. Thankfully, I pulled it together and he gave me a big hug and told me that things would get better. May it be so...

Mercifully, I have been aided by so many of you and your wonderful blogs. If you haven't noticed the section in my sidebar named "Inspiring Posts of the Month," you might look and see if there's something there to comfort and cheer you, too, should you need a bit of cheering. Currently, I have five posts listed. I highly recommend them all and each one points to the the Lord. After all, our help and hope come from Him.

There's a lot to be done in the time before Christmas around here. Procrastination and I know each other all too well, though I did get the bookcase top decorated for the second or third time. (Note to self: Must learn to move forward instead of sideways.) I really am loving those springs. (Springs are "harvested" from old mattresses or they were in this case. It so happened that my mother gave her mattress the boot so I got lucky blessed. John did all the hard work of harvesting so I had it very easy. I understand it was ghoulish, tricky work.)

A blessed Saturday to you...


  1. Just reading how much you enjoyed your mother and the closeness you feel with her is a blessing to me. How nice that your good "friend" will be living so close.

  2. Vee,

    I have to agree that when it rains it pours. There is always a major crisis with one of my children just before I leave for Florida and there is nothing I can do - but maybe that is a good thing.

    My mom and I used to have the same kinds of days and during these holiday times I miss her so much.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  3. sweet Vee, how blessed you are to have Mom nearby and what a treat that you did have her to yourself of a bit. As all of us wish for a peaceful holiday I pray that God will give us strength and fortitude to deal with life's ups and downs. Our expectations are always so high this time of year, we need to give ourselves a break and not expect perfection, true perfection lies in the greatest gift, our Savior. Wishing you and yours the most blessed, joyful Christmas!

  4. Thanks so much for this post. You are blessed to have that relationship with your mom, so many of us don't and at Christmas the loss is felt.
    I too had one of these weeks, while preparing for our caroling party, which the Lord blessed my socks off...we also had an adult child...like you said, we can't control other actions, that child was dishonoring to the whole family...so while pressing forward there was hurt.
    I too have been blessed by blog posts and encouraged...yours being one! I will check out the ones you posted.

    I know God is at work...even when I don't like the stretching and the trial...He is working in me and also in my family!!

    Blessings as you find your way again and dance through the rain that is pouring!!

  5. I feel so lucky that I have a chance this morning to engage in the luxury of reading blogs. I'm so glad that you and your mom had some quality time together. It's important to have that one person that you can sit quietly with and not need to fill the space with conversation.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Vee

    I feel you struggling to find that silver lining but know dear friend, it is there. I'll send you extra knee mail. How blessed you are to have a close relationship with your mother and for her to live so close by. Have a grace filled day!

  7. Oh Vee, I hear the melencholy in your words..and I wish I could give you a hug..

    I envy your relationship with your Mom :-) And I totally understand how you'll miss her presence in you daily life..not just on a "visit" basis.

    I can't even imagine all the heartache you've gone through in a relatively short time..please know we care, we worry and we love,even from afar!

  8. How nice to have had the opportunity to 'camp-out' with your mom for a spell. You will treasure the memories forever!

    Harvested springs...what a fabulous idea.

    Blessings to you as you deal with the 'not perfect' during this Christmas season. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You are so very fortunate to have a mom who you can be close to. My mom and I have absolutely nothing in common. We both forget many times that we even shared the same home for 18 years. At least she approves of my husband, so I'll count that small admission in my favor.

    Ah, I am quite familiar with procrastination. It is usually bothersome when when its twin "perfection" is hanging around too. At least, that's the case for me.

    If you haven't done all your decorating by now, why not just stop? Give yourself permission. Enjoy what you DO have out. And visit more blogs for eye candy and get a small bit of satisfaction that you didn't bust your butt like they did in creating all the magical displays, LOL.

    And springs? Are you making something with the springs? I think I need a few to attach to the bottoms of my crocs...

  10. Having your Mom stay there for awhile was definitely a blessing! I'm sure you'll hold those memories close to your heart.

    My Mom and I live across the country from each other and I know that when we do get together it is a time where we feel at peace. Our Sunday visits on the phone usually last 3 hours! :0)

    Blessings! Eileen

  11. How nice that you and your mom had that special time together. I am sure it has to feel like a loss to have her move out. Hopefully you will still get together often. Maybe for sleepovers?
    There are so many expectations at Christmastime for all to be merry and bright. Sadly it doesn't always work out that way. Your son sounds like a real blessing. And, of course, we already know that John is a blessing. The springs look very cute in your Christmas display.

  12. You are so blessed to have a mom that you get along with so well. I have never had that, I just can't seem to be the daughter my mom wanted!

    Hope you have a better week and you get all things done that you need too. You are always in my morning prayers.

    Have a wonderful Saturday. :-)

  13. I feel as if we had just set down to tea. Thanks for sharing from your life. I thought your mother's time with you was a blessing...how nice to have that confirmed.

    Praying that things will look up again very soon for you. Your son sounds like a gem!


    Becky K.

  14. I can understand how you would miss your Mom...thankfully she is just down the road.

    Love your header Vee.

  15. OOO, Vee....I miss my mama, too, even tho I am now olden. I wish she was just "down the road"...
    I can see how much you love your mom and I don't have to say anything about "cherish every moment"..I can see you are already doing that. And, that's a GOOD thing!
    You're gonna be just fine, Vee. I just know it. :))

  16. I enjoyed your chatty little post, Vee. Your son's kindness touched my heart. Sons are a wonderful gift!!!


  17. There's nothing like a mother-daughter friendship and I loved your statement that you've enjoyed "the luxury of a return to childhood without all the fussy parenting." As adult women there's a connectedness that doesn't need verbalization. No wonder you miss her presence and she, yours. What a beautiful picture of the times you've shared. Blessings to you this weekend and may there be joy in all the remembrances of Christ's coming.

  18. Vee,
    That's a beautiful relationship you have with your mom. I am glad you are blessed with your wonderful hubby.
    Thank you for your encouragement and comments. You are a blessing.

  19. I'm glad your om moved close by, Vee. I thought she might be going to NY with your sister? At least you'll be able to see her often!

    I have been constantly been reminded of the "have and have nots" during this holiday season. Times are tough for so many in many different ways. All we can do is pray and offer thanks for the many blessings we have.

  20. Vee, because you often mention the Lord, I'm drawn to your posts. Your family closeness warms my heart. I feel as if you're an aunt I don't get to see very often, but love very much! Cheryl

  21. You are so blessed to have your mom nearby, after the fun of having her stay with you. Your blog is charming and I signed up today to follow you.


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