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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yes, I'm a Copycat and Proud of It

I haven't felt so much like photoshopping since this crazy post back in 2008.

Though you haven't seen my hair looking very good lately, ahem, and I would never reveal such hair on my own blog, ahem, you may have seen it here and here. I actually keep a folder of hairdos that I really, really like. I know. You're shocked. And when I finally get fed up, I'm ready to grab the scissors myself and start hacking.

This Yesterday morning, first thing, I called my hairdresser and begged for admittance. She was most accomodating and since it was a terribly windy day and no one else in four counties wanted a hairdo on such a blustery day, I could've had my pick of times. I chose 1:30. I then emailed the lovely Carol at Ours Sears Kit Home asking for and receiving permission to use her photo. Thank you, Carol!

Such a Pretty Lady

Isn't that a great cut? Adorable. I loved it and wondered would it work for me?

Just one way to find out — Photoshop! (Sometimes Paint)

Here's a little mosaic showing the process.

Carol's ear is so cute, I even snagged that (her earring, too, of course).

☺ Side by Side Comparison ☺

Hahahhahahahaha...pardon me; sometimes I just crack myself up.

I arrived for my appointment with this photo in hand.
I took copious notes for next time. The figuring? The tip. The stylist spent an hour and a half with me so I tossed in an extra little something.

You will be happy to know that I made an appointment before I left the shop for six weeks hence. A novel idea for me. Now, perhaps, my hair won't get so out of hand.

Thank you for putting up with all this foolishness. It seemed that we might need some lightheartedness today. Have a great one!

Oh. You wanted to see the final result? Here ya go...

My best fashion tip? A camera!

Edited to Add/ October 7 @ 3:15 PM


I now have two more fashion tips in addition to the camera before the face: 1.sunglasses 2. a turtleneck. Thank you for all the sweet comments. I thought it was the least that I could do to try to get you a better photo. (Course you know, I prefer to remain hidden.)

We're just back from the Fryeburg Fair and so I'll have pictures on Saturday, October 8, if you'd like to return to view them. It's going to be pictures and captions without many comments. Easy viewing!


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute!!!!!!

    I love it.

    Your photoshopping cracked me up too.
    Great stuff.

  2. You're brilliant! Photoshop!

    Mom and I both agree it looks great on you!

    Happy Thursday...


  3. Hooray! She got a cute cut and took copious notes and....... Made a come-back appointment! -ring bells- -drum roll- :-)

    Really though Hon, you have such great, thick, tending-to-curly hair, that you need regular trims... More so than people like me, who have not-thick (and getting thinner with age) or wavy hair. -sigh- -moan- -pout-

    Gentle hugs,
    "The morns are meeker than they were,
    The nuts are getting brown;
    The berry's cheek is plumper,
    The rose is out of town.
    The maple wears a gayer scarf,
    The field a scarlet gown.
    Lest I should be old-fashioned,
    I'll put a trinket on."

    - Emily Dickinson

  4. How fun seeing the photo shop version! The hair style looks great on you Vee!! My hair appointment is tomorrow and I always make a new appointment for 6 weeks later before I leave the salon. Otherwise, it could be months of me hacking away at my own hair - never a pretty thing.

  5. Ha! This has definitely left me smiling. What a hoot you are! My hairdresser is in the States for a couple of months so I have to suffer til she gets back -- :/ Hope your day is great. Tammy

  6. It looks really cute! Perfect for your shape face! I enlarged the last photo to see up close...beautiful! You are styling now, girlfriend...now let me see if I can work a little feather in there somewhere! heeheehee! ♥♥♥

  7. Well aren't you clever...where was your knowledge when I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair? I usually tell them, out of frustration...just shave it.

    This is great...and way to go on scheduling another appointment..oh my, I am already long over due.

    Looks great...enjoy!!

  8. very smart!!! (both the photoshop and the new do)
    have a lovely rest of the week

  9. Hi Vee!

    I really, really love your hair cut! Making an appointment the same day you get your hair cut is the secret...anyway, it works for me. Who knew that photoshop could help you get the perfect haircut?!


  10. Very attractive style!

    One time I did a similar post and after my daughter and I both tried on a hairstyle that worked equally well on both of us, we branched out and tried the style on the rest of the family.

    Bernie...son Jeff...Tiggie the cat...all got treated to a virtual new "do".


  11. Your new haircut is just perfect! Great idea to get another appointment set up, too. I tend to wait too long between appts and end up taking the scissors to my hair myself. Not a good thing. I'm needing a cut now...off to call the hair salon. See ya!

