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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Drive

If you are reading this on Monday morning before ten, I am happily eating breakfast with John, my sister and her husband, and my niece, too. We are saying so long until 2012. Yes, that very same sister to whom I sent birthday gifts. Ahem. She might have told me that she was coming home this weekend! Gheesh. Oh well, it's all good and, if all goes well, she'll beat those gifts right back down there.

Sunday afternoon, John and I went for a circuitous drive to do our errands. I think that this will be the final weekend of any appreciable color so we wanted to take advantage of that. Most of  the yellows have slipped to golds and browns, the crimsons are now russet while the oranges have turned to copper. Lovely in its way...

When I have made my first Christmas purchase, my mood shifts from denial to action. I'm glad that October 23 was the day to get in gear. Nothing like a roll of wrapping paper and some ornament hangers to move my thinking along.

And, this morning, after breakfast, I'll be gathering my winter berries for holiday decorating. (Does it matter that I have not yet raked the yard?)  Don't forget to get yours early this year while they're plentiful and before the birds and deer get them all.

A happy Monday to you...


  1. Hope you're enjoying your breakfast. I haven't walked yet - waiting for the sun.
    Your Fall photos are beautiful.
    Enjoy your Monday too.

  2. Hi Vee,

    Your mosaic of Fall is so beautiful. I love that you included the sky photos. I love the sky this time of year, one minute it's blue, the gray clouds roll in and out.

    So nice that you can enjoy a family breakfast. The reminder of making things for Christmas early is a good one.


  3. What beautiful fall photos Vee. I love Sunday morning breakfasts. It is the only day of the week, Mr. Comforts and I make a "real" breakfast with eggs, bacon etc and sit together reading the Sunday paper...

  4. Your mosaic is just beautiful, Vee. Looks like the color there is still very pretty. Thanks for the reminder about the berries. I'm about ready to put away the pumpkins and think about Christmas. Enjoy your day with your sister!

  5. I do love your fall photos! What a beautiful mosaic. (Note to self: Need to learn more about photo editing.)

    And, oh, your Sunday post was so inspiring to me! How true, your words. At our fellowship yesterday morning, a brother taught along these lines. He even proposed that we likely will never understand it all, even in Heaven, for "the secret things belong to God" and He will still be sovereign and He is under no compulsion to explain it all to us. "For your ways are not My ways, and your thoughts are not My thoughts..." And, yes, He is enough! Profound truth.

    Thank you, Vee, for visiting me at Thinking About Home...in spite of the word verification business. ;-) I chose to use word verification to eliminate spam in my comments. Are you ever troubled with spam? Maybe I need to research other ways to make my blog a safe place...I do so want to make it welcome to friends!

    And thank you for your kind words about my 31-days series! (It is linked here... http://www.thenester.com/2011/09/31-days-participants.html.) It's a bit of a challenge for me, as I have never been an every-day-of-the-week type of blogger, nor do I typically go around giving unsolicited advice, but I felt drawn to this series. :-)

    * Thanks for the front door inspiration!

  6. Morning, Vee!

    Christmas already? Gad! (that's what my MIL always said...) I don't know - can't do Christmas til after Thanksgiving alto you're right, might be some items that one needs to pick up now! Heck, should have picked them up in August - that's when our Hobby Lobby started getting Christmas out!

    Ya'll still have some pretty fall colors up there. We really haven't started turning yet - just a touch of the trees that haven't died...

    Hope you and your sis enjoyed your surprise visit! Sometimes those are the best! Have a wonderful day...

  7. Vee..you sound like me! I love Christmas and once I buy the first thing that's all I can think about! Needless to say, I've been thinking about Christmas since July! But, I love Fall and Thanksgiving also...so I am patiently waiting behind the Fall decor to put out anything Christmas!

  8. I think we all feel a little festive when the weather cools! It's even cool here in Florida...at least in the mornings! I love the scenery where you live! Would love to visit sometime! It's nice that you got to see your sister...I sure miss mine! ♥

  9. Oh the pictures are just beautiful..we don't see that here.

    Now you are nudging me along to get going on upcoming holidays also...now time really does fly.

