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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fresh Eyes

A Fresh Morning

Don't you think we'd all be well served by looking at everything in life with fresh eyes? I thought about so many of the comments that came in yesterday on the blogging tips post. There are some really good ones! One of my friends said that she goes through her sidebar often and removes things that might be dragging her blog down or cluttering the look.

That resonated with me because I have an unwritten policy in my home that says "Something In/Something Out." I have not been following it so well with the house and I haven't been following it so well on my blog home either. I have recently added three items to the sidebar and this morning I took off two. Progress, right?

When I look at everything with fresh eyes, I see things more clearly. For one thing, you'll notice my post is late this morning. It's late because I decided that the first thing of the morning is no longer going to be putting up a post. No, I'm going back to my F*lyLady tip about getting dressed first thing in the morning. Now where are my shoes? (F*lyLady doesn't think one is dressed without shoes.)

I still enjoy posting before eight in the morning, but not at the expense of being unprepared for the day. I've also realized how often I hang out in my pjs until late morning. Now where is my Vitamin D? We bought some at BJ's last week, yet I haven't managed to get one from the bottle to my lips.

So I have many things to work on. Here it is years later and I still haven't painted the kitchen cabinets. I do have the paint, though. And today, yes today, I am going to paint something. I'll show you tomorrow. I will.

Time moves on and if I have no goals and no plan for moving toward them, I'm going to wake up one morning and realize that nothing in my life has been accomplished. I'll still be wearing my nighty and wondering where my life went. On that note, I'm off!

Have a great Wednesday...


  1. I sit in my PJ's every morning while blogging until about 9AM. Then exercise and shower. It seems by the time I am done with that it is time for lunch!

  2. Blogging is only done when time permits, no set schedule. Too many other things to do. Love your tips, Vee.
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Vee, I can relate! Haven't to put a limit on blogging for myself too.

  4. Oh Vee, I am so scattered, that sometimes I blog in the morning, and other times in the middle of the afternoon. It's always great to have a plan, I try. But I live in the moment and try to be spontaneous when the Creative Muse comes calling.

    I know one thing for sure, that your blog is always at the top of my list to come and see. I love your seven tips for better blogging.

    Wishing you a wonderful day with paint brush in hand. It's rainy here and a bit cooler. I'm thinking about getting my snow tires on. They say that we might get snow tomorrow. hmmm, good day to make soup too.


  5. What a beautiful picture you have just looking out your window!

    You've reminded me that I need to get back to my FlyLady routine. Life has been anything but routine around here for a few weeks. The holidays are upon us - I'd better start today!

  6. I sit in my jammies and have coffee until about 9 too. Well..so you caught me running a bit late. Blessings

  7. I have taken some time off from blogging because I was feeling over whelmed. I had made it a have to thing and it began to stress me out. Yesterday though I read your post and began cleaning up my blog. I took off the Daily link ups that "caused" me to post daily. (I too felt my post had to be put up first thing in the mornings.) Now I will just participate if I feel like I have anything of importance or interesting to share. I am looking at blogging with "Fresh Eyes"! THank you!

  8. Good advice...for us all to see things with 'fresh eyes' from time to time.

    Will slippers do...for the FlyLady? I rarely wear shoes in the house.

  9. Vee,
    I am a very early riser and I mean very early....This is when I blog and do computer stuff. I love the computer and all it can teach me so I try to learn programs about photography and sewing....and cooking...and then, of course, eBay....and Etsy....


  10. Just the punch I needed this morning! You are so right! Thanks Vee!

  11. Such good advice and reminder that we only have weeks left in our lives..literally. You can figure if one lives 'til 85 and I'm 62 right now, in weeks left, that's only 1196 weeks left. I don't want to rush through them, be cluttered in by them ..but to enjoy them., They won;t be given back..so, I will NOT wait one more week..I'm starting to look with "fresh eyes" right now!

  12. I love getting up and getting dressed right away. I've never been one to hang around in my pj's. You're right, you're much better prepared for the day if you're up and dressed!

