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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Thoughtful Gift and a Johnism

Another gift in the mail! What have I done to deserve such things? It proves that God just loves to bless us with good and thoughtful friends. This beautiful Lenox angel comes from Pat (Mille Fiori Favoriti) who said this: "I thought this little angel votive would remind you of your Nan who is smiling down on all of you as your special angel." Thank you so much, Pat, this means a lot to my little family here at Haven and you know that I think that you're the real angel.

The gingerbread didn't get baked yesterday after all, but to compensate I placed grapefruit rinds and a stick of cinnamon on the stove to heat and scent the air hoping to provide a nice "welcome home" to John and my mother as well. The next bit is easier told with dialog.

V: Doesn't the house smell good?

J: I can't smell anything.

V: You can't? I put citrus and cinnamon on the stove.

J: I saw that.

V: But you can't smell it?

J: No, I just thought we were having a meager supper.

V: Hahahahahahahaha...

Honestly, I laughed for over a minute. Times may be tough, but we've not come to eating two grapefruit rinds and a stick of cinnamon! :D

A happy day to you...


  1. Vee, it's easy to understand why you have such thoughtful friends. The angel is lovely and reminds me of the beautiful filigree you used to frame your mosaic this Monday. I know you'll enjoy the angel votive all year and think of the precious friend and what she said.

    John is too funny! Isn't it wonderful to have a husband who makes you laugh? I often think that the laughter in our home is so very special and wonder how marriages can survive without that special happiness in their home. Please let John know that I liked his humor, too.

  2. G'morn Vee ~ Your angel is just beautiful ... she will share her gleaming light & bring memories of warmth. Your friend is very sweet to remember you.

    Got quite a chuckle out of your hubby.

    Merry Christmas & holiday joys ~

  3. Vee,
    Such a beautiful gift, and I am sure Nan is smiling. Vee, I love the way you write and the things that you write about. I almost feel like I was right there in your kitchen.

    That was such a nice thing to do to have something that smells so good to welcome them home.

    Have a love day.

    P.D. When we lived in Hong Kong every year at Christmas, they used to build a life-size gingerbread houses in the lobby of our building. The guy building the house wore a Tall baker's hat. It made me crack up. Thoughts of gingerbread always conger up that memory.


  4. such a lovely gift from a dear friend! Your husband sounds like a hoot, mine makes me laugh too :)

  5. Vee ..I smiled at the thoughtfulness of Pat ..she blessed you and in doing so gave us all a reminder what friendship is all about.
    I do get a kick out of John.

  6. That John! He's a funny guy - "a meager supper"! haha!

    What a thoughtful gift from Pat! She's a peach! And so are YOU!

  7. Precious gift...isn't God so good...I have received some precious gifts lately also and I so feel His love for me poured out on me.
    Oh, love the scent...and the comment...now that is what I needed in my home last night after cooking fish...fish smelling and hanging ornaments just doesn't go together!

  8. I love JD's wit. Sounds like my hubby.

  9. Great John story! Maybe you should through a few cloves and allspice into the pot today...and a few drops of eucalyptus to clear his nostrils. Or just bake the gingerbread & see if he can smell that.

    How nice of Pat to help you remember Nan this Christmas.

  10. Sweet gift...

    Pretty new blog Header pic...

    "Having a meager supper..." Oh, that John is a *pistol*!

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  11. That sounds just like something my husband would say!

  12. JOHN! That guy is hilarious! =)

  13. I am happy the little angel arrived safely and that she is brightening your days, Vee.

    John has a quick wit and such good humor...his comment made me chuckle!

    I bake gingerbread cookies every year ..they are my favorite holiday cookie!

  14. Vee,

    I am thrilled that your day was filled with laughter and joy. Its these little showers of blessings that really do get up through these tough times. Hope another smile comes your way today too!

  15. That John is too much. :P
    My husband would probably say the same thing. ;p

    The angel is lovely. What a wonderful surprise.

    Oh!! I did the Christmas Meme too....


  16. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! And your Johnism was too cute. Have a good day. ~Cheryl

  17. hi vee! that's a great story and apt indicator
    of a WONDERFUL husband!

    my daughter, hailey, is home from brazil (the
    reason i have not been visiting) and we saw a
    bumper sticker that we didn't understand.

    when i was retelling the story to shelby, our
    oldest daughter, the meaning of the bumper
    sticker became grossly apparent. and we all

    i will not be printing that here . . .


  18. The angel is beautiful. Such a nice and thoughtful thing for Pat to do. :-)
    Thanks for the chuckle. John is too funny! :-)

  19. That is such a beautiful and special angel that you received from Pat. The photo of the angel next to your Nan's smiling face is just precious.
    I laughed out loud when I read your Johnism. I can just picture that conversation.

  20. LOL, time for Christmas soup! The little angel is just precious and it was very thoughtful of your friend to send it to you!

  21. What a sweet gift.
    What a funny hubby!
    Sounds like a good day!

  22. hahhahahhaa! Perfect! I think I may be in love with John too!
    The photo of Nan is precious...yes, she's Heaven's newest star ;-)

  23. What a truly lovely and heart felt gift! I know you will have mixed emotions this year at Christmas but hold on to all of those wonderful memories of your dear nan.

  24. Chelsea is mixing gingerbread as I type...that is why I have time to type...anyway I love it when you share these conversations. Precious!

    Aren't you so glad you two found each other??? I am !

  25. haaahhhaaa..o, Vee, you are the cutest thing!!


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