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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Start each day with an "out loud" prayer in which you enthusiastically choose life, openness, relationships, love, vibrancy, and fun. ~Waking the Slumbering Spirit by John and Paula Sandford

Given the choice, and we all have that choice, I might decide to go back to my cozy, warm bed. We've had days and days of cold and gray making "vibrancy" seem unattainable. I'm feeling under the weather and I don't mean sick or maybe I do. One incident after another has threatened to swamp me and mine. Nevertheless, Christmas is going to happen with or without me so I need to make a better choice. What is your remedy for the blahs?


  1. Vee,

    You are too hard on yourself. Be kind, crawl back up in that cozy bed of yours with a warm cup of tea and good book, read, sip, and nap! That is my cure for the blah's - a little kindness to myself. Once you refuel and refresh you will be able to do what needs to be done or leave what needs to be left undone. Praying God's very best blessings on your day. May your heart overflow with joy and cheer, your memories be merry, and holiday bright! Love you dear friend, chin up, I am sending you much knee mail!

  2. A cure for the blahs? I would start with prayer - that's always a good thing. Even though He already knows, tell Him about it anyway. Then talk to John about possible solutions. He seems like a wise guy. (Ha!)

    An escape for the blahs? Go to the library and find a wonderful looking trilogy to get lost in. While you're out, try some window shopping and a cup of coffee with a decorated Christmas cookie.

    I'll be praing for you!

  3. sending love & prayers your way! as my sons still expect Mom to create Christmas magic, crawling back into bed is not an option for me. Sometimes just starting and taking the first step is enough. When all else fails counting my blessings and helping someone less fortunate usually helps me to refocus.

  4. Love the quote and yes, it is a choice. Choose to repeat what brings you refreshment, and always, a good wide open heart talk with The Lord, helps, Vee.

    I had the blah's last week, for a few days and then one afternoon, I looked up on google, some Celtic music, turned up the volume and began cleaning the house...while cleaning, I could feel words boiling up and overflowing the surface...I let them out, all out, and The Lord smiled. I felt His smile. I sensed that He created that moment for me to realize there were things unsaid within my heart and once I let them out, in the privacy of our trusted relationship {The Lord and I}...He refreshed my soul.

    And..just enough to get me through with a happy heart for a few more days. We women tend to hold everything like a sponge, without even knowing that we are doing it.

    May He tap you on the shoulder and remind you of how special you are to Him, and in that moment, may you find the blah's missing from your soul ♥

  5. You're feeling "under the weather"? Please try for some sort of "perking-up"! 'Cause when we are worried or emotionally "down," etc., "bugs" can swoop in and really get us "down."

    Like everything else, weakness is a good target. For nasty "bugs," as well as nasty people.

    I don't have any Secret Way to perk up. Think we each have to devise our own.

    But, could you possibly be working under un-attainable standards [for Christmas]? Too many "necessary" plans or such?

    Just asking. NOT accusing. Just, from so much of the reading about this Season, thinking we need to over-achieve, seems to be a real "trouble maker."

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  6. For once I read the comments - I always consider them yours - and found such wise and loving responses. I wasn't feeling down, but the things said in your comments section still lifted my spirit. Thanks to all!

    Vee, I just feel that having so many caring comments will make you smile and continue your reminders to us to focus on the holiness of this time.

  7. You know what... when I feel really blah or overwhelmed by everything...I give myself "sick" days without waiting to actually get sick! Might sound funny but it really works! Crawl back into bed, when you are rested reach over for a good book or magazine to read for awhile then get up at your leisure. And as for Christmas - I just love it! But I have learned to make decorating a part of the celebration of Christmas. I don't try to do everything far in advance and every year I have cut down on what I do. If I don't have time to sit with a cup of tea in the evening and listen to my favorite CD than I am doing too much!
    So give yourself a sick day without being sick and really enjoy the season!

  8. Without a doubt we do have choices, but sometimes the circumstances of life make it hard to go with the happy go lucky choice. Those gray days don't help much either.
    I had a similar day yesterday and just felt like crawling in bed. Instead I forced myself to bake cookies. By the end of the day I felt a sense of accomplishment and my mood improved. Not to say that this always works. Sometimes the nap is the better way to go.

    I hope you find what works best for you and feel better soon.

  9. Prayer seem to be the very best remedy. And knowing that friends are praying also helps!


  10. I think that you need a day of pampering yourself.
    Sleep in. Have a nice warm bubble bath in the morning.
    Light a candle, play some classical music (Christmas music might remind you that you have things to do and therefore ruin the calm spirit of the day).
    Call up a friend and go for a cup of tea and a dessert somewhere. Do something fun like, get a manicure.
    Come home, order in food and then just relax, watching tv or reading a book for the evening.

