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Friday, October 14, 2011

Meeting the Great

"...there is no (great-) grandfather who does not adore his grandson." ~Victor Hugo

John met his fifth great-grandchild yesterday. It was love at first sight.

The baby's grandmother, John's daughter, brought her father a gift. It was a picture of his great-grandparents back in Sweden.

What a nice link through the generations...



  1. I never want anyone to feel obligated to comment on my blog, so I have followed the suggestion of the little girl on your sidebar. I blog and comment...without obligation. When I have time (I'm still working a rather stressful full time job), I comment when I particularly like something or am otherwise feeling "chatty." While I enjoy every comment on my own blog, I don't feel "slighted" or otherwise put out if folks just stop by and read without leaving a comment. I'm not advertising or driving traffic for commercial purposes, so it works for me at this point. Just fun...and a great way to connect with some clever and often like-minded folks...uh, like you!

    Have a great day!

  2. Well...there's nothing better than the feel of a new baby in your arms is there? Unless that baby is related to you! Congrats to all sweet Vee.

    As far as lately - with not feeling so well it's willy nilly.

    I do enjoy our visits!


  3. By the time I visit and leave comments on the blogs I follow, I have no time to post! I always read you Vee, (love your site) but I don't always leave a comment. You usually have a ton anyway. :D
    I don appreciate the ease of leaving a comment here that I wish EVERYONE would conform to. But I'm not the queen. Just at my house, not in blogland. :D
    Loved your pictures in this post and tell John congrats on the baby and the coveted photo of family.

  4. What a blessing to have a new baby in the family.

    I used to have time to visit so many blogs. I try to visit anyone who leaves a comment, but you're right it is time consuming because the link leads to the Profile instead of their blog. Sometimes people have several blogs and I am not always sure which one to leave a comment on.

    I tried using my comment list from my blog drafter, but I still got lead to the profile instead of directly.

    You know what Vee, I think the old fashioned way is the best, which was visiting from the list we used to have on our sidebars.

    I don't know how those bloggers do it who have 100's of comments.

    Have a great day.


  5. Hi Vee,

    Great photos, both the new & the old. The connection through the generations is a precious thing, in my view. I've often wished for a photo of my favorite grandma, who was very camera shy.

    I'd have to say that I agree with Deb (above) about comments. I do enjoy giving them and receiving them!

  6. I love this picture of the new baby and John....

    I love getting comments....love visiting all of my blog friends. Sometimes it is just not possible to visit them all, or leave comments every time. So I visit when I can and leave comments when I can.

  7. Congrats on the precious new great-grandbaby! Sweet photo!

    I try to read and comment on all the blogs listed in my sidebar that visit and comment on mine. I'd love to comment on all the blogs I read, but it just takes so much time. Maybe I'll get a little faster someday and be able to. I've commented a few times lately on some blogs, but I'd get an error message. That's annoying!

    And you ARE lovely, dear Vee. We've all seen your photo!

  8. special photos :) as far as commenting goes, I do so when I feel moved to say a few words, and not out of obligation, although a blogger who comments regularly on most posts I am more likely to try to connect with.

    What do ya mean since 1966....I'm sure we were still had the lovely factor in the 80's!!! lol

    I like the line from the movie Calendar Girls, something like"Woman in the autumn of life are at their most beautiful" or some such.....

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Vee,

    That is a precious photo of John and his new great grand...and what a great gift that photograph of his great grandparents is! That is multigenerational - 7 generations!


    You know I am in awe of you and your comments - so I have no advice. I just comment and visit those who comment, especially if they are new, and then I visit the blogs on my sidebar...These are the people who are encouraging to me!

    Have a great day!


  10. John looks absolutely enraptured!

  11. Someday I hope to have a grandchild in my arms. AT 64 I doubt I will see a great grandchild. But I am blessed to have 2 wonderful kids so if grand kids are in my future or not - I am a happy person.

  12. A splendid photo of John and the baby. That one is a "keeper"!!

    I love your visits and your comments. I miss you when you don't comment.....so you know how I feel about it. Don't skip me.....please?

    Oh! Maybe I should write a new post for you to comment on.
    Well, probably not this morning. I'm off to be with a friend at the hospital while her father has a biopsy of his lung cancer.

  13. 'Mornin' Vee - How'rya doin'?

    That is such a sweet picture of John and his "great". What a gift to be able to share in one's life! A great-grandchild! Most of us may or may not live to see that! Congrats to John!

