Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping for Calendars or If You Knew Susie

After three days of rain, we are delighted to see the sun again. Well, John may not be as this means he's back in the trench. I am definitely delighted.

One rainy afternoon last week, I decided to go shopping for calendars. Several of you had suggested the new S*usan B*ranch calendar. I'm highly suggestible.

Every year about this time, a discount calendar outlet leases a storefront at the local mall. Sure enough, I found it and had myself a good time browsing through the Lang section. I found S*usan's calendar right away.

Heart & Home/Heart of the Home

At the register, I found a disconsolate man with his head down in his hands and not paying a lick of attention to the store. He rang up my purchase, had trouble giving me my change, and seemed generally confused. I asked about the price of the calendars as I was very pleased with the total. He couldn't tell me. I said it would be on the slip and not to worry. He bagged the items and off I went. I was two steps from Penney's when I thought something isn't right here. Sure enough. He had not charged me for Susan's Calendar.

I briefly considered not returning. *gasp* You'll be happy to know that the good angel on my right shoulder won that battle and I found myself back at the register with the confused man who was about to become even more confused dragging me along for the ride.

Me: I think there's a mistake.

He: I'm not paid to make a mistake.

Me: Well, I'm sure that's true, but I have two calendars and only paid for one and I'd hate to take advantage of my friend Susan.

He: You know Susie?!

Me: Ahhh, well, you could say that. (I mean I do visit her blog.)

He: I know her, too. We're very good friends. She just loves the beach!

Me: Yes, I guess she does, living on the coast and all.

He: She has a beautiful home.

Me: Yes, I think so, too.

He: I spent last weekend with her.

Me: Really? I thought she was on the West Coast.

He: No, she was right in Cape Elizabeth.

Me: (The light now dawning.) Noooo, she is traveling by train back to Cape Cod. (I should have said "Martha's Vineyard.")

He: She is?! She didn't tell me anything about that!

Me: I don't think we're talking about the same Susan.

He: You're not talking about the owner of the store?

Me: She used to own a store. (I am just having fun with him now.)

He: No, she still owns the store. This one.

Me: (Laughing by now) Oh we're definitely not talking about the same Susan. I'm talking about S*usan B*ranch, the one who designed this calendar.

He: (Obviously disappointed) Oh. Well I'm not usually here. I'm a pharmacist. I don't know anything about this store.

Me: (Very surprised at his second point and not at all surprised at his third)

He rang up my purchase, had trouble giving me my change, and seemed generally and genuinely  confused.

Gosh, I hope I never run into him at the pharmacy.

A fun day to you!


  1. I wouldn't want to run into him at the pharmacy either!!

  2. Good post. I like a smile first thing in the morning!

  3. Cute conversation.....sounds like some of my conversations around here.
    Happy Saturday.....!!!

  4. Good post..unfort..on the flip side, isn't it sad that in this state of the economy, a pharmacist has to take a job in a calendar store? I'm just saying...---(smiles and blessings)

  5. I love your new calendars! I would go back and ask him what pharmacy he works in to make sure you don't ever go there! heehee! ♥

  6. Too funny! I would have been right with YOU on that conversation as I've been following right along with Susan's "twain twip". I think she got home yesterday and can't wait for her first post from MV. :-).
    It sounds like the pharmacist may have been dipping into the goods.

  7. I certainly wouldn't want that fellow filling a prescription for me!
    I'll have to look for that calendar when the 'calendar booth' sets up in the mall here.

  8. That's a little think that he might have been filling RX orders! Love the calendars. Don't let John work too hard and enjoy your weekend!

  9. I bought the Lang one! I love those - I got mine at Costco.

    Funny story...


  10. Guess all he knows how to do is count pills. At least I hope that is one of his skills.

  11. I think all your readers are a bit unnerved at the thought of this confused pharmacist! Oh, my. I'm remembering It's A Wonderful Life right now.......

  12. Oh dear. He really was out of his comfort zone! Glad you got everything resolved...

  13. Hi Vee!

    I also just love S*san B*anch! Her calendar looks really cute - so glad that you got it figured out!

    Please bless that I never have him as my pharmacist! Maybe he was dipping into the drugs?!


