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Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting the Folks From...

While rainy days are great for spending time in the sewing room, they are not so great for showing off one's corner. As if I have any control over the weather, but I am thanking God for some blue skies so that the Creekside Cottage Folks can have a good day.

I always document the crafts I make hoping to see improvement. It's not always the case. Hope that no one inspects this tea cozy too carefully.

And could my October calendar be any more perfect?

(The Creekside Cottage Folks are from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.)

Have a happy day. I know that I'm going to enjoy mine.


  1. Could it be that the 'creekside cottage folks' meet the 'haven for vee' folks today? I'm thinking...you will have a good day! May the skies be blue, the sun be bright, the leaves look their fall best...and the smiles be broad.

  2. Have fun! You are going to love them!! And, of course, they will love you too. Lots of photos...please????

  3. The cozy is terrific! The color perfect (just my taste)! But then you know that. I always LOVE everything you create...

    So this is the calendar that is ticking off the days until your Creekside visitors arrive? Nice!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Your cozy is very pretty, Vee. Sounds like you are going to have visitors soon. Hope we get to see some photos from your visit. Enjoy!

  5. Lucky you. Great October calender page. Me, not so lucky. Have mine down, to cut out cute pics from "Victorian Trading Co." catalog and make an Oct. calender page, to my liking. :-)

    More rain here. Plus cooler. We're still using our wall units which do both A/C and a bit of heat... To take the chill off, now and then. But we MUST turn on our furnace, to make sure it does turn on, well before we need it. :-)

    Rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... I just know I'm *getting moldy, around the edges*, with all the rain, rain, rain. -sighhhhhhhh-

    'Twould be lovely if our weather was like the weather described by Gladys Taber, below...

    "The air is as cool as an old coin teaspoon and a faint tang of blue woodsmoke spices the wind." ~~Gladys Taber

  6. You are inspiring ..always busy making something or improving a dark corner. Love the calendar. I used to buy one of that same kind every year. Much more attractive than the computer calendar that I'm forced to use now. .to keep my life straight.

  7. So glad the sun is shining on you today. I guess it was yesterday that you were cozy indoors with the rain splattering against your window.

    Enjoy whatever lies in your day!

  8. The calendar is beautiful but so is your tea cozy. :)


  9. I'm jealous, two of my favorite bloggy friends together!

  10. Enjoy your day with your blog freinds, Vee. Your tea cozy looks very pretty to me! :)

  11. Another rainy day here too. I did get to walk before it started though.

  12. We would LOVE some RAIN!! It seems to be a lop sided weather pattern this year......
    Love that tea cozy! I used to make quilted ones and give tea pots as gifts. A cup of tea sound sgood right now.....as soon as I do my yoga!
    Have a great week!!

  13. I like your tea cozy! And your calendar! I made molasses cookies this afternoon so the house smells wonderful. If you lived nearby we could have tea and cookies :)

  14. You make the prettiest tea cozies, Vee. It sounds like you might be sharing tea with a blog friend today. How fun. Enjoy!

  15. Happy October. It is SO GOOD to be back from my job in Florida. Bless Maine.

    A short break in the weather has finally taken us outdoors for a great (and much needed) walk. Too much sitting for me.

    Sending love,

    Sharon (great calendar and it looks like Lancaster County)

  16. Hi Vee! Someday, I'm coming up that way to visit and sightsee during the fall. Not this year tho... I hope you have a wonderful time with some new friends. Sweet tea cozy - I love the color of it - it just Looks warm!

    Your reply to my post about Becky's Pumpkin Pie candles...

    quote: "Why? You bakin' some? I'll be over directly if you are with my big old fork."

    (I laughed out loud when I read that!)

    Ahhh, spoken like a true Texan. I hope you slapped some drawwwwl on that thar comment.

    Oh yeah - "old" is actually spelled "ole"...

    Just sayin....
    ;-) ;-) ;-)

  17. Enjoy your visit! Caught up on your last few posts. Pictures are beautiful, as always.

  18. Love the tea cozy AND your beautiful calendar! Have a happy Monday! ♥

  19. Tea Cozies and calendars, both things I enjoy. Oh, I also like to see blue skies. Have a great time and a great week!

  20. There was an Amish Quilt show that used to come to Utah, I made sure I went every year. Although they haven't visited for quite some time I still treasure the things I bought :)
    P.S. One thing I look forward to when the weather cools down is putting my tea cozy back into action!

  21. I think your tea cozy look great, Vee.
    Your calender reminds me of a cross stich I did many moons ago. I don't have it, so it must have been a gift for someone!
    I know you'll have a great time with your friends. I agree, photos would be nice to see.

  22. Love the calendar and the tea cozy!! Blessings

  23. Hi Vee!

    I hope you have a wonderful visit!

    I love your crafts! You have given me many, many great ideas! Your tea cozy is adorable - see - another great idea!


  24. It think you're caught in the same rain backwash we have been in for the past two weeks, going into the third week. It's a huge swirl of rain from Virginia through New England and back over to Michigan and down through Ohio. We're promised sun starting Wednesday, yay! Love your projects, I know you'll have several this coming winter. Look forward to seeing them all.

  25. I love the cozy and loved even more meeting you and John!

    Thanks for taking time to meet us! We had a quick drive to Wilton, and a lovely dinner in Farmington.

    We just loved our time here in Maine!


  26. Vee,
    Sounds like a wonderful day. It is raining now.... Your tea cozy is lovely. Making one is on my to do list. Today is a beef stew day and finish my quilt top day.
    We didn't get to the fair on Sunday. We did go antiquing and I found a Featherweight sewing machine in perfect condition!!!!
    Have a great day!

  27. The Tea cozy is lovely ..and perfect for fall! I love Lancaster county so much and I need to go to your link..thanks for the re-direct :-)

  28. Have a great holiday. Places I have always wanted to visit. Saw a sign yesterday reminding me it is time for my 2013 calendar.....how can that be! I'll be back to see where the pathways you travel.

  29. Quilting and crafting are the perfect things to do in the fall when the days are shorter. Have an inspirational day in your sewing room. I am always so grateful to my mother when I think of the wonderful hobby she introduced me to. She taught me to sew on her Featherweight so I'm off to visit Carol and see her great find.

  30. My daughter and I started sort of a Christmas tradition years ago of giving these or other awesome calendars to ea other. This year, we are both getting Susan Branch calendars. They came in this last week and they are sooo adorable. If you give someone one, you might want to look at Susan's....

  31. Very pretty tea cozy and calendar! I hope you enjoyed your day :)


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