    I've recently had problems trying to comment on a few blogs myself. Don't know what that's about... And as far as commenting - I nearly always comment when I visit someone. 'specially my faves. And you know you're one of those! Have a wonderful day, Vee!

  14. I have found commenting when a post strikes the right chord works for me. I comment on blogs of folks who don't even follow me back. I do have an expansive personality, I guess. But I usually get lots of comments and feedback and that is what keeps me going, I see blogs with 400 + followers getting minimal comments.

  15. Wow 5 greats. John is blessed. Great photo of John and the baby.

    I love getting comments so try to leave comments on the blogs that i read. I don't always but mostly i do. There are some blogs that have so many comments that i don't feel like i add anything so i don't.

  16. Hi Vee, what a wonderful photo of John and his great grand child. What a blessing!

    I have had problems posting comments on a few blogs. Some bloggers were switching to Google Chrome and I even considered it but I've not had any issues this past week. I almost always comment on my favorite blogs and a lot of them comment on mine. I get my comments on emails now and it makes it easier to converse back and forth or acknowledge a commenter, especially a new one.
    When I was away last week for 3 days I got way behind in the blogs I follow so just looked at the ones that interested me and my favorites. I can't keep up with them all sometimes! I'll always keep in touch with you though! Blessings and hugs, Pam

  17. Although I read posts every day, I don't always comment. Sometimes I think that what I've said has already been said and I have nothing new to add. Other times, the post doesn't resonate with me, but I know the next one will, so I leave without commenting.

    As far as reading blogs, I read what comes up on my reader (in Google) and can easily filter through the ones I'm not interested in.

    Although ... lately I've been reading from my dashboard list. The posts come up there one by one, with a photo - more enticing. Another reason I like the dashboard list is that it's less overwhelming than the huge list that appears in Google Reader. My little brain can't handle all the stimulus, I guess.

    Love the photo of John with his new great-grand. I love photos of men holding babies. All the gruffness melts and there's an incredible tenderness.

    Have a lovely day, lovely you (yes, NOW, in 2011)

  18. So what happened in 1966...that made you feel lovely? You make me smile.

    As for leaving comments...I try to leave comments at the posts I read. Mostly I read from my sidebar...well, always. I would love to read more blogs...but it seems there are not ebough hours in the day!

    Love the sweet photo...of a great-grandfather with his wee one.

  19. Oh no Vee...you haven't felt lovely since 1966? You might need a new definition of loveliness because you are lovely. How very sweet to have great grandchildren. Love that old photo...they look like my grandparents...

  20. The picture of John holding his new great-grandchild is so precious. A picture to treasure! And what a lovely gift of the picture of John's great grandparents. His daughter is very thoughtful.

    I love the heart bar divider!

  21. What a sweet picture!


    PS~ I too have been having problems leaving comments on some blogs...usually the ones where you comment on the same page. :(

  22. I have a handful of favorite blogs I read often. Most of them are on Google Reader under "Friends" (like yours).

    However, so many times I'm reading through quickly as I have just time between coming and going that I don't go to the person's blog and actually comment.

    I'm always surprised by how many people read my blog and how few comment... probably for similar reasons.

    Hmmmm... I comment in my head but that doesn't help now does it?

  23. So happy for John and you and family. A new baby is always a joy! Love the photo from Sweden - I love genealogy, so I appreciate those links to the past.

    xo Terri

  24. I was having a few problems last week leaving comments on some blogs I follow until someone suggested I switch to Google Chrome which I did. That cleared up the problem. Get my second eye done in a couple of weeks. Sweet picture of John and great grandbaby.

  25. Love the photo!

    Comments. Time. I can't sit for long. Or stand for long or do anything exciting for long, come to that.I read everything, though! I really liked Deb's comment way up there at the top. That is very much how I feel too.

  26. Oh, that is a precious photo of John and his newest great-grandchild.
    I'm not sure if my blog is linked into my profile. I don't remember ever doing that. I am still having trouble being able to leave comments on some blogs. I guess I'll just blame that one on Blogger and hope it is fixed soon.

  27. John and the brand-new wee one... Just precious.

    The baby's Mama's gift to him, lovely. And precious, in its own way.

    Old photos - What a joy. What a Treasure. (Especially if someone has written information, on the back)

    Gentle hugs,
    "When the wind through the trees makes a path for the moon." ~~Edith Thomas

  28. "How Do We Blog???"

