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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rainy Day in October Mosaic

Rainy Day in October

Wish that I had more welcoming photos for you to see this being the first time I've done a Mosaic Monday post in a while. (I think I have my schedule sorted. It is fun to participate in Mosaic Monday and I have not liked not being a part so I am going to join in on the first Sunday/Monday of each month, if at all possible. That way, I may hope to vist everyone in the course of thirty days. Phew. I feel better already.)

The state of our autumn foliage this year is somewhat dismal. I have not heard the official word, but it seems as if Tropical Storm Irene is to blame for all the brown. The leaves turn brown and fall off without displaying their usual bright colors. It is disappointing to say the least. So I am finding my joy in the annuals that are still with us...the petunia, the begonias, the lantana, the zinnias and I am expecting a harvest of green peppers any day. Like little Emmy Claudia up there, I'm spending my day reading — newspapers, books and blogs.

Please join Mary at Little Red House for more Mosaic Monday offerings. You'll certainly find some delights.

Thank you for stopping in! 


  1. You still made it look beautiful.
    When you think about it, as God's creation it is always lovely.

  2. Hi Vee, your different photos making up a mosaic are very nice.

    The green pepper makes me think of my dash into WalMart, grocery section, for a few things and one thing being a green pepper. We've long since pulled up our puny little plants. Anyway, the peppers were .98 cents each and were the most pitiful looking things I've ever seen offered for sale! Needless to say, I left the store without one. How they can put that shriveled, old stuff out to sell is beyond my comprehension!

    We could use some of your rain in MO. Send our way, okay? Have a good week.

  3. Your mosaic is still lovely Vee! We are fortunate here in NC, they have predicted an especially nice fall color season because of our heat this summer, followed by a lot of rain. Fingers crossed, because predictions don't necessarily become truth.

  4. Your mosaics have a wonderful dreamy quality, Vee, just beautiful!

    I remember that last year's autumn colors were sub par as so many trees lost their leaves early also due to a hurricane:(

    My daughter said the aspens are beginning to turn golden where she lives. She and her finace drove up Pike's peak for the second time since they moved to Colorado.

  5. The same thing is happening here Vee ... the leaves aren't changing colour before they fall. I thought it was because the summer was so hot because Irene didn't really affect us.

  6. Hi Vee!

    I think your pictures are delightful - they remind me that we are indeed winding down . . . soon it will be pictures of snow!

    We have had strange weather here too - I have had my air on for the last week. In fact, last night at 10:00, it was still 71 degrees!

    I am still waiting for yellow and orange, hope we get it!


  7. Great mosaic Vee. Our trees are doing the same here only we aren't experiencing the hurricane weather, just rain and wind. Our own 5 trees are usually very brilliant but not this year which is disappointing. Stay dry!

  8. I love your mosaic...and I enjoy a rainy day inside from time to time! I just got books from the library and I'm going to start one tonight! Hugs! ♥

  9. That's a great idea to break some fun weekly events down so they are more manageable. Rainy day mosaics are just fine with me...
    We aren't seeing much color here in the Northwest yet and it will be interesting to see just how much will show before it turns brown..
    Have a great week!

  10. This is a very artistic and timely mosaic..so autumnal!

  11. Hi Vee, your mosaic is well done. The burnt leaves, just perfect for the season. No fall leaves for us here, but we are going north to Bishop this weekend to go "leaf peeping"

    Have a good week ahead!

  12. Vee,

    It is still going to be glorious to be in Maine! The coast and the meet up are going to be fun!

    See you soon!


  13. Enjoy the season's last hurrah! The leaves are just beginning to turn over here.

    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Your mosaics always look good Vee.
    One of these days maybe I'll learn how to do one!

  15. Very beautiful mosaics Vee. LOve them. Looks like fall in your plce.
    Have a nice day.

  16. Perfect reflections of Fall. Sp delicate and restful for the eye! Wishing you a wonderful day! Cathy

  17. Yes Vee you made a nice mosaic. Gotta use what is available and I love the way you put it together. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Blessings

  18. The photo of the rain dripping down your windows evokes a cozy day indoors, doing whatever pleases you. And I love the pop of color from your zinnia - summer hanging on as tightly as possible.

    Enjoy your day reading.

  19. You did a great job on the mosaic - very pretty! No Fall color here as of yet, at least none that I have seen.

  20. Hi Vee
    We've been having a fair bit of rain lately ourselves. You make it look almost dream like with your photos from the inside.

  21. Beautiful mosaic!

    We have rain here these last two weeks..

  22. You needn't be concerned about the photos not being "welcoming". Rainy days have their own charm. I like the shot of the rain outside the window; the closeup of the book is also lovely.
    Thanks for visiting my yarn post and your thoughtful comments. Good luck with your projects!

  23. Vee I love the misty look of your photos. If a person has the time Mary's Mosaic Monday is a great way to do some armchair travelling. I've also found it hard to visit other sites but winder is coming...I'll be visiting other participants more often.

  24. My yard here in central Mass. has never looked so pitiful as it is this year!


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