  12. Vee, the new 'do is just right for you! Gosh, I never thought of using photoshop. You can bet I'll be trying it though! :)

  13. Love the lightheartedness of this post that actually covers a serious topic - hairstyle! What woman doesn't appreciate a new look - or a new shaping of the same old look? I'm having that done this afternoon.

    Love the photoshopping - so talented you are!

  14. Oh, I like it, very nice. I know how you feel, I have taken to the scissors, but my daughter is a hairdresser and she has told me not to do that again! She keeps me lookin good.

  15. Vee
    You just crack me up! You are so un-vain? non-vain? Whatever, you get the drift.
    Your do is so cute and I'm glad you didn't go silver with your hair like Carols. Although I wish my hair looked half as nice as hers, I'm not ready for silver. On me I'm sure it would add 10 years.
    A-plus for your photography skills too.

  16. You're nuts.
    you look hot. :)
    The new "do" gets a big thumbs up! Makes you look much younger.


  17. It works for you, too, Vee! Very cute! Looks easy to keep, too!

    You're so silly - you and your photo-shopping!

  18. YOU are so cute! And so CLEVER!! and so much FUN!!!

  19. Really like the new hairdo!!
    Good idea about making the next appointment.
    I've just started doing that the last few times.

  20. I like your new do, Vee, and wished I had the photoshop know how to have done this before my last appointment. I do reschedule every six weeks.
    I like Carol's hair cut, but like her color even more.

    I also enjoyed catching up on your previous posts.
    Just haven't been blogging lately.

  21. That is a cute hairstyle and it looks great on you! I envy anyone who can wear their hair naturally gray and still look young. I'll have to try that Photoshop trick next time I want to try out a new 'do' :)

  22. Love it! And as it happens, I also barrelled into the hairdresser yesterday and announced that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and please give me an appointment soon. I did look like a wild woman from Borneo, I confess. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Order Will Be Restored.

  23. Sweetie, it's so fresh and perfect for you. I keep a standin' appointment every four weeks. At my age...just sayin'...

    Your a hoot!

    God bless ya and have an incredible day!!! :o)

  24. Hahaha! Vee, you have such great hair. I can't imagine having such thick lovely hair with waves/curls. It's beautiful!
    (I don't have the hairstyle anymore. Chickie had me start growing out my hair last year to try and hide my "side chins" and whatnot.)

  25. I love it! It's very cute on you! All I wish for is a bit larger picture. :D You just made yourself 10 years younger (don't you just hAtE it when people say that? LOL!

  26. I agree - a photo is the best way to remember a haircut you really like. I tend to grab the scissors and hack away when things get out of control. I even took a pair of scissors to Italy and it was so hot in Rome that I hacked away in desperation. When i got off the plane at home the farmer suggested I see if I could get a walk in appointment with my big city hairdresser. i only had to wait 10 minutes and she fixed me up. Your haircut looks short and sassy!

  27. Vee,

    You always crack me up Vee. Great Photoshopping, I never thought of that one, but it's a great idea. I love your hair!

    Your fabric arrived today, so I am going to pop it in the mail tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your fabric.


  28. You are so silly with the Photoshop! Your final shots were a little dark, hard to see (although my eyesight is fading daily it seems). Looks like a great cut for you. Hope you are happy with it. From what I've seen, you always look great!

  29. You look very cute with you new shorter haircut, Vee! The color looks nice too. Carol's hair is so pretty --I wish I had the courage to let my hiar go natural grey. Maybe when I turn 60 I will.

    I did the same thing today and had my hiar cut--it grows so fast that 6 weeks is as long as I can wait for the next trim.

  30. Great hair, Vee!
    Thank you for the great laugh! I felt like I got to know you in a different way from this post.

  31. You. are. ADORABLE Vee!!!! I love it!!! But take another pic with some light in it so we can really see your gorgeousness....and I just love that you photoshopped yourself into her hair!!!

    My son makes fun of my new profile pic cause I have my head stretched up so far, I look like a giraffe! I was just trying to pull out my two or three chins!!!!

    Have a wonderful fall weekend sweet Vee, hugs and love, Dawn

  32. You are funny, and clever. I like your final result.

  33. I'll skip to the "real you" and say that you are gorgeous!!!! The cut suits you so well - and can you tell? - did you color your hair too? or is that your natural color? No, don't think grey yet. It is lovely and you look so youthful - of course, with your humorous antics - I split my sides laughing! Hugs! - Gwen

  34. hahaha! I do love your new hairdo.

  35. You crack me up too! LOL! Your haircut looks adorable!


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