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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Killing Frost

Since we last chatted, a killing frost has done the inevitable. The night before last, when I knew that it was over, I said goodbye to my morning glory. As I patted the crown of her magnificent head, I began to cry. Can you imagine? Weeping for a morning glory? I told her how much joy she'd given me and how beautiful she was and how much I'd miss her. It was all rather embarrassing. I think I even saw her blush.

John told me that he could understand tears for a morning glory if it were the last one on earth. He assures me that he'll buy me another next spring. Maybe he won't have to as I have saved some seeds and I clipped every bud hoping that they'll open in the house.

In fact, I went around clipping everything to enjoy in the house.

The Easter Cactus is safely in the basement for its month of seclusion. The geranium will become an experiment to see if I can get it to winter over. The green peppers are growing in the living room window and the tenacious poinsettia that my mother gave me for Christmas two years ago is still going. I even brought the earwig laden begonia into the house. I'm probably just asking for trouble with that.

And Debbie at Bungalow had a wonderful suggestion for the herbs, which I hope to do over the weekend. Easy is what I'm looking for and this looks e.a.s.y. ETA: Please read Judy's (My Front Porch) suggestion in comments. Even easier!

We are running errands today so I will be checking in on you later. Promise!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


  1. Good morning Vee, I am going to miss your Morning Glory, too! I too have been gong through the garden this week, collecting the last flowers, though I will miss them greatly, I am so looking forward to cooler weather.Just a beautiful photo.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Good Morning Vee

    Well you seem to have it all under control. We didn't get frost in our part of PA, but they did just a little bit more north. I have to bring in my cacti soon as well as snip some of my wandering Jew for next year.

    Love your new do, but want to see it in better light it was kinda hard to see.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We're still quite a few weeks away from having our 1st frost. I have saved geraniums during the winter & they thrived when warmer weather started. Good luck!


  4. Vee,

    I understand about your Morning Glory! There are some beautiful things that move us...

    Say Hi to John for us!


  5. We have loads of peppers on our plants and the yellow bean I planted in the end of August are just getting flowers. We are hoping we don't get a frost before we get our harvest of yellow beans!

    I would love to know if your geranium stays alive.....

  6. Hi Vee!
    I also understand your sadness. I have the biggest most beautiful Coleus this year. While our first frost is weeks off, I'm dreading the day I have to toss it. It has brought such happiness every morning when I walk out on the deck to water it. But, as your husband says, I can buy another next year. :)

  7. I guess that we can all plan on that happening pretty soon. By your pictures, you had much more to lose than I. Beautiful! I can understand your sadness; your morning glory was one of the best I've seen. I plan to plant some next year, although our sad collection were late to bloom this year which I blame on little rain and too much heat.
    It has gotten warm again here, but that's about to change.
    Hang in there. Bet you have great color!

  8. Hi Vee - your morning glory must've loved it's location. I tried to grow some here this summer, but they struggled and struggled and died back and then popped out again - just too hot and dry this year. I watered and watered and fertilized, but tap water doesn't even begin to compare with what the Lord sends down to us. It was a lost cause this year. I may try a different location next year.

    Great tip on the herbs. I want a herb garden, too, and I think I have just the place for it! May give that a try next year!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. That morning glory was exceptional. Hope your seeds do their thing....that would be so awesome.

  10. Whoa, Vee. Just saw your new do. Love it. You are my kind of gal. Great job on gathering the previous plants into your warm nest for the winder. I am only saving my lavender to let it get strong before putting into the ground. Got all the herbs harvested. Have a great week-end sista.

  11. It's always sad to say goodbye to our beautiful flowers! I love fall, but knowing a frost is coming with winter close behind is not something I look forward to. My roses are blooming their little hearts out right now and it'll be sad to see them go to sleep for the winter. (That is how I think of it!)
    I'll be back later on to read about the herbs. Have a good day!

  12. The only thing that works for me in the gardening world is easy. I might just click over and see what I could do with herbs. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. May the morning glory live on forever in your memory! It's always sad to say good-bye to the garden at the end of the summer. I'm not quite there yet!

    I've done the ice-cubed herbs before...mostly with cilantro. I freeze dill and savory in Ziploc bags...just as it is. Works like a charm.

