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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Importance of Punctuation and Other Stuff

Well, I was quite convinced yesterday that I had nothing to share so didn't post. Funny how that goes...

I do have a bouquet of flowers from my sister to share. She and her husband were in town for the weekend and we had a fun time visiting, going out to eat, going to church, the usual. These flowers were a gift to mark the two-year anniversary of our mother's passing. I must try to remember to do this for my sister as she seems very taken with the idea. 

It was a very cold day when the flowers arrived and I was upstairs puttering in my sewing room. Translation: It took me forever to get to the door. This may have resulted in the posies getting "touched" on the edges.


If you find grammar and punctuation stale, dull stuff, you would so enjoy this book. I laugh out loud reading it. The premise is that the very same words can mean several different things depending upon where the punctuation is placed. One can find proof all around. I did!


Okay, this may be the real reason why I am ambivalent about blogging. No stats again. Site Meter seems to be having ongoing difficulties. I know that I should be an adult about this, but Site Meter is the best when it's working. When it isn't, it is just depressing. 


For those who wondered why the vibration setting was off when using a tripod. This is the tip for my camera. Do you have a vibration setting on yours? Do your directions tell you the same thing?

So, how are you feeling this January day after the Inauguration about blogging?



    For blogging today.

    You already know I was worried. (Duhhh me)

    I really think I will have to use my position as *Queen Of The Universe,* to make a Blogging Degree.

    If we usually blog daily - And we are fine but just don't feel like blogging, on a day - We have to just post that - "I'm fine but have no wisdom to share."




  2. How am I feeling today?

    Sun is shining.

    The world is cold, but beautifully snow covered.

    That snow is sparkling.

    And the ding-dang inauguration is over.

    Every day now, is a count-down to 2016.

    Things are look-up!

    And so am I!


  3. Well, I haven't given it much thought. But, I did finally do a mini reveal of my project room and hope you can tolerate one more visit (or two) to see the progress/outcome! What a lovely bouquet of flowers! Have a delightful day Vee!

    P.S. My new favicon still isn't showing up. Any ideas what I could have done wrong?

  4. That should have read...

    Things are looking-up!

  5. I'm feeling pretty wonderful today...the day after my special day! lol How neat that you had a birthday in the family yesterday, too! I hope you had FUN! Do you think I could just keep celebrating today? I'm still in the 'mood'! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  6. Oh yes, I'm pretty annoyed when I see incorrect punctuation and spelling in blogland. I really try to use my punctuation properly and, thankfully my spell check keeps my spelling correct although (should there be a comma in here?) sometimes it just doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. I noticed Frank McCourt wrote the forward in that book. I think he's Canadian, if not a Maritimer at that! My camera has an anti-shake mode I believe. I haven't read the book in ages. It works so I don't know. :) Your flowers from your sister are beautiful and I really like the photo of them with the plates and aprons. It would make a lovely notecard. (hint) ;) Thinking of you as you remember your mother. Time does heal, eventually. Hugs, Pam

  7. The flowers from your sister are lovely. It was such a sweet thing for her to do.

    This new background is beautiful. I love the softness of it and the blue is calming. It makes me want to stay. I think this is telling me that I need to do something calming to my blog.

    My pictures haven't been the best lately. Perhaps I should get out the instruction book.

    Speaking of books, the book you've shared is one that was recommended by Oprah years ago. It wasn't part of her book club, but I think it was one that she mentioned as both helpful and entertaining. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Hi Vee,
    I have to admit, I am not the best at punctuation. Especially when I am blogging. Your flowers are beautiful. I am glad you had your sister with you on this anniversary.

  9. I never even look at the site meter. I've been there, but I can't figure why I would come back and check. But I want to read that book. :)

  10. I find all the site information very confusing, so I don't pay attention. The meter sounded like a good idea when first explained to me, but I could never really figure out what was what.
    Blogging - I'm always glad when you do.
    The book - I loved it!

