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Monday, October 10, 2011

This, That, and the Other

First things first: Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

I have such warm and happy memories of celebrating Thanksgiving Canadian style at the lake in New Brunswick. Wonderful meals prepared on the woodstove with the cottage windows so fogged that we couldn't see out and family gathered all around the table topped with old linoleum that my grandfather built to host a crowd. Yes, I see them all there yet.

In my mind's eye, I can picture you all gathered round your own tables, perhaps even singing the Doxology, and giving God all thanks and praise. Enjoy the turkey, the squash, the pies, the joys!

Yesterday was such an interesting day for me; although, it became a bit disappointing.

It began with not one, but (pardon the pun) two "butt calls." Very early. Before seven. I was in a deep sleep. When I answered the phone, I could hear my daughter climbing up and down the stairs to her house, but she didn't respond to my hellos. I called her back. She didn't answer. Another strange call with mumbling voices... I can't be the only one getting these kinds of calls. Frustrating!

Anway, my daughter participated in the Patrick Dempsey Challenge yesterday riding the 50 mile portion, which he himself rode. They were scheduled to pass by John's place here in town and my daughter estimated that they'd be there around 11:00 am. I told her that I'd be there by 10:30 am and she thought that would be good. After a bit, I decided to be there at 10:00 am and boy was I ever glad because the bikers were already coming down the hill. Now I had a thank-you sign and my tripod, but I didn't have time to set up either one.

They didn't travel in one big pack, but had spread themselves out singly or in pairs. I grabbed my camera and just hoped that I hadn't missed her already.

So there I was standing at the end of John's driveway, waving or saying hello or saying thank you as the bikers went past. I was there for about an hour when one of the bikers yelled that Patrick himself was "ten behind." I didn't know if that meant that he was ten bikers behind or ten minutes behind. I didn't really care so much about a picture of him as I did about a picture of my daughter.

Finally, I saw her coming! Here she comes!!

And there she goes! I heard her say, "That's my mom." as she rode by. "That's my girl," I said to myself with my face just beaming.

I watched a few more bikers; they had thinned considerably so at just after 11 am, I returned home.

Later, when I was sure she would have finished her run, I called to see how she had fared. She said, "Where were you?"

What?WHAT? I was there; I have pictures! I have pictures of you!

"No, Mom, no you don't. There was no one there. If you had been there, I would've stopped."

Turns out that her chain broke and she was delayed. She didn't pass John's driveway until 11:30. I have no idea who the gal is in the photo above, but she is not my own. What kind of a mother doesn't recognize her own daughter? What kind of a mother hears someone say that's my mom? A fruitcake that's who!

I failed to mention that I also thought I saw Mr. Dempsey. He was taking a swig of water and when he finished, he winked at me and said, "G'morning."

Yeah, right. Didn't happen because he was behind my daughter having been delayed at a gathering of folks further down the road who wanted his autograph and picture. Like my neighbor next door who told me all about it and who was kind enough to send me the photos and to say that I had permission to use them. Thank you, Dani!

 This was when she was telling me all about it in the yard.

This was the acutal photo Dani sent me of herself with P. Dempsey

This is the photo Dani took Saturday night.

Gee, I hope that this helps my daughter feel better about not seeing me at the end of the drive. She missed out on getting any pictures with Patrick herself. She's going to do better next year. The good news is that this event has raised nearly over a million dollars for cancer research. Thank you, Mr. Dempsey, and a big thank you and God bless you to all who participated.

Gotta use my sign somehow!

If you arrived at the end of this convoluted post, thank you for reading. Now do have a wonderful Columbus Day!


  1. Vee,
    They came through Bridgton and Harrison. Sorry you missed your daughter. That sounds like me. Hoping to have Internet today. Loved your pictures of the fair.

  2. Carol~

    Those were the 100 mile participants. Did you get to see them? Did you get pictures? ☺

  3. Loved this post! I'm a sucker for good causes. Can you imagine riding a bicycle for 50 miles? I ride for 5miles and want a break...until the next day.

    It's an awful feeling when you can't recognize your own loved ones. When Keith returned from Saudi, I didn't recognize him in the crowd. He was about 10 feet away before I saw him. It's an awful feeling because you know how much you love them. - - You were there and your daughter can show the pictures you took of her (or thought you did!). Actually, it will one day become a funny story that you'll be telling at those family dinners.

  4. You are so dear! This is sooo something that would happen to me.

    Very cool photos...all of them.

    Good for your daughter for riding and helping to raise SO much money!

  5. Gosh, is he cute.:)--I could not imagine riding a bike that long. My bil does, he is on a retired Army team. They ride for 100's of miles. Not me..I sure applaud ppl who do. Blessings

  6. I imagine with helmets on and the speed they were traveling, it would be hard to tell who was who...

    Congrats to your daughter for doing this race!!

  7. Too funny - Congrats to your daughter and McDreamy:)



  8. Too bad you missed seeing your daughter. But congrats to both of you! You, for making time to support your daughter, and your daughter for riding!

    The sign is pretty darn cute too!

  9. Today is our family gathering, with a traditional turkey meal. But it's WARM here, 25 deg C!!! So we are dining on the back deck, the first time we've ever been able to do that! We are carrying the kitchen table out to the patio table to make a big one, where hopefully 14 of us will enjoy the feast and each other as we give thanks.

    Have a wonderful week

  10. oops! and I forgot to add, cute PDempsey :) and you are not the only mother who didn't recognize her young...i'm just saying ;-)

  11. Oh no! Well, I want to know why the girl said "that's my mom!" I would have , been confused. Looks like a fun day for all and toss in Patrick D...well, that is the icing on the cake. Dani looks cute with him!

