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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cobbling My Haven

Have you ever had something about your home that bugs the living daylights out of you? I'm sure you have. Feel free to share because I'd really like to hear about it.

For me, one of the biggies has been the windows way up there in the peak above the garage doors. Here, take a look and you decide.

As It Is

It's plain weird. The scale is wonky. The entire garage had to be offset because of property lines. We simply ran out of room. It's an annoyance, but we like our side entry and, in order to access it, the garage doors are also offset. The transom windows were added at the last moment (not my choice) so the door frames do not match the transoms. The upstairs windows are really too far up there.

Since I enjoy playing with Photoshop, I goof around trying to "fix" it. It helps us decide if it's worth the money to get it right. Again, you be the judge.

Trying out a New Window

In our opinion (John's and mine), it's better, but those doors are still troublesome. What if we did this?

Trying Out a New Window and Trimming Out the Doors

And again, John and I both agree. Perhaps we'll see the garage sided before the snow falls. I sure hope so!

We're off for breakfast this morning and then to pick up something fun. I hope to be able to show you tomorrow, but I can bad photoshop for you today. ;>

Something How It Might Look

There's an antique stove top calling my name. I hope that it is still there!

So when you're not sure how a thing might look, from hairstyles (hahahahaha) to windows to antique stove tops, try your Paint program or photoshopping. It's fun!

Now, it's your turn. What's bugging you?


  1. Our siding is bothering me...it is old, brittle and has holes. We were waiting to reside until my parents added inlaw quarters on, which we assumed would be this year. Their house didn't sell however and now we don't know when it will happen! Sigh.

    I like your last photo of the garage doors and upper window. Very nice!

    I hope your antique is still there!


  2. You two are having way too much fun these days. I'm happy for you. Sharing time together and making your home all you want it to be.

    Have a great one!!

  3. What bothers me about my house is that our front porch has no roof. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

    Your design idea for the garage is great. So is that old stove! :)

  4. I must be losing it...I can't see the change in the last garage picture.

    Changing the upper window is two thumbs up. The original window would drive me buggy too.

    My house was designed so the window placements look uniform and centered outside but inside they are too off centered on the wall for my fung shui disorder.

  5. I'd change the window - that's a good move and a big improvement. The garage doors don't bother me at all. It makes sense that they are off to the side. That little extra space would be a great place for a planter with a trellis behind it, for a vine etc. Have fun!

  6. Yes, a new window looks *neater.*

    No, it isn't worth all the work John
    would have to do, to attain this *neater* look.

    Yes, garage will (hopefully) be sided (like your house, I take it) by winter.

    Which siding = More work for John. Please don't make him do the added work of making a diff window.

    My choice... Side it like the house... It will blend... Forget about it.

    Why? Life is too short to be *driven bonkers* by some aspect of our home. Unless! It's a safety issue, of course. And this isn't.

    You asked... I told.... :-) Now to see what others replied.

    Gentle hugs,
    "October, here’s to you. Here’s to the heady aroma of the frost-kissed apples, the wine-y spell of ripened grapes, the wild-as-the-wind smell of hickory nuts and the nostalgic whiff of that first wood smoke."
    ~ Ken Weber

  7. Hi Vee!

    Love how you photoshopped (sp) your garage! I like the trim connecting the transoms to the garage doors, makes a huge difference and looks like it was really planned. Those windows are a real issue though. Is there anything in the "trim world" that could go under the windows to give them more character? I like the one window solution but looks like a lot of work.

    My problem has a simple solution. I have a decorative shelf over the laundry room door with decorative corbels. My hubby hung it in haste too high so the shelf doesn't sit on the top ledge of the door frame like it was supposed to. Ughhh. So he has to take it down and move the corbels and it will be fixed... when he gets to it. I can't complain though, he's such a sweetheart and does everything for me so I'm practicing patience... LOL!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  8. I think connecting the transom windows to the doors via the trim is a brilliant solution. Looks wonderful - and aren't you the talented one with photoshopping and all!

  9. Like Lorrie said...the trim on the last picture is a brilliant solution!

    I think I need some lessons in 'photoshopping'...to make simple changes in my world. Right now I'm picturing my back patio without furniture for the winter months (time to put it away)...and I'm not really liking that picture.

  10. I like the new window better, but would probably not change it if it were me. It would be an extra expense and extra work that is really not needed, but that's just me...frugal! When the siding is put on it might look better to you. Is there a loft in the garage?
    As for what's bugging me...still waiting to get my bathroom remodeled! Hopefully before Christmas.
    Have a great day and I hope you find your stove top is still available!

