A Haven for Vee

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes the storm is going to nail me. There's no avoiding it. It's coming through. The good news is that I'm not going alone and no matter how much the wind howls, God will still hear me. (Isn't it great when even the weather cooperates by providing a powerful metaphor?)

The waves of death crashed over me,
devil waters rushed over me.
Hell's ropes cinched me tight;
death traps barred every exit.
A hostile world! I called to God,
to my God I cried out.
From his palace he heard me call;
my cry brought me right into his presence—
a private audience!

II Samuel 22:5–7 (The Message)

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and all the sweet advice. I am praying, playing music, and resting. I am confident that there are answers as I keep my heart open to them. And this, as always, is true: This, too, shall pass.

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photo source:accuweather.com