    I brought in a huge bouquet of dahlia yesterday...and a few dozen earwigs along with it. Not good.

  14. Frost! Already! I'm glad you had a chance to say good-bye to your beautiful morning glory. I think that God looked on in sympathy, knowing that you appreciated his creation so much.

    I'm planning on picking some more tomatoes today. I hope our frost is a long ways off.

  15. Frost already. Apparently we may get some next week. 86f is now a distant memory!

    Your Morning Glory may comeback next year.

    I remember your cactus from 2 years ago. Glad it is still doing well.

  16. Sorry that you had to part with your flowers, and especially your Morning Glory... Did your frost really "do in" your flowers?

    The first frosts we get, don't usually much bother the flowers, which are near the house.

    But I am looking for a frost around here..... To kill off some of my Autumn Allergens. And weed-type of growth, down back. So I can do my Fall pruning.

    I'm thinking that Fall is the time to get rid of stuff I want "gone." Because it seems that Spring pruning just makes ever ding-dang vine, grow better.

    Gentle hugs,
    "On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads,
    as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels..."

    - Charles Dickens

  17. It is sad seeing the last of the flowers but thankfully spring comes along again. : )
    We've been having beautiful sunny days around here. Making up for all the rain.

  18. I pulled all my yellowing impatiens out of my garden this morning, so I know how you feel. It is sad to say goodbye to summer's beautiful flowers, vegetable plants, and herbs. Your Morning Glory was truly a magnificent plant and she did her job well for her time on Earth. What more can we ask for?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Chilly outdoors, perhaps, but you've created such warmth indoors. Noticed the book of "poetical works" alongside your bouquet of oranges and yellows. Such a lovely place to return to after a day of running errands! I'm dragging my feet too, in saying "goodbye" to summer 2011. It has been such a memorable year so far.

  20. Oh no, frost already!? I'm sure it will come here before I am ready too.

  21. Wow, frost, already. Not here in Alabama. The nights are chilly, but the days are warm & not humid. ANYWAYS-I just love it when you & others show your home(s). You sure make me smile. Blessings

  22. There is no sign of frost here yet ..so my hanging basket is still blooming and my pots are still putting forth some effort. It is so good though to clean up before the frost catches us unaware.
    I feel a bit sad for your morning glory too. I already am hoping to find a similar beauty for my garden next year.

  23. Hi Vee!

    I'm always very sad when my last flower blooms... :0( It's almost as sad as taking down the Christmas Tree!

    We got 5 inches of snow yesterday before I could even get out and save a life! Hopefully, I didn't kill my geraniums!

    Good luck with the herb idea!


  24. Thanks for passing on the herb tip. I showed up empty handed on Judy's front porch yesterday and left with a jar of dried summer savory from Anneliese's garden. I picked bunches of herbs today as well....packed them up in zip locks and also hung some to dry.

  25. Oh Vee.... your morning glories have been so beautiful and have brought back so many of childhood memories of them growing at my grandmother's house....... I think I'm going to cry too!!!

    Your flowers look so pretty that you've rescued to enjoy in your home.

    Our temps. are in the 80's...... I planted snapdragons and petunias.....

  26. Well Vee, I also mourne with you as I returned from my wonderful shopping trip to Maine to find most of my flowers gone! I feel so sad. I put them under the eaves but it was just too cold 2 mornings in a row. Now I have the not so pleasant task of dumping them out tomorrow morning and try to redecorate the decks for our company who arrive tomorrow evening! It's promising to be a gorgeous weekend with sun and very warm temperatures! Blessings, Pamela P.S. I hope the earwigs don't go exploring their new home!!!

  27. Well Vee, at least you can appreciate your flowers indoors for a little while now. They look great.
    I'm saving geraniums too. I did it years ago and they made it through O.K. So I'm hopeful.
    Oh, I hate those earwigs-yuck. Hope they don't decide to go snooping around your house!!
    Take care-Kimberly

  28. Oh, those earwigs are such a pain. They were in some ferns I tried to bring in from my porch a few years ago, and it wasn't a pretty picture! I now just kiss the ferns goodbye, as I have no place to keep them. I'll buy their cousins at the nursery in the spring if I still want a homey look to my porch! Good luck on the blooms...


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