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Thursday, January 17, 2013


So there I was right in the middle of my post when John came in with a rant and now I've had to switch it all around because it was a funny rant.

"Why don't they just start naming beautiful days, eh? Why don't they say Beautiful Day Gloria was the most beautiful day we've seen in 67 days!" 

This in response to snowstorms now being named. Apparently, the latest snow storm to blow through is named Helen. Do you find this as ridiculous as we do? Are all storms and weather patterns to be named now: Ice Storm Pete, Thunderstorm Joe, Windstorm Bill?

So that's this morning looking out on a semi-gray day. I wanted to share what happened before the storm and during the storm so I'll just carry on with that and thank you very much, John!

The evening before Helen arrived—the crescent waxing moon—thanks to a poet I know these things: 

O lady moon your horns point toward the east;Shine, be increased: O lady moon your horns point toward the west;Wane, be at rest.~ Christina Rossetti

During the storm, fire and light, which provided a great deal of winter cheer.

Yes, we are still enjoying the dvd fire. Still makes us feel warmer. I play it every afternoon as I putter about or read or play with the iPad. Yes, I am still enjoying my lights atop the china cupboard.

In other news, I have been able to join Pinterest, finally getting on board (pun intended) with the rest of you, Pinning Wonders. Yes, someday, when I have enough boards to feel great about, I'll add a Pinterest button and invite you all to join me. 

For now, I'd like to share a little bookmark project. You can see what I repinned to one of my boards *here.* This is my interpretation...a little project during a snowstorm Helen.(See? Now that just doesn't sound right!)

You may remember this calendar cover from a *recent post.* It is the reason I purchased the calendar. The one reason.

~Before and After...so much nicer than an index card~

And no old books were harmed in the process.

Thank you to all who joined in the Note Card Party. It was another fun day!


  1. Your bookmarks are perfect! Aren't you glad that you purchased that calendar because you loved the cover? You just never know...

    I like that you were able to replicate the idea without using an actual book spine. Oh, I do like the originals too, but I would so hate to remove the spine from a classic book. Obviously, you feel the same way. :)

    Thanks again for hosting the Note Card Party. It's a great place to gather.

  2. Love the bookmarks and now I will have to check out DVD fireplace. Naming snow storms? We used to call them names but not the ones they are using.


  3. You two are too funny...I am going to start naming our beautiful days with Benjamin...we do say, "Oh what a beautiful day"!
    I love Pinterest, it is helping a lot with the wedding...and always inspires me.
    The book marks are great...now if I can get my head on straight I will be with you next month for the party

  4. What a great post, Vee!

    Hey I forgot all about the notecard party, dang.

    It's one of my favvie favs, too - may have to join later tonight - on my way to pre-op physical and it may take awhile, bleh.

    LOVE your bookmarker project - and John is too funny and too RIGHT!


  5. Love the bookmarks! Genius!

    If we are naming days I'd say gloomy day Fred has been with us for weeks actually and had a visit from his cousins rain and fog.


    Love the poem about the moon! Didn't realize that about the points. I just keep track from the full moon and new moon! So clever - going to teach the kids this one!


  6. You are waaay to funny not to mention cute!! Thanks for hosting Notecard party, enjoyed meeting some ladies! Where have I been? I knew they named hurricanes, but I didn't know they were now naming snowstorms. Yes, I think it is ridiculous! Great job with the bookmarks, and I thought I was the only one who booked marked with index cards.
    Vee, you home always looks so warm and inviting, now how about coming and helping me.
    Enjoy your day,

  7. It's just fun - feels right - to begin mornings here. I have this vision of you...fun with an infectious laugh.

    Do you suppose one more person was employed to name storms?

  8. How come all your beautiful photos, aren't showing up LARGE? The Moon pic shows up large. But to really seeeeeeeeeeeee all the rest, I had to click and make them larger. (And of course, one can't read the accompanying words, when in the make-'em-larger-mode.)<---Why this? When I post later, you'll see. :-))))

    Wonder who started this "Extreme Naming Of Weather Patterns"? -grin-

    Super book mark idea!!! I ought to look into this process... Since I lost my favorite book mark. -moan- And am using library book marks, ripped in 2. Not very lovley!


    1. Because I didn't use the extra large setting...sorry!

  9. Yeah, it is really weird to check weather.com and see the progress of the named winter storms. I think someone had too much time on their hands to think of this one.

    I love the idea of making the bookmarks from the calendar... what would you call it?... cover? They are so elegant looking, too.

    I've been on Pinterest for awhile and love it for coming up with ideas as well as having a place to park recipes I see on a blog. It is also great for needlework projects. I'm just not as good at going back and looking them up again!

  10. It is silly to name storms like they do. I like John's idea of naming the good days, if they are going to assign a name to ball of the bad weather days. Speaking of storms, our rain is supposed to change to snow later on today! We've had 7 inches of rain in the past 3 days and there's quite a bit of flooding in the low lying areas. Mud slides on road too. The main road that goes through the Smoky Mountains lost about 100 yards of roadbed. Slid right off the hillside!

