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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Grand Story

They were dressed in their little boy plaid flannel pjs, fresh from their baths, and all ready for bed. One wore red plaid; the other blue; and I forgot my camera hence the word picture.

Two dogs bounded about my legs...a hyper beagle named Jack and my grandpuggy Bazil.

My son and daughter-in-law were leaving for the first parent-teacher conference of the year so I had been invited to watch Toy Story  for a bit and to visit with the grands.

The baby grand's vocabulary has picked up immensely in recent months and he is speaking in full sentences and communicating quite clearly. I'll share some of our conversation from last weekend and you can see what I mean.

Baby Grand: Nonni

Me: Yes?

Baby Grand: Your lips are chapped.

Me: Jake?

Baby Grand: Yes?

Me: So are yours.

Baby Grand: Nonni

Me: Hmmmm?

Baby Grand: You have a mustache.

Me: What?!!!

Baby Grand: No, no. Not a mustache. You do not have a mustache.

 You don't think I have a mustache, do you?

Ever since, it's been touch and go between us. He seems worried that he's going to say something I won't be able to handle. That's just how tricky human communication can be sometimes. And I am afraid that he's going to take my amusement all too seriously.

Don't worry, we'll get it figured out. Last night we called up Auntie and she came to rescue us from tears and general anxiety. I just hope that Jake won't tell his aunt that she has a mustache.

Have a great weekend...


  1. Awww....glad he is able to communicate better! Even if he did say you have a moustache! He is at that 'everything is literal stage' - you know Kyle is still in that stage! Your photo is hilarious!

    I love your word picture - I can see them in my minds eye! Too cute!


  2. How funny! I love that age. He's communicating extremely well and I love the way he decided that he should recant his statement. It just makes you want to hug them...and I'll bet you did just that.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes!!! Kids will say anything.. Would like to stay and talk but I moustache.

    Ohhhh that was bad.



  4. Oh no...I don't see a THING, Vee! You look perfectly 'normal' to me, my friend! heeheehee! Little boys are so cute! I have five sons, one daughter....five grandsons and one granddaughter! ♥♥♥

  5. Oh Vee I so envy you having little ones still around. Ours are all either adults or almost. It is just a different relationship than when they were little. We are pretty close still but different interests for them now. I was glad to see the challenge again. I remember doing that last year. Blessings

  6. LOL! Remember the TV Show with Art Linkletter, Kids Say The Darnedest Things? I use to love that show.

  7. You always crack me up. Lovin that photo of your mustache. Leave it to a little one to say things like that.

    I read your comment on my post. Hmmm, maybe your design would make a fabulous scarf!

    Have a beautiful weekend. Yup, got snow. Pretty this morning though, Fall leaves with a dusting of snow.


  8. Kids say the funniest things! When they get to be teenagers it isn't so funny anymore. ;0) I love when my little nieces and nephew visit just for the conversation.
    I am glad you got to enjoy a little time with the grands. I know how excited my parents get when they spend time with theirs. It's great to be nearby!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. What a darling story! i remember we were visiting my in laws at their farm when my children were young. my mother in law had helped me colour my hair though it wasn't really a necessity then. It was quite a change I thought so I asked my son if he noticed anything different when he came in the house. He looked at me, studied my face and said, "You're growing a moustache!" We had a good laugh then but I don't go anywhere without my tweezers these days.

  10. Aww...one thing I have learned in my short 14 yrs of parenthood, children will say anything, lol. Blessings

  11. This story sure made me smile! (As did your picture!) :-D

    Reminds me of the time that we took our oldest grandson to the zoo...and he named the Great Curassow bird the "Gran Bird" (Gran is me!).
    "It has your hair and your lipstick," says he. Well, I can assure you that I have never once worn yellow lipstick, but that hair comment hit too close to home.

    Blessings on your weekend...

  12. You paint a very nice word picture, Vee. Cute story and photo!

  13. "Kids say the darndest things" don't they? I can't wait to have a real conversation with our grandson when he can actually make sentences and sense. But, he's only one so it'll be a while. Right now his best word is "HI". I love it. Have a super weekend Vee. Hugs, Pam

  14. I had to come over first thing and read about your grandsons! I think there is a special bond between grandmas and grandsons - and the things they say! If we could write a book it would be a best seller! We are safe with them to try out their socially appropriate phrases! Although, if my grandson said that about me...it might be nearly true! Ha! Sounds like you had a great evening together.