  10. That was a pretty fall mosaic, Vee.
    Take it from me - don't worry about raking the leaves - you won't notie them at all once the snow covers them! :D

  11. Wish I had more of your attitude... Toward our Autumn Foliage. I'm still grumpy about being short-changed on color this year. -grump- -grump- -grump-

    As if that does any good. Hehhh... :-))))))))))))))

    Oh and yes, a *Change Has Been Made.*<---(See, I'm giving your "vagueness," back to you. -giggles-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "Bring forth the raisins and the nuts-
    Tonight All-Hallows' Specter struts
    Along the moonlit way."

    ~~John Kendrick Bangs

  12. Rake! You mean I'm suppose to rake those leaves!? Oye...
    Beautiful drive and great shots from it. I'm sure you enjoyed your breakfast and your farewell get together! Since it's already 9:00 am here I figured you were done with breakfast way out there...

  13. You are always a step ahead of the game! I'm still trying to catch up with the fall mode...and here you have turned the page to Christmas. (And mailed your sister's gifts one day too soon. Too funny!)

  14. Good morning, Vee. It's before 10 here, but waaay after 10 in the east, so I'm thinking breakfast is over. Maybe it morphed into lunch as well?

    I've noticed the leaves getting a little thinner on the trees around here, too. What kinds of berries do you collect for winter decorating?

  15. Hi Vee!

    What a beautiful mosaic! You live in such a beautiful part of the country!

    Christmas is almost upon us! Isn't it a shame that we can't even get Thanksgiving under our belts (literally!!) before they start decorating for Christmas, and tempting us?! I guess there's no time like the present to start getting ready . . . :0)


  16. I miss being in New England for the fall, it's the best! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, you do such a great job. I too have begun my Christmas shopping. I ordered a stocking stuffer (calendar) online over the weekend, it's a start! I'm not crafty, so I'll need your help. Once I gather the berries, will they keep through November and December, what will we use them for? There's an idea for a post, holiday berry uses.

  17. Vee:

    I've just scrolled down and caught up with you here this morning. I've had such a good visit, and your pictures are wonderful!! We don't have any berries anywhere yet that I can see, just a lot of dead leaves. We don't get those gorgeous berries that you get in your part of the world, so I get mine at Michael's! :)


  18. Gorgeous mosaic. Would make a nice placemat to cheer your spirits in the cold, barren months. But so many of your photos would do the same! And Christmas...yes!! Much to anticipate. I just sent out a letter to my kids today asking who is planning to be around this year and to get the ball rolling for picking names. None too early!

    Your time with your sister will be so special even without the gifts!

    Blessings on your day!

  19. I hope you ahared a very happy birthday celebration with your sister! Now she will have a surprise to come home to, so sending her giftsby mail was not a waste.

    I love your autumn color. I noticed our trees were just beginning to turn this morning--we will ahve a few weeks of beauty ahead to look forward to! :)

  20. Hi Vee,
    I used to love it when my mom & dad piled us kids into the car for a "Sunday Drive"! I think it is something we ought to do more of now. Put something into the crockpot, head to church, have a Sunday afternoon drive, then home to a warm Sunday supper. See, you've got me dreaming!

    BTW, I've also been feeling the urge to start doing something about Christmas! :)

  21. Your bright and beautiful fall pictures are just magical.

    Thanks for sharin' your brilliant pictures girl.

    God bless and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  22. Your drive sounds wonderful, we have yet to do that.
    Ooooo, Christmas shopping, I started that too :)

  23. Ah, one last goodbye to fall in your neck of the woods? The fall season is rather dismal here. No vibrant colors. And hardly ANY colors. It is still mostly green, with a smattering of brown. Worst fall I've seen in decades. Oh well!

    And Christmas purchases already??? Bah, humbug!

  24. Can you believe I'm still waiting for some of our trees to turn color? Goodness. .it is taking it's sweet time.
    I love your beautiful fall mosaic. I did some Christmas goodie shopping on the weekend so I'm getting in the spirit as well.

  25. Ok Vee,

    The colors, the slipping into Christmas mode. Sigh...



  26. The photos are stunning, thanks for sharing them. I can hardly remember a New England fall. There is just nothing really like it!


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