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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tote Bag Gift

My mother is such a Keeper of Christmas that I have often used her November birthday to gift her with items that she can use at Christmas time. When the good folks at Simply-Bags contacted me a week or so before my mother's birthday asking me to write a review in exchange for this bag, I jumped at the opportunity.

It's a beautiful, quilted *red velvet tote* that can be used either as a large purse or a tote. Let me show you why...

As a tote...

Tote Cinched
(Please forgive the quality of the photos...raining here today.)

My mom is an "M" and she's also my "mom" so that "M" really works. (One gets to choose her own monogram when ordering.) There is an inner zippered pocket on the side and also an attached zippered change purse. (I'd be tempted to use that for my keys, which are always getting lost in the bottom of my bag.) The tote is lightweight so when it is filled it is not much heavier than the contents. This works perfectly for my mother who has RA and has been using heavy canvas bags as totes in the past. She's finding this one much easier on her hands.

This is truly a beautiful tote and I thank the folks at Simply-Bags. You can find them on my sidebar under Personalized Tote Bags for future reference or just follow the highlighted links above. Take a look, I'm sure that you'll like what you see.

Happy first of December!


  1. I love it! How sweet that you gave it to your mom.

  2. how convenient of your mom to have a
    name that starts with "m."

    the tote is just lovely, and i'm sure now
    that you have featured it, many happy
    ladies will have one for Christmas!


  3. That is gorgeous!

    Stephanie's birthday is tomorrow and through the years I purchased Christmas ornaments and decorations as part of her birthday.

    When she got married, she had lots of favorites to take with her.

  4. Good morning....I have collected bag for years and am especially enamored with Carpet Bags....I went to their site....all I can say is OH MY!!!! Just lovely.



  5. Oh what a sweet tote and how wonderful that you were asked to do a review. Who doesn't love a new bag?

  6. It certainly is in keeping with the Christmas-y Look on your blog! :-)

    We share rain, according to your comment on my blog, I see. Bahhh-humbug! Haven't looked at weather report but so don't want it to be raining on the Victorian Street Walk, tomorrow night.

    But then, I should just be glad we didn't get some of that awful and dangerous weather, which was below here, on Tues. Yikes!

    Oh golly, you remember my old Blogger blogs! -grin- My first foray into blog-land, was years and years ago, on Live Journal. And I still maintain a couple of blogs over there. :-)

  7. What an awesome gift! Thanks for the link, I will check this out. Have a great day Vee!

  8. Perfect timing, I'd say!

    How very fun that you could share this. I love the color.

  9. What a beautiful bag! It looks like a must-have for Mrs. Claus and every other Keeper of Christmas.

  10. The tote bag is gorgeous Vee!!! What perfect timing and a perfect gift for your mom....it can be used all winter long!! I hope you're staying cozy sweet friend :) hugs and love, Dawn

  11. What a pretty bag! It will make a perfect gift for your Mom, Vee!

    I love Simply Bags! Aren't they the nicest people to work with? I love the computer bag I ordered from them and their monogramming is so perfect.

  12. Cute tote! I always find bags like this are more practical than these high dollar purses women are carrying around. I know your mom will love using this!

    Hopefully the rain is moving out for you. It sure can make a day dreary this time of year. We had just over three inches and stayed under tornado watches and warnings for 12 hours yesterday. Now I have a fire in the fireplace!
    You have to love winter in the south>

  13. Oh I am a bag-lover as well and I can almost feel the soft velvet! Hey, you could have given it to me..after all "Me" starts with "M" too! LOL :-)

  14. Vee,
    The bag is very beautiful. The color is so rich and lovely, and the velvet...luxurious!

  15. Nice tote, Vee. I think your mom is going to love it! and feel Christmas-y to boot!

    Very nice gift from Miss Sandy, too. She's such a sweetheart and so kind. let's see what you come up with.

    And by the way, I love your tree. I am thinking about doing the same this this year if my kids will let me. We are between houses, and it just doesn't make sense to go all out with everything - I don't even know right now WHERE we're having Christmas!!! My tree is in sections, too. Hmmmm.... I think I have a table that'll work just fine! I like how yours is up on the sofa table - makes it a good height!

  16. I know your mother will love it. I love that color of red.

  17. My mother does love it! She received it last month. :D Thanks, everybody...please don't forget to check out that link.

  18. Hey Vee

    You new header inspired me to try and figure out how to re-size mine. Eureka!

    I didn't know that your Mum was a Keeper of Christmas! That's wonderful! I'm sure that she adores this tote. How thoughtful of you to give it to her.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  19. Vee, what a beautiful tote... love the color! And what a lovely way to celebrate your mom!

  20. So good to get back to your blog miss Vee! After being at sister's for a week, I haven't been able to visit too many blogs.

    Fun catching up on your life. Love the tree btw, even if it's fake and only 3 feet tall! HAaaaaa

    Love the red tote and the letter "M" is what makes it so darn special!!

  21. What a perfect gift to get someone for Christmas! It's beautiful in that rich red color. I know your mom must just love it too. Thank you for sharing with us. I can imagine all of us in blog land carrying one with us as we make our deliveries and are out and about during the holidays. I hope you have a lovely day.

  22. How gorgeous! I LOVE bags! And this one is perfect! I'm going to look at their website! Thanks for the link! ♥


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