    I was discussing, how to arrive at "Guilt Free" blogging, with another Dear Blogger. And in my reply to her, I typed a sentence. And a LIGHT came on! :-) I think I got it! :-)

    The sentence; The way I live my (whole) Blogging Life, *has* (by my own choice) to be dictated by the amount of time I have, to devote to it, without feeling as if I am shortchanging my own life.

    How does that sentence work, for you? Could it make a basic *self rule,* to cover all of our Blogging Life? Could we then go-from-there, to find how to implement this?

    Gentle hugs,
    "When the wind through the trees makes a path for the moon." ~~Edith Thomas

  29. I agree with Deb..comment or not..I do when I can.. I usually do read everyday..but sometimes I have nothing further to add that would be beneficial {kinda like now} but I like to stop and say "hello"..so there you have it..anyway, that is such a sweet and gentle photo of the generations - John and the new baby..how wonderful! This is coming from someone who's grandparents - all of them- had passed before I was born. I feel I missed sooo much - but this little baby? So fortunate!!

  30. Aww. How sweet!! What lovely pictures. (I still say he is to young, lol.)--I never want anyone to feel obligated to post a reply. I might have to "borrow" that girl on the right side, lol. (or make one of my own.) It's all good.:) Blessings.

  31. Congratulations on the new grandbaby and what a sweet photo!


  32. Vee
    That's a dear photo of John and the Great grandchild.
    I especially love the pic of John's grand parents. I noticed the captain hat. Was he a seaman?
    I honestly don't know what to tell you about answering blogs. So many of you ladies are like friends now and I like to pop in to comment, but I guess we shoudn't feel obligated to do it every post.
    I'm trying to not stress about it so much,. Otherwise it takes the fun out of it.
    Have a great weekend-Kimberly

  33. ...I am comment #33 and I come here purely for the pleasure of saying hi and letting you know that I care about what you have to say.

    Congratulations to your dear man on yet another great grand to love!

  34. I am able to finally leave a comment tonight, Vee, so I am happy to be able to say CONGRATULATIONS to John on his 5th great grand! He is truly blessed!

    I am way behind in visiting and commenting on blogs, as I am traveling, and will ahve to play a lot of serious "catch up" when I get back. I always feel bad when I don't comment back to someone who comments to me.

  35. Babies, family through the generations - these things always pull at my heartstrings.
    I don't know what the answer is to the blog reading and commenting question. I sit down and read from time to time and comment on my favorites - but if I miss a day I don't turn myself inside out - I think we all just do our best to stay connected.

  36. That's the sweetest photo of John with the new baby .......looks like pure love and contentment...


  37. The picture and the moment...well just totally priceless!! What a joy to see the next generation, truly a gift from God. My grandmother has is seeing her great, great grand...now isn't that awesome?

    As for blogger trouble..you know me, I don't have a clue!

  38. What a sweet photo of them together!

    Ah, just visit blogs when you can and the ones you like. If you feel moved to make a comment - do. If not - don't. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And that includes our "internet" life.

  39. This is the sweetest photo! I can feel the love that John has for this little angel!

    Vee, I have had a few problems with commenting, too. Will click on the link via the comment and won't be able to leave them one. I have had no free time to even blog lately and only hit and miss when I have a few "free" minutes. Life is really busy right now with work and all, and blogging is like a little gift when I get to do it.

    You are beautiful - inside and out. DO NOT forget that!


  40. I've been out of town all weekend...missed this adorable post.
    xo bj
    Girl, do I need to take your mailbox off my post? I will...!! You KNOW I will. ♥

  41. Sometimes comments just disappear or the comments won't "take". Several people have complained. As to Blogs, just do what you want, okay?

  42. Oops, how wonderful to have another baby to hold. The picture is truly a great gift, too.

  43. I love the picture of John with his new great grandchild! I have a terrible time VEE. I love to see what others are writing about and i'm a very fast reader so I generally read everything i click on. sometimes I want to comment but have trouble. I do have to switch to Google Chrome to comment on your thoughts and sometimes if someone new makes a comment on my blog I can't figure out how to get to the new reader. Then sometimes I just seem to be so tired and think - I'll go back...and i forget. I think we're all in the same boat somehow. I do like a clean house but if you leave everything too long it's overwhelming and it's the same with blogging. I think it's best to be in the moment and if you read something you enjoy then make a comment immediately - just like you would walking along at a craft sale. Good luck!

  44. Wonderful picture of John and his grandson! They have are bonding already!

    I've been gone for a week (just unable to visit my blog friends) because of company, no convenient time to spend at the computer. I'm one of those sporadic bloggers, but always enjoy coming back to "home base" here with you!


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