A Haven for Vee

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Seems a good day to discuss calendars. Briefly. Actually, that depends upon how inspired I get as I write this down. Let's see...

The calendar says 2013 so it must be true. Doesn't feel much different...yet. Didn't even get whiplash from nearly falling off that cliff that everyone keeps talking about.

Ever buy a calendar based on one picture? It appears that I may have. I love the picture above, which belongs to June. Yikes! Six months to wait!!

I shall miss my former calendar, though you may remember that I have a handy trick for changing out my calendar pictures when I feel like it. Nothing like a stapler to simply attach a former calendar picture to the current one. The staples then are hidden by the frame.

We had considered going to a movie—Les Misérables or The Hobbit—and then decided that waiting for a less crowded day would be preferable. A day at home, tickling the new calendar, seemed just right. John tickles the calendar daily with his scale numbers. He has not liked what he's been seeing so, like half the planet, we'll be back on a better eating plan starting tomorrow or as soon as the food is gone, whichever comes first.

Off to tickle that calendar with doc appointments, eye appointments, car registration, inspection stickers, dog tags...ohhhh...good thing I remembered that one...and all those items of business.

Hope that the first day of your New Year is a little more exciting!