  14. I would be checking my prescriptions out from that guy, LOL!

  15. That is too funny! I would never want him to fill a prescription for me! Enjoy your calendars.


  16. Oy! Ummmmmmmmmmm ... YIKES!

    Chuckle! You are sooo cute!
    Have a beautiful weekend
    TTFN ~

  17. He reminds me of my son-in-law (whom I really do love a lot!).

    He has a PhD in math but cannot balance his checkbook.

  18. :He: I'm not paid to make a mistake."
    Well, obviously THAT'S A LIE ;p

    Funny how conversations can go all nuts like that sometimes, eh?


  19. I love Lang products and that angel on your right shoulder.

    I wonder if he is a pharmacist or was a pharmacist....??

    That chicken says it all!!

  20. Oh my, that's too funny! Thanks for the chuckle. I hope he's not that bad at counting pills!!

  21. Oh my! That was an experience....a pharmacist you say? Ooooh dear....

  22. That is funny!! I wouldn't want to run into him at the pharmacy either. : )
    Well, you seemed to have brightened up his day for a little while.

  23. Once again, you have me sitting here by myself giggling. Thank you, Vee!

  24. Too funny! I'm glad he wasn't filling my prescription!

    Susan's blog is fun to visit, and I love her work.

  25. I held a calendar in my hand this week...and thought about making the purchase...but didn't. Sure hope it's still there when I'm ready to count out my shekels! And I'm hoping that your confused salesclerk doesn't end up at my calendar store. Funny story though!

  26. hahaha..that por guy! he's no match for you- even on his best days!

  27. Oh my -- I hope he doesn't have the same confuson filling prescriptions! Because of Susan Branch's blog I visited the very pink Madonna Inn today! Beautiful!

  28. Oh, I can't help but feel sorry for that poor fellow. After putting in all those years to become a pharmacist and then having to be at the check out.
    I happy for you the rain is gone, but sad to say it's settled here, along with the high winds. It nearly blew my gazebo away today!
    I love the calender and the story. I'm always entertained from your post Vee!
    Take care=Kimberly

  29. That poor man was at *least one short of a full dozen functioning brain cells*.

    What would a pharmacist (who makes lots of $$$ an hour) be doing, *schleping* at a calendar outlet in a leased storefront, in a mall??????

    Perhaps next time, he will claim to be a Surgeon...


    "October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter." ~ Nova S. Blair

  30. That is why I always look at the label on my bottle of meds!! What a funny story, Vee! Love SB's work and I'll look into her calander for sure!


  31. hA HA! he would be like the pharmacist
    in "it's a wonderful life."

  32. Goodness! Sounds like he was sampling his wares!

    Glad you found what you wanted though!

    Have a good week, hope the sun stays with us.

  33. I love all the neat calendars that they have to buy now. Gotta be getting out there and finding one soon. I love waiting until the 26th after Christmas Day because they are half price.

  34. Funny story Vee. I loved the cartoon chicken at the end!!

  35. As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. Just wanted to say hi, and so glad you listened to your little angel (I knew you would) maybe, just maybe, you saved that fellow's job! He obviously didn't do a good job as a pharmacist!

    Cute mosaic of your grandson and his soccer game! HOW many soccer games did we go to when our kids were young... I can't even begin to count - perhaps I need your pharmacist to help me... ;)

  36. Oct. 17th...6:30PM

    Yes Ma'am, I'm back here on your last post, to leave a comment concerning your today (Mon.) post. :-)

    Your Eleanor Roosevelt quote is super wonderful and I had to tell you this. :-)

    And *How To Blog* issues... Yes, they are always ME, myself and I issues. Each and every one of them. Each and every time.

    May we all gather in Eleanor's quote, to our hearts, and not worry so much!!!------>(You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.~Eleanor Roosevelt) :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "October, here’s to you. Here’s to the heady aroma of the frost-kissed apples, the wine-y spell of ripened grapes, the wild-as-the-wind smell of hickory nuts and the nostalgic whiff of that first wood smoke."
    ~ Ken Weber

  37. Very funny. Bought my calendars and diary refill last week too. I also have 1 plain calender in kitchen with weeks menus written on.

  38. What a great conversation!

    Loved the chicken graphic at the end... kinda said it all!


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