    Congrats to your daughter for having perseverence to finish the ride.


  12. Ah Vee - first of all thanks for the laugh - only a loving mother would haul a tripod and thank you sign out to the road on a holiday weekend morning - and then be convinced she'd seen her child - I loved it!
    Second, thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings!

  13. Too funny! I needed a laugh this morning. It just goes to show how much of life passes us by when we view things through our camera 'viewfinder'.

    But good for your daughter...and the whole Patrick D team for a job well done!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Oh Vee,
    I feel your pain. .oh shoot. .what a disappointment indeed.
    You seem like a normal mother to me and I can imagine that someone could make a good greeting card out of your day.
    Happy Columbus Day to you!!

  15. Vee, I love how you post such "human and real" posts, like this.

    Ya' know how we bloggers often post, to show the best-side of happenings? Sure, that's human. And it's also lovely to read/view posts of some not quite purrrrrfect happenings.

    Love you, for this!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    "Auntie" ~~ at 'Pix Muse' blog
    "Lady Autumn, Queen of the Harvest,
    I have seen You in the setting Sun
    with Your long auburn tresses
    blowing in the cool air that surrounds You.
    Your crown of golden leaves is jeweled
    with amber, amethyst, and rubies.
    Your long, flowing purple robe stretches across the horizon.
    In Your hands You hold the ripened fruits.
    At Your feet the squirrels gather acorns."

    ~~Deirdre Akins

  16. First of all, congrats to your daughter for doing this race and helping to raise money for such a good cause! Sorry she had to deal with a broken change and that you didn't get to see her.

    Your sign is cute! Okay, he's (PD) cute, too! LOL! Have a great day!

  17. Happy to say I made it to the end and I'm not too confused at all. Looks like a fun event. A very Happy Columbus Day to you!

  18. Really nice memories you have shared of your Canadian Thanksgivings.
    Oh No, that's a shame about missing your daughter, but you did weave it into a funny story. Congratulations to your daughter for completing this challenge.

  19. Oh dear! That is a crazy kind of mix up, isn't it?

    Tim's mom is Canadian from Orangeville Ontario...we love going to the family cottage when we get the chance -

    Sweet memories!


  20. To have missed your daughter and to have thought she was someone else! Yes, I can believe it because I could have done the same...for proof?...I'm so glad you mentioned Canadian Thanksgiving! I'm half Canadian and I STILL forgot and MUST call my Dad! Thank YOU for the reminder! I'm off to make some calls...:/

  21. Yes, I can believe it. Too many things to keep track of. Please thank your daughter for me, okay?

  22. Vee
    What a warm account of your memories of a special Thanksgiving day in NB. Sounds like a Little House on the Praire kind of day!
    About your daughter-This could happen to me so easily too. Don't feel too bad about it, someday your daughter will be telling her boys about this day and laughing.It will be handed down for generations and you will never be forgotten. See, you were just making memories for all of them!!

  23. This is such a funny post - and one that all mothers can relate to. I can just picture you waiting and waiting, then hearing the words from your daughter. I'd be right there beside you.
    My sister biked 100 km this past June in honor of her son who died of cancer. It's a great thing to be able to help when we feel so helpless to stop this disease.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings. Enjoy Columbus Day!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll up there!!!

    For real...Mr. McDreamy??? I'm so stinkin' jealous I could spit...but I won't 'cause I'm just not that kinda gal. Heeehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy this beautiful week!!! :o)

  25. Funny story! I have one with a similar theme. About 20 years ago, I flew up to Indianapolis for a visit with my mom. She lives in Terre Haute, but had a friend take her to Indy to meet me and pick me up. I was waiting at the airport, sitting in a chair near the gate. They were late. Finally they arrived. My mom walked right by me, and her companion asked, "isn't that your daughter?" My mom looked at me and said no. (While standing about 10 feet away.) He said, "are you sure?" She says, "yes. that's not her." Meanwhile, I stifle a huge laugh and watch them meander about. After about 5 minutes, I finally got up and said "hi, mom". She about jumped out of her skin! It was just too funny. My mom is a such a scatterbrain, LOL.

  26. Love this story Vee. It's too bad you missed out on your daughter's drive past and Mr. Dempsey's too! Great photos your neighbour got though! :) I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Our weather was fantastic here! Hugs, Pam

  27. You really got me laughing on this one. What a great post Vee. Thanks I needed a good laugh, butt calls and all.

  28. What a hoot you are! Thanks for making my day.

  29. I'm ROFL! You are too funny! Well, some mama out there is proud you got a butt shot of her daughter!

    Now Patrick Dempsey is a hunka-hunka burnin' love. At least you got some good pictures of him - even if you didn't take them. Yes'm - one fine-lookin' man. Whew!

  30. This was such a great story Vee - great photos and what an amazing success. You must be so proud of your daughter!
    Such successful results for such an important cause!
    I enjoyed hearing about your Nova Scotia Thanksgiving memories

  31. Hahahahhaa! I don't think you are to blam for not regognizing her with helmet, bikeing cloghes, leaning over handlebars..hahahhaha! And I wonder who the Mom was that the person was talking to? Funny!
    Yes, thanks to everyone who participated! And good on you for supporting your sweet girlie :-)

  32. What a wonderful story! I really needed the laugh. Thanks! <3

  33. Well, you didn't score a photo of your daughter but she scored big time with a photo with Patrick! Gosh, he's even cute in biking gear ;)

  34. No, that's not my daughter with Patrick. That cute gal is my neighbor.

  35. Vee.....you're so cute, funny and entertaining...thanks for my free chuckles!


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