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Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Love

How much more mileage can I get from one vintage stovetop? =D

I just love it! And that man standing there? Love him, too. He's been working crazy hard and I am happy to report that he's on the home stretch.

And that soon he'll be switching to a plow instead of a shovel. The right tools make a job a lot easier.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Vee,
    Love the stove top and what you have done with it. Looks wonderful. I am downloading a lot of music today for Jack's iPod and trying to finish a quilt top. Good rainy day projects.


  2. Love it! I also love your new banner-topper.Blessings

  3. Y'all are making me tired with all this hard work, but it sure is a good feeling to get things accomplished...... which is happening in your home.

    Love seeing the whole room...looking good!!

  4. Jeff loves seeing another good man working hard (instead of him). But hey, we're working hard out here.

    This looks GREAT...you can wring a mile out of a footstep!



  5. Don't you just love having the ideal piece of furniture? Is a stove top considered furniture?? Anyway, you know what I mean. You guys are making me feel very unproductive with all you have going on. I think I'll head on into the kitchen to work on the apple butter I have been delaying for two weeks.
    Aren't you excited for winter? Or is it just me?

  6. You can get as much blog-mileage out of your vintage stove top, as you want to! :-) It simply shows how very happy it has made you, to add this to your home. And our being happy is what it's all about.

    So glad too, that the work is coming into the home stretch. Yeah John! :-)

    I see you have gray skies over that way too. Ugh, hu? Almost Nov. like weather. But! As I said backchannel, I do have a plan to be happy about this season's cold, damp, ugy Nov. weather, THIS YEAR! Heh, heh, heh... -chuckle- -cackle- -giggles- >,-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "And close at hand, the basket stood
    With nuts from brown October’s wood."

    ~~John Greenleaf Whittier, Snowbound

  7. Wow - there's lots going on over at your house. The stove top is a great addition - no wonder you're so happy with it. Very clever!

  8. What a clever way to display the stovetop. So unique. I love to see a man working too.

  9. Loving what God has given you is the best outlook on life and brings such blessing! And we certainly have a lot to be thankful for! Seeing John in that trench though...think I better be praying for him today.

  10. I'm trying to remember who it was (perhaps Copperswife?) who had a vintage stove that was just used for display... and to make her heart sing. :)

    I think the only thing my husband has gotten out of having the broken collar bone is REST.

  11. It's high time you got John out of the trenches! I'm glad he's had a few moments off...to go shopping for vintage stove-tops and such. BTW...it looks just right where it is.

  12. Wowzers! That's one heck of a trench. I'm glad he's on the home stretch! Have a great day...

  13. I love the new stove top and your new header! Good job. I'm glad John is almost finished the trench. That's a lot of work! Have a great day.

  14. That's quite a trench your John has dug there. He must be in great shape...it makes me ole bones hurt just to look at it...ha! I know you both will be glad when all is done. The stove top looks great and your home looks so inviting and cozy.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. I've had my share of digging ditches too. We dug out a foundation for our garage at the old house!!
    I's sure John will be glad to be finished with that project.
    I tried looking you up on Ravelry but couldn't find you. I looked for vee. I'm on there as iamhappyone. I don't go there very often though.

  16. The stove top needs all the limelight it can get ..it deserves it! And while it's red..we are ll green with jealousy.

    Looks like some scary weather brewing!!

  17. I see a lot of potential blog fodder with that vintage stove top. Just think of the fun you can have at Christmastime :).
    John is a hardworking man and it seems he is very deserving of that plow. How nice it will be when that project is complete.

  18. Awww, John is the best-isn't he? :)

    I love that stovetop! You've got an amazing imagination Vee!


  19. You can get a LOT of mileage! And rightly so!!! Congratulations on a beautiful piece. I noticed in the earlier post a framed stamped envelope. I love Ephemera!!

  20. Hi Vee!

    Your stove top is just beautiful - don't you love old pieces of furniture that you can decorate over and over again?! It's just gorgeous!

    I love my husband too - and I like to hear other women say that they love their husbands!

    I'll bet you will be glad to have all the work done around your home - you have had a very busy year!


  21. I am glad John is in the homestretch!

    I love the photo of inside your home. Cozy and lovely!


  22. I never did hear what he was digging for! I must have missed that post!

  23. Well, I think we'll need to see how your new stovetop is decorated every holiday won't we?
    It's a real find, Vee. You just keep bragging as much as you want.
    By the way, your whole house looks so warm and cozy. I love all the wood, of cousre!

  24. Vee - don't you just love it when you find something you really wanted? Then, you keep walking by it and smiling and tweaking and looking at from different viewpoints - I know what you're doing, girl! AND taking pictures from different viewpoints, too, and sharing them with us because you're so excited about it!

    Wonder what became of the stove? Did they sell it, too, or separately? Or did you just find the top? Poor little lost stove top found itself a cozy, comfy home where it can be loved and admired!

    Silly me!

  25. I am so happy you are in love with that awesome stove top. It really is wonderful and bet no one else has one just like it. ♥
    I love it when something we get makes us happy. I bought a little, inexpensive pillow for my sofa today and have walked back in there 20 times..just to look at the little pillow. :)) Doesn't take a whole lot to make us smile. :))
    xoxo bj

  26. I love it that you love him and it!
    Keep smiling and keep us posted.


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