  11. That book sounds like a fun read! :)

    About blogging...I am in a bit of a slump. When our laptop was in the shop, I could think of all kinds of things to blog about. Of course, now that it is repaired, my mind is a wasteland. Or I don't have the right pictures. Or Ron is off and we are busy. Or I am staying up until o'dark thirty working on a (non-blogging) project. And so it goes. I do plan to get my Tuesday bread post up sometime today...

    Your flowers are lovely...just the thing for a January day...and such a thoughtful gesture. Do you find it amazing that it has been two years since your mother's passing? I did not know you then, although I have gone back and read your posts about that time. Ron's father passed away in July of that same year, and I find it hard to believe that it has been that long. Even now, it still seems fresh and, out of the blue, a memory will come that causes tears. Praying for you on this sad anniversary... (Sad...although we do not "sorrow as others who have no hope...")

  12. I love that book! I had Christopher read some of it for our homeschooling, it was written in such a way that a teenage boy actually liked reading it.

    In my seven years of blogging, I've had times I loved it and then seasons when I thought of giving it up. For one thing, I find I have to take blog breaks of a week or two now and then. I also rarely post on Mondays since the weekend posts take a lot of work.

    I'm not sure if having three days a week already spoken for helps or hurts (that being Sunday Afternoon Tea, Saturday Pantry Posts, and now My World this Week).

    One thing all three together do is to focus my thinking with words and how I view the world around with pictures.

    Of course, I am one of those who love your posts.

  13. I think you know how I feel about blogging every single day!! Not one of life's necessities for me. I'd collapse from exhaustion if I did. I like the idea of exchanging flowers with your sister to acknowledge your mom. I think I will keep some flowers for myself when I bring a bouquet to the grave next time. Have a good rest of the week! xo

  14. I love that about the punctuation! Too funny. And the sign is really the truth of the matter, as is, because the majority of children born in the USA are now out of wedlock. Sad. No wonder our youth are so misguided.

    On the statistics, why don't you use the statistics in your blog's dashboard? Those work just fine. Everything is right there, including stats on what is most popular today, this week, month, etc.

    Yes, please turn off the vibration reduction feature on your coolpix when you have the camera on a tripod. I think I have mentioned that before to you. On my cameras, the VR feature is on each lens, and I switch it off for tripod work. After I take a camera off a tripod, I immediately switch it back on.

    And the coronation activities yesterday? No, I didn't watch. Don't have the stomach for it. The poor TV would have been in mortal danger, LOL.

  15. I think we all have our blogging hiccups and they are fine when they occur. We blog when we have something to say. And when I look at site meter I sometimes get discouraged. So many readers and so few of them comment. I call them the "Cruisers." And I sometimes am one of them but I usually take the time to make some kind of comment. As for your book, it's delightful isn't it? Its good to read aloud parts at least. Mine was sent to me from a friend in England. Maybe it was published there.

  16. Good morning! I will admit that I look soo forward to your posts every morning as I have my tea. You are the most popular blog I read, and I have NO idea how you always manage to think of something interesting to write about...but you just don't disappoint. I am lucky if I manage twice a week, and as for interesting, well what can I say? ; ) The book looks like something I'd love. I have a thing about punctuation, though I am always wondering if mine is right, hahs. Oh, and the flowers are so pretty, and a REALLY good idea. Enjoy your day!

  17. I read your last question again, and I don't quite understand the "about blogging" part. I don't blog about my political disgust and overall dismal view of this country's future. I save my rants for twitter. So the coronation really has no bearing on my blogging activities.

  18. I have had a lot of ideas for posts, but haven't end posted everyday. It's okay to do that.

    I didn't know you two years ago, but I do trust that you'll be remembering with joy and not sorrow.
    I am not a fan of loss, but it does make me long for the time when He will wipe every tear from our eyes and we will be together in eternity!