    And welcome to Pinterest! I think I found you on it. I have found it very convenient to keep track of projects and articles, lessening my cluttered online bookmarks.

    And your card party was great fun! Gosh, I had a LOT of visitors and they all said the sweetest things. Thank you, once again, for being such a good hostess!

  11. I have not heard of naming snowstorms. Guess I'll have to watch the weather more. When we have a warm-ish system come across the Pacific in the winter/fall, it's called the Pineapple Express - which usually means lots of rain, too. But that's a general name, like your Nor-easter. Looks like you stayed cozy and warm inside.
    Love the bookmarks. Welcome to Pinterest. I use it for keeping track of projects and recipes I'd like to try, as well as for inspiration for my home. Then there's the virtual travel.

  12. What a great calendar! I've been thinking of making bookmarks from old strips of scrapbook paper that I had left over from a Christmas gift I made. I think I like your idea better. Generally I just grab whatever is handy and nearby to mark my page.

  13. That is a great idea, bookmarks from the calendar. I agree about naming storms, and it seems to always be women's names! Snowstorms need no names. I had fun with this month's note card party, and a surprise, too. ;-) xo

  14. I really like the book mark idea!

  15. I always buy calendars for reasons other than the size of the pages - I always have another agenda (no pun intended!) Love your bookmarks - clever you!

  16. Well that was a great reason to buy the calendar! Love it.

    Agreed. Naming snowstorms is getting a little ridiculous. I like John's rant. Glad you shared!

    So I went looking for a Vee 'pinner' over at Pinterest and you could not be found among the many Vees. I guess I'll have to wait for an invitation. :)

  17. I had to chuckle about John's rant. I didn't realize they named snow
    storms. Perhaps that's because we don't get many of those down here, although they are tossing around the "S" word for later today.
    I am looking forward to hearing how you do in the land of Pinterest. I often teeter on the edge, but I know I already spend far too much time glued to this chair with blogging.
    Love your bookmark idea. Very cute.

  18. John and I are kindred spirits. I had the exact same reaction to named winter storms, thinking this coming summer perhaps we will find ourselves confronted with balmy weather Annabel. Weather.com posts how the names were chosen; I checked after our last whopper winter storm Gandolf. Gandolf??? Seriously?

    The spine from Little Women: I own that edition, it was a Christmas gift to a girl in 1894. My mother acquired it when I was about 10 years old and read it aloud to me in the garden daily one summer in 1964. She had not read it before so we cried over Beth's passing together. Annoyingly, my own daughter was totally disinterested in the story being fascinated with Anne of Green Gables and the Little House on the Prarie books instead. I still think she missed out on a window to America's history.

    1. Perhaps, but I imagine that she wept at Matthew's passing as much as you wept at Beth's. Your story reminded me of the summer we, my mother and I, read Anne of Green Gables to my children. We were staying at the lake. Oh my! The tears we shed.

  19. PS: if someone wishes to use a book spine for a bookmark, for heaven sakes just make a color photo copy of it.

    1. Ahhh, yes, but sometimes all that's left of a book is the spine. I have several actually.

  20. Oh I totally agree! Naming snowstorms is just ridiculous. I would have liked to have heard John's rant, haha. It is soo something my hubby would rant on too. Love your view out the window. Should take a pic of mine some day...soo different from yours. Yours is just so gorgeous, and your home looks soo cozy and warm. And the bookmarks? Perfect! Enjoy your day!

  21. I always love seeing the view out your window! We started with a bright sunny day but now a cloud has rolled in. Kind of a nice change for us. Love the bookmarks! And what a coincidence....I just joined Pinterest, too. But I haven't sat down long enough to figure out how it works. I wonder what I should do first! lol And yes....we think it's crazy the way they are naming each storm. Sounds kind of silly. Stay warm!

  22. Naming winter storms is a new thing...heh?? But, I take offense to this one being named Helen since it was my mother's name and she was a beautiful women! I love, love the book marks and what a clever idea. When Kelly got married she scanned covers of her favorite books and used them as the cover of her program--she would have loved this idea. Stay warm...in front of the fire, XOXO

  23. I've always thought it was dumb to name storms. But then that's just me.

  24. Welcome to Pinterest...
    The bookmarks are great and I'm glad no old books were harmed. :)
    That's a great way to repurpose some of those great calendar pages. I really enjoyed John's rant...

  25. I didn't know they were naming snow storms now! That is too ridiculous! Speaking of which, it is raining here right now. It is suppose to turn to sleet, then snow by evening. It will be our first snow storm of the winter. I am making chicken and dumplings tonight.

    LOVE your book marks....