    To me, that sounds like such a spirit lifting day. :)

    Hope that you are feeling MUCH better soon Vee. And really ... take some time for yourself. :)


  11. My remedy is going for a walk. It's the reason I start my day that way. It really gets me in a good mood for the day. I have a little prayer I say each morning as I walk out the door.

    Thank you God for this day.
    Walk with me along my way.
    Do with me what you may.
    Make me a better person today.

    And yes, I say it out loud. :-)

  12. DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! I crank up wonderful music and go to it.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. Dear Vee - I agree there are all some wonderful remedies here - Me? Get me a cuppa something hot, draw a hot bath up to your ears WITH bubbles, low lights, a cushion for your neck, and sit in that tub until it cools. Then with your feet, NO DON'T GET UP, turn the hot water tap back on, let a little of the cooler water out the drain, and fill that tub back up with more hot water. Maybe some soft music and just SIT, doze, pray, sing along, and maybe you could even get a back scrubbing if you know of anybody that might wanna do that!!!

    THEN, go put on your warm flannels and crawl into bed. You'll be so sleepy you'll drift right off. Whatever you choose to do - take care of yourself and don't stress out. Sending big hugs and prayers your way, friend!

  14. My cure for the blahs? Lifetime Christmas movies, hot tea, lots of warm blankets.. and forgivness..of myself..for not being in the crazy-chaos-Christmas mode. Christmas is a time for rest and reflection..so please be kind..to yourself..and just "let it be.."

  15. Vee: Cure for the Blahs....
    Look at the post directly below your "Blah Post". (Polar Express). It cured mine!

  16. I can relate to things piling up and trying to keep you down...I've had a bad couple of years that don't seem to be getting any better. But I just let myself be down if thats what I'm feeling...and things usually look better eventually. Here's hopeing your situation and mine get better soon!

  17. What do I do for the blahs? A good book and some nice music playing in the background helps. Prayer, definitely. Thinking of what I can do to brighten someone else's day helps, too.

    Hoping your blahs will soon be a thing of the past and that you'll enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  18. As I can relate right now with the health issues I am having I would say I start with prayer and continue praying through the day. Wishing you a happy and joy filled week...m..

  19. You and another Dear Reader of my blog, came to mind, when I saw this post. And so I'm sending a click-able link to you, and to her.

    Just in case it might help with the winter blahhhhs.

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  20. My remedy for the blahs --- sigh --- don't you wish they would just go away --- is:

    and a hot cup of tea

    Hang in there!

  21. Hello sweet lady...sorry you are suffering from the blahs...I think the holidays affect me the same way at times....my cure....hmmmmm...I just try to find SOME SIMPLE JOY along the way...it doesn't cure all the chaos around me but it does help a little.

    Gentle hugs to you,


  22. Sometimes, for me, just allowing myself to feel the 'blues' along with a heart-to-heart talk with our Lord and a good cry really makes me feel better. It helps me see things more clearly.

  23. Hello Vee, I totally love what Vickie said....hope you feel much better soon.

    Remember the Lord works in ways we shall never understand!

  24. My cure for the blahs?

    1. God
    2. accomplish something. do some of my chores.

    that's my two cents.

  25. Hot cocoa, a good cry, and a hug. Not necessarily in that order, LOL. I hope that you can shake those blues, sweetie. Thank you for your kind words about our car accident. I think we were a nanosecond away from being history, quite frankly.

  26. The older I get the more I love my bed. Not good, I rather be out in nature and hike a few miles. I was sick too last week, so glad to be feeling almost normal again, hope you are too.

  27. I hope the blues have passed for you by now, Vee. Holidays can be so pressure filled.

    I know the doldrums are going to hit me soon as I aways feel so sad when I have to leave my grandson -- he really is the light of my life. I look forward to spring when I'll see him again and meet my new grandson. Hurry up Spring!

  28. Looks inviting. I used to get that urge when my children left for school and more than once I gave into it.

  29. When I have the blahs or I'm feeling stressed i have what I call a mental health day. I let my family know what I am doing the day before. When I wake up I turn off the phone, pull down the shades, turn on classical music, take a long bath, crawl back in bed and watch movies all day. I don't make dinner, I don't clean house or do any wash on that day. Sometimes I read but I basically tune out the world. It's amazing how refreshed I feel the next day. I usually do this every couple of months. It works like a charm every time :>)


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