  15. I've been told that I have 'worry lines all over you face, Nana'. Our of the mouths of babes, indeed! Precious memories.

  16. Out of the mouths of babes!

    I kind of like the shades and the mustache. Let's just call it your Snidely Whiplash look.

  17. That is so sweet! I too have noticed that children seem to "worry" about what they might say and tend to not talk much any more. It has been awhile since I have been around little ones but when I am around them (my niece and nephews) they are chatty at first but then tend to get stand offish. Probably because I laugh at them because their chatter is so endearing! I know I should wish for this (to be a grandma) right now but the more I read about the time with grands the more I wish for it to be me...:) Thanks for sharing this precious time.

  18. I think that your moo-stash looks quite dignified. And the added soul patch beneath the bottom lip is a nice touch!


  19. Moustache - no? Where?

    Children tend to call it like they see it, don't they? I'm so looking forward to conversations with my grand. I'm certain that she's said, "Nana" at least a couple of times.

    You asked about the flower on my header. It's made of paper. Kusudama is the word for it. I think there are instructions on line - I have them in a book. Fun and easy to make.

  20. haahhhaaaa, I nearly fell out of my computer chair laughing so hard at this. With 10 grands, you can imagine that they have told me everything under the sun...hey...that's fodder for a great post....
    And, after studying this photo of you that is waaaay too dark (remember, I'm olden and don't see all that well) but I'm thinkin' I do see the hint of a......nawh...surely NOT....:) (AND don't YOU take ME too seriously) xoxoxoxoxo

  21. You painted the cutest picture with your words and your moustache.....thanks for my morning chuckle.

  22. -giggles-

    What's the saying.... "BE careful what you wish for"?

    We want little ones, to talk.

    And then, they do.

    And watch out.


    Gentle hugs,
    "A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night." ~J.M. Barrie

  23. I hate to be the one to tell you but he's right, you do have a moustache!

  24. Ha! Fun times with the grands! Enjoy...
    Very stylish mustache btw!

  25. Children are just so darn honest!
    You can't help but laugh.
    And you look pretty good with that mustache Vee. I like the way you've styled it to curl up at the ends. No plain mustache for you!

  26. Hi Vee!

    Too cute!! Kids really do say the darnedest things!! Hope he gets over the trauma . . . by the way, you look great with a mustache!!


  27. LOL! It is such a blessing Jake has such a good vocabulary! Like all little ones they say it like they see it, whether we like it or not. My older grandson wanted to know why I wear sunglasses inside the house? What he saw on SKYPE were my reading glasses, but to him all glasses are sunglasses.
    He also wanted to know why Nonno and I live so far away -- that tugged at my heart!

    Stay cozy this weekend, Vee. We may get a little snow!

  28. Cute story!!
    You look lovely with a mustache!! : )

  29. Cute story! Kids can think of the craziest things to say!

  30. How sweet. From the mouths of babes. They tell it like it is, but learn to edit all too soon. Loved this!!

    xo Terri

  31. No picture necessary as my mind instantly went back to my own two boys in their little plaid flannel pj's... fresh from the tub ... and I must admit to getting downright teary at how fast the time has gone. I'd love nothing more than to scoop them up and cuddle them to pieces. I really do need a grandchild :). However, I will admit to having kept one tiny pair of flannel pj's and one tiny little boy's bathrobe. From time to time I revisit them.
    Hilarious conversation between you and Baby Grand. A lucky little guy to have a grandma with such a good sense of humor.

  32. Blahahahahaha...that post was hysterical Vee...too funny. You have a great sense of humor!

    Have a great weekend too!

  33. Kids say the darnest things don't they???

    But they sure are fun!
    Hugs Sherry

  34. I just love grands. Don't they say the funnest things?
    My Kanneloni Macaroni was observing me getting dressed for church. .she is also. .just beginning to talk. .
    She sits on my bed and after yanking on my tights. .and pulling on my skirt. .
    She says. .really loud. ..CUTE. .
    and off we went to church.

  35. Littles do tell it like it is, don't they! Well, so what, you're still very cute with a moustache! (I'm afraid he'd tell me the same thing actually - my oldest has and he's definitely not little!)

    Thanks for the chuckle this 12:20 a.m.!


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