    You've accomplished loads Vee. Take your Vitamin D and don't give me anymore of that crap. ;)


  13. Here I sit in my robe...
    I think I need those fresh eyes so that the rest of October and November are not overwhelming here. Thanks for the nudge even though I don't think it was your intention to nudge me :0)

  14. I HAVE to get dressed before I do anything else for the day. I usually post on my blog in the afternoon or evening. I wear something on my feet all the time -summer flipflops, winter shoes and socks. And I take my vitamins at noon time. Oh dear. I was in town at noon and it's now 4:10 and I haven't taken them. See Ya! Pamela

  15. Fresh eyes helps us to see what needs to be changed.
    You know how i start my day - up, dressed and out the door walking! : )

  16. You are so funny - in a good way. You say you never accomplish anything. Hah! You do all kinds of things.

    Pretending company is coming is a good way to look at things with a fresh eye. (Discouraging too.)

    Fl*y L**y and I don't "get along" so well. LOL

  17. I only wish I could be more organized.....I blog at different times of day or night....whenever I can find the time.
    I really hate when I get behind on reading and responding to blogs.

    The view out your window is gorgeous...the tree is so large.

    I love your thoughts about 'fresh eyes'.....I need to freshen up my eyes... I must say, I always enjoy your thoughts.....

  18. Sometimes we just have to step away from the computer!

  19. I've enjoyed your thoughts today, Vee. I don't have a set time for blogging, it's just whenever I can fit it in. Some days I spend too much time on the computer, other days I don't have much time. Like today. I had to pick up Aunt at 8 am to take her 45 min away to Dr. appt. We were gone from home most of the day. So no blogging for me until now and I love to read blogs before tending to my own. Some day I hope to be organized enough to have something ready for such days as this. Here's to having goals and getting organized!

  20. O, Vee girl....you are so a woman after my own heart. I, too, made the decision to get dressed BEFORE I turn on my computer and right after I make my coffee...:)))

    I took the clock off my sidebar after reading your tips yesterday..it was sucking TONS of whatever it is that they suck...and now, that site says my blog loads 78% faster than most recent blog tests. WHOA....I am so impressed....THANK YOU, darlin' girl.
    xoxoxo bj

  21. also removed my music and music box...I LUV my music and every now and then, I WILL have a little of RAY CHARLES playing....or RODNEY ATKINS...or GEORGE JONES....or...dang, now I am in the mood for it so you may find some on there tomorrow...:))

  22. Vee
    What is F*ly Lady? I know I'm a day late and a dollar short most of the time, so... bear with me.
    You are much better organized than I ever am. I just blog whenever it's convenient. Unfortunately it doesn't mean I get anymore done though.
    I'm looking forward to see what you got painted today.

  23. So many of us seemed to have really enjoyed your post.
    I blog very early in the morning before work, or late at night before going to bed, so I'm usually in my PJ's. It works for me for now, but I can see that when I'm retired I'll have to come up with another plan.

  24. I don't have a schedule for blogging - but I am trying to spend time doing other things before sitting down at the computer. I get dressed as soon as I get up and shower, before heading out of my bedroom. But I never wear shoes in the house - I think it's a Canadian thing. Few of us do.

  25. As you know I never have a set time for blogging or reading blogs ..I do it as time allows :) I usually get up and out early every morning to take a walk and then I try to get my household chores done before I open the computer. Once I am online time seems to disappear, so I've learned to do what needs to be done first...most of the time...lol!

  26. I post in the evening and schedule it for the next morning. I usually read a few blogs afterwards and take a bit of time with my "friends".

    I like your new focus and I think I agree with you that we do need to be good stewards of our time so we can feel good at the end of the day or month and year ..and our life.

  27. Having just returned from a road trip I am having trouble getting back in the groove so to speak. But I usually am in my pj's. Think I'll change that and shock the UPS guy by being dressed for the day. LOL

  28. Sweet friend, you spent many years putting your needs second and was a caretaker to family members. I think you have deserved a break from constant responsibilities. Now you know that time has moved on and it's time for you to get back to the life that you want to live. Painting sounds like a great way to start! Sure wish I could help you. I l-o-v-e to paint!


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