    Thinking of you

  19. Dealing with a cold virus today, and that just about sums up my blogging mood, as of late. I will always remember something you posted about a long time back and that was, the longer ones stay away from blogging the easier it becomes to stay away, I have found this to be so true.
    I am so glad you don't take long breaks. ~smile~
    I have a sister that is just as thoughtful as yours, the flowers are beautiful. I think of your Nan and your Mom so often and of the special posts that you posted about them. I was always so touched by their wit, and now you have that and share with us. I don't think you even realize how beloved you are here in blogland, I have always thought that God has a special ministry for each of us and one of yours seem to be right here in blogland.
    Vee, I truly love you.
    I am the worst at punctuation! As far as my camera, I keep telling myself,"one of these days, I am going to read the instruction book."
    Enjoy your day.\HUgs,

  20. You are amazing! Nothing to share? Oh, perish that thought!! We just want to hear from YOU! Checking in on our favorite people is a kind of ritual.

    I love grammar! I also have a few pet peeves about it but I don't get all silly about them since I have begun ignoring so many grammar rules myself!
    Words! How can we not love them? I truly believe words and the way we use them have a far greater impact than we realize.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. YOU are a blessing to so MANY!

  21. I quite enjoyed the "coronation" as some have called it ... but then ... I'm one of THOSE! :D :D And, when the other party is in the White House, I'll be sure to comment on their "coronation"! :D :D :D And that is as close to a political anything you'll see from me..... I promise!

  22. I don't worry overly much about punctuation anymore. Who has time? I give it my best shot and let it go. :) Simple spelling errors are the ones that bug me and I often have a problem with words when I'm writing a post like the one I did yesterday to post today. Using 'was' instead of 'is', etc. Yikes.

    The flowers are lovely and a sweet thing for your sister to do.

    As for the inauguration, I didn't watch a single minute of it. I was sick to my stomach thinking about what could have and should have been. I'm thinking the next 4 years, and probably beyond, are going to be very, very long.

  23. Eats shoots and leaves had me laughing out loud in a public place as I read it.

  24. PS: Didn't know about that vibration thing. I had wondered why there was an off switch...couldn't imagine why one would ever want to allow vibration during a photo.
    There is SO much to know!

  25. As one who asked about turning off the vibration - I thank you for your email pointing me to this page. I missed that in my reading of the book. So much to do and remember. One of my goals this year is to get back to that book.
    I read Eats, Shoots and Leaves several years ago and loved it! Misplaced apostrophes and commas bug me. However, as my daughter who studied linguistics and is now in fashion school has said, "language is always evolving." You can imagine the discussions when she and her English major sister get together and discuss grammar.
    I went through my reader several times yesterday, looking for your post. Then I just went right to your site to make sure I hadn't inadvertently deleted it from the reader. Nope, no post. You were missed.

  26. How thoughtful of your Sis. Is it more for remembrance or to brighten how you might be feeling that day?

    I'm actually home sick today -ugh!


  27. I love the idea of commemorative flowers. Good tradition to start for our loved ones.

    Here's the thing dear Vee, Jeff went crazy reading just the front flap of the book. He said it was incorrectly punctuated (among other things). Glad you like it, but I put it down. I will say though, that I got a bit of fame reflection from this book. I had written Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots and people kept stopping me, writing, congratulating me for being on the New York Times bestseller list. Ha.



  28. Hi Vee
    I thought it was Sharon's book at first too, the titles are so similar. As a writer, on my desk is a Webster's Pocket Guide to Punctuation but that doesn't mean I always get it right!
    It would be a nice tradition for you and your sister to exchange a bouquet of flowers on the anniversary of your mother's passing. Your bouquet is pretty and likely has given you a lift from the memories.

  29. The flowers are so pretty.
    Sounds like a fun time with your sister.
    I just have a point and shoot camera and just have mine set on automatic.