  11. Vee
    I don't know where to begin about what's bothering me, so...I'll say nothing!
    Yes, it looks better balanced with the one window, but I bet most people don't even notice it! We are always our worst critics-even with our garages.
    OMG, I can't wait to see that old stove top and what you do with it!!
    That's what's bothering me-I want one.
    Have a great day-Kimberly

  12. Hi Vee - I agree with you and John about what to do. I like the one window and the new trim on the garage doors, BUT it's a lot of work. I think once you get it sided, you won't notice those things so much - the siding and the window/door trim are not going to stand out so much against the lighter siding. They stick out like a sore thumb to you now because there is such a contrast in light and dark. Does John really want to tackle this project? If he does, then go for it! If not, put on the siding as far up as the little windows up there and see what you think before he goes any further. I think it'll look much better after the whole thing is sided and it matches the house! There's my 2 cents.

    My problem? Now I want a covered deck/screened in deck...

  13. Oh, I forgot - I'm thinking I'm gonna love that stove top! Go and get it TODAY!

  14. Shutters beside the window would look great. If you have your garage sided then add shutters. They come in all kinds of colors.

  15. Oh I do like the "fixes" you showed - both of them..

    My irritants? Hmm..no fence in front..no window in kitchen (prior add on) and squeaky floors - we had Pergo installed and because they "float"..sometime you hear "floor farts" when you walk..not good when you have to explain to a new visitor at your home...

  16. I like the garage better how you fixed it up although, it's not *that* bad the way it is now. As my Grandmother used to say.. "A drunk man on a galloping horse wouldn't notice it"... whatever that means. :P

    Our house has an addition on the side. There are two windows that are just a weird pain and I have NO idea what to do with them. I'm planning on doing a post about them soon so .. you'll see what I'm talking about. :)


  17. What a clever way to make a problem disappear ... at least for a few minutes. I really like the transom windows trimmed out. IMO that looks very nice. In fact, I like everything in picture 3, although it does seem like a big undertaking to change the windows.
    I have the same problem as one of your other commenters .. no covering over my front porch. Very annoying esp. when it rains. But, at least we don't have "floor farts". That one had me cracking up.

  18. I agree with you and John and like the last photo best.

    The thing that bothers me in my house is the windows too. Not how they look but that the top half of the windows don't open!!!

  19. Wow, that's pretty amazing what photoshop can do. I like the last photo with the new window and the trim on the doors. It makes it more even looking. What bugs me is that I don't use photoshop and maybe I should try it. Is it free? I don't know anything about it. Pam

  20. I like the photoshop window best.

  21. The single window and the trimmed out transoms are both smart choices! Do them! I can't think of anything that bugs me about our current home. We don't regret any of our selections this housebuilding go-around. We had LOTS of regrets with the previous one though because we had to scrimp and cut corners that had to get rectified later on.

  22. Love the photoshop result! Hmmm what do I not appreciate about my home. One of the bid problems is that our old house faces two houses without the help of a street between us. Hard to describe...but I'd love some form of privacy from my neighbors...

  23. Hi Vee,
    That's an amazing difference with the one window. For me, I wish that our family room had better ventilation. Dustiest room in the house. It's where I spend most of my time when I am on the computer.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.


  24. You know, I'm generally a stickler for symmetry but your garage really isn't that bad with the offset doors. However, one window in the center would draw the two doors together. The trim above the doors is nice too. I was noticing the stones being put down in the driveway. That looks fabulous!

    My bug-a-boo is the layout of the kitchen which I'm going to mention one of these days in a post. Inconveniently placed appliances, narrow passage back and forth...too much to explain but I must get some ideas one of these days! Blessings to you!

  25. Funny how our own stuff drives us batty, but someone else's stuff looks fine....I think your garage doors and windows look fine...move on to another project. Lol!

    Our house is new,...so I'm pleased with everything ...EXCEPT... The painters did a less than perfect job, which bothers me...groan.

  26. I love your design --especially where the transom windows are connected by molding. Things (details) like that drive me buggy too and I think it's worth the work and expense. Once it's done, it's finished and improves your property value.
    I've got lots of projects in the works around here-- just need more time and $ to get them done!

  27. Now that's fun.... I do like the 'new' look. It will be fun to see the actual finished project.

  28. Really like the last picture with trim and lowered one window. Many garages have doors off center - to make room for a work bench, a "human's" door, or storage. DO hope you get the stove. Is it in working condition or at least fixable?

    What bugs me about my house? Just about everything and yet I still love it. Love-hate relationship. LOL

  29. Right now poor internet service at hotels has been bugging me...lol I now appreciate the high speed cable connection I have back home more than ever.

    The single wiondow looks very pretty, Vee, but it looks like a big job to remove the two that are there. I'm sure John can handle the job though if you do decide to change it.

    Oh! I LOVE that stove top and I hope you are able to buy it!

  30. You are amazing with PhotoShop! I love the last picture of your garage. Sounds like John is going to have another project.

    Actually, living in the townhouse is beginning to bug me. I loved/love the downsizing after selling our home. The problem with renting is that you can't do everything you want to fix it up. We've done little things such as adding light fixtures, ceiling fan, ice maker, nicer kitchen faucet, a pantry in the kitchen...creature comforts. Those just aren't the same as doing things that make it "yours".

    Okay, it bugs me that I can't plant trees where I want. I think another home is in our future.


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