  26. Hey your bookmarks are great! I use pinterest most frequently for recipes. Be sure to get P on your ipad. Then you can prop it up in your kitchen and follow the recipe. I love this aspect of it all. I pin frequently from blogs (recipes) and after I try it just get rid of it if I don't want to keep it.

    We are living in an ark today but tonight we are promised one to two of the white stuff. May be worth getting up in the night for a look, as it never lasts here, And say, my mama's name is Helen!

  27. I'm bummed that I missed the party. But....but....I have no good excuse. I just didn't take the time. I looked briefly back through past posts but I think I've used up all the good stuff. Now I need to get my camera back from my friend's house (Where I forgot it on Sunday) and take some more pictures!


    I guess it is better than dealing with Helen. We just has freezing rain that only froze on the surfaces higher than the road. The roads were just fine. Thankfully.

  28. Funny about the rant! It is a bit silly naming everything!!
    Love the bookmarks what a great idea and what great little gifts they make.

  29. Great bookmarks! Yes, I've bought a calendar for just one picture before and if I had seen this one, I would have bought it too!

    I had noticed that winter storms are being named; I think it was Eunice that caught my attention. If we are all the way to John I've fallen behind! Your home looks warm and cozy and just the place to shelter from a winter storm.

  30. I hadn't noticed that snow storms were named but that's pretty funny! Supposedly we will be getting some snow later on today - we'll see. At least it's cold today.

    I'm glad no books were harmed in your bookmark project. The I saw one pinned that was real book spines. Love yours!

  31. Vee I like your book marks. I don't have a calender, but I can get RD Condensed books for ten cents. Wonder if they would work?
    It's the first I've heard about naming snow storms! I hope the silliness never reaches usup here. We are having a little snow, with a doozy of a wind today, which brings high waves in off the lake.
    I'm liking your lights too and your tea cups hanging in the window.

  32. Naming snow storms - that does seem silly! I love your lights (I've done the same on top of the wall unit and the office mantel). It just seems too dark yet to unplug them. I just love the bookmarks you've made (did you destroy June in the making?). I buy calendars just for the pics as well :).
    Stay warm...

  33. Great idea for bookmarks! I just love your window with the tea cups.

  34. Hello Vee
    I don't think we've been naming our storms here. We came back from Mexico to green grass again - figures they'd have a heat wave while we were gone! It has started snowing again but one can still wear shoes outside.
    Nice idea for the bookmarks, I have many unusual ones but of course am using an ereader now. Sorry to have missed the notecard party and I haven't even had time to blog since we got home. My daughter keeps telling me to get on Pinterest, I'll have to look into it.
    Stay warm.

  35. I laughed at John's rant. I had heard they were going to start naming snowstorms but hadn't heard of any. I would rather we named the beautiful days. Maybe I'll start doing that ;)
    Love the book marks!

  36. They're naming snowstorms down there? That's crazy. I wonder who thought that one up. I love your bookmark idea. I am on Pinterest but don't spend much time on it as I spend more time on photos and blogging as it is. It sure is some cold tonight and tomorrow will be -16 here (2 F.) Enjoy your fireplace and twinkle lights. Anything to feel cozy and warm. Hugs, Pam

    1. Yeah, and that's not all that's crazy down here!

  37. Vee- I found your blog link through a friend of mine that was linking to your note card party. Your blog is beautiful and so inspiring. I may get brave enough to link up to the party next month. What a wonderful idea. Blessings to you.

  38. I love John's idea and think I shall start naming the beautiful days too! I love bookmarks and have some wonderful ones, but I actually never use them. I just pick the book up and find my place and start reading. This is totally unlike my husband. He MUST have his place marked or he'll never find it again:)

  39. I like your bookmarks but I turn down the top of the page, shouldn't do it but have done it for years hard to stop now. We do only name the destructive weather but we should also name the nice stuff too, good idea John.

  40. Hi Vee,
    I missed this one, I went to Vermont yesterday. I love your bookmarks.

    You are so right, why don't we name the beautiful days instead of only the storms! Brilliant idea. We sure do have more beautiful ones around here than stormy ones.


  41. Crazy idea naming the snow storms. Lovely bookmarks. Like the lights staying. Fancy doing that myself but Need to buy new lights first. Possibly they would not be quite the same in the Summer though.

  42. Great bookmarks!
    Wonderful rant! Very true.

  43. Catching up again...yay for joining Pinterest! I have to look for you! I ahve not been able to pin very much lately but I know I will enjoy going back to it soon.

    I hope your snowstorm wasn't too bad. We arrived in Colorado in 0 degree weather and there was residual snow on the ground, but it has since warmed up and today I went about in a light spring jacket! The sun is very warm here due to the sltitude.

  44. I don't know if you will ever see this. I'm trying to catch up on all the reading I have missed since our life got a upended.

    I just have to tell you that I LOVE these!! I'm pinning them.

  45. WHat a great idea! Love those bookmarkers, Vee! You're so smart!


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