  30. The flowers are beautiful, such soft pinks in that lily, and I'm guessing, as it is a lily, that it smells wonderful too. A lovely way to remember your mother. I never look at Sitemeter anymore; for a while there I was fascinated to see where everyone was coming from on their visits and keeping count. They send me stats but I ignore them. As far as blogging on this January day after the Inauguration, so far I've only been doing some visiting elsewhere and don't know if I will post or not today. This comment is getting really boring I'm afraid . . . I'd better stop now.

  31. You mean you are suppose to read the manual?
    I'm a bit off over here but I'm happy to report that the sun is finally peeking through and burning off that fog we've been cast under.

  32. Hi Vee,
    As one that switches on the camera and turns it to the 'simple' mode and leaves it there, I'm lucky to even know what a tripod is, never mind a vibrations reduction thingy whatsit.

    I don't know what the site metre (or meter) is, I generally just look at the blogger stats page.

    I agree with Auntie - keep looking up.


  33. gorgeous flowers. so lovely. may i ask - did you mother have a favorite flower? i remember my Grandma Mary loved Roses.... any color... she had a huge rose garden. i miss that yard so.

    i watched a bit here & there when they spoke about it in the nightly news that is all. ( :

  34. Vee

    That's a sweet remembrance idea from your sister.I love a Spring bouquet in the winter. I really like that picture in the backgroung I'm seeing too.
    I regret to say I've fallen into the 'if you don't use it, you lose it' category when it comes to my punctuation. I've seemed to have forgotten a lot of the rules. And please don't bring up spelling...
    I won't tell you how I am feeling after the inauguration. Write me and I'll send you a favorite sign that says it all.

  35. Great eagle shots, or exciting ones, anyway! Very exciting to see this bird!
    I don't have much blog fodder either. Now that I have said that, perhaps I'll be inspired tonight!
    I cannot believe your mother has been gone for 2 years. That was a very hard loss, I know.

  36. I feel like I've been away forever. After the trade show, I came home tired, but enthusiastic...then, a virus hit me and I was down for a couple of days. This is the first day I've felt like baking after being inspired by an old book I found at Powell's in Portland, Oregon.
    Some times, I can't believe my mother has been gone for 25 years--my thoughts are with you, XOXO

  37. Did not read all of the comments, but I did see Donna's. I laughed out loud. How apt! Anyway, the flowers are beautiful. What a wonderful tradition it would be to give flowers! Need to find that book, because several people have recommended it. Vibration reduction? You've read the instructions for your camera? Oh my. ;)

  38. I so remember when your mom passed. Can't believe it was 2 years. That was a nice gesture from your sister. When I saw your eagle I had sadness. The eagle represents our country, to me. It must feel confusion and anxiety as that is what I would attribute to feeling 'shakey.'No snow here, YET.

  39. What a nice thing to do. I lost my mom twenty three years ago and still miss her everyday. I miss her laugh and her big blue eyes. She was wonderful.

  40. I feel very good today.......I'm getting over the depression I felt at Christmas, which I am sure is still connected to grieving, and am getting ready to visit my daughter in Maryland and enjoy her family this weekend. And I feel pretty good about our country.

  41. The book...I need to read it! Love the reviews here in your comments. Punctuation and grammar...it's a good thing!

    Lovely blooms...I can almost catch a whiff from over here.

    Sitemeter? I rarely go there anymore, so wouldn't really know when they are 'down'.

  42. I only have a point and shoot camera so ....no tripod.

  43. How do I feel about blogging? I feel like I miss it and wish that I could get back to it more. I think I'm a bit more chipper when I am exercising my creative juices and visiting other creative folks.

    As to inaugeration, I'll just zip it like a good girl. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it.

  44. The flowers from your sister are beautiful, Vee. I'm sure they were an extra special treat to receive on a cold winter's day. We don't have our TV's hooked up as yet so I didn't watch any news of the inauguration. I feel quite in a "bubble' these days! :)


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