A Haven for Vee

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Answer

Imagine with me that you are wandering about a bit confused. For some of us, including me, that's not too much of a stretch. We are wondering about the secrets of this life. We are not so jaded that we no longer believe that there are answers; we simply wonder what those answers might be.

Sometimes, I am asked a really big question to which I have no answers (except one). Sometimes, I have asked myself those big questions. I am still waiting for many answers. What if I never receive the answer in this lifetime? Will I be okay with that?

Some weeks ago, I gave up writing Sunday posts. I had always asked the Lord for the topic and the words; it seemed that He gave them to me. When that stopped, I stopped. Perhaps it was only for a season or perhaps the dry spell will continue, perhaps, perhaps. But this I do believe: in Him rest all the answers. He is, Himself, the answer.

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