A Haven for Vee

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


You'll be happy to know that I took your advice and a great many strings of lights are now in the bin.

I did manage to rescue this little puddle of lights, which I've tossed unceremoniously around the mercury glass tree. It gets left out through February. Not sure how long it will be attended by the adoring crowd.

Whoever asked me if my fingers were hurting—yes! That's when I finally learned that the little gadget has a tool for removing those wee little bulbs. I really should pay better attention to that 41-minute teaching video.

There was a fair amount of tidying up the place as I went along yesterday. I've left this where a grand may find his missing robot. I'm sure that I could have used a working robot the past few days and I'm pretty sure that that is what the grand thinks, too, as this one is just for looks. Just for looks? Right. It does nothing! What kind of a toy is that? A futuristic doll. Pah!

The Volkswagens were shoved about and now one of them holds the place where the tree once stood. A very poor substitute for a tree, I must say.

Today begins the work upstairs. I am so happy to have the new iPad so that I can check in from time to time without coming down the stairs. That way, I may truly accomplish something.

How goes it at your place?


  1. Technology that moves...great, isn't it? I have my laptop in the living room but in rare situations I drag it to other places in the house if I want to stay connected.

    Today I am finishing up some orders (of course) but then I have the joy of making a meal for Katie's family. I've got so many ideas floating around my brain...can't settle on one. But I need to and then make it a reality.

    Have fun working on your upstairs.

  2. OH! what a cute tree, you are a busy little bee. I have been a busy bee too, slowly getting the house back in order.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. It feels good to get things back in order after Christmas doesn't it? I love the technology of portable computer devices which make them accessible anywhere in the house or elsewhere. My laptop is upstairs in the dining room (I don't have to sit down in the office at the PC anymore!) where I can check in when I want and stay as long as I want. Oh wait! That's the problem with them. I stay too long! And don't get anything done. Do you find that? Maybe not yet. But you will. Unless your will power is stronger than mine. :) Enjoy the day Vee! Finish your cleaning. ;)

  4. 41 minute teaching video! Wow! Me'thinks one can take from that, that this "item" was meant for people, familiar with tools of all kinds. -sigh- Not us.

    Actually, I like a robot that does nothing. When Gabe was using his imagination, with simple blocks, I loved it! The blocks didn't sing, or move, or interact. They just sat in the block box. Waiting for him to figure out something to DOOOOO with them. :-)

    I-love-mercury-glass! I-have-not-a-single-piece-of-it. -pout-

    OK, I'm glad you have your iPad to check in, without running up and down stairs. OK... But I still think my blog *deserves* to be seen, on a computer screen. -grump, grump, grump- -gigggles-

    Oh did you ever learn to use your tv, as your computer screen? Does anyone remember back when that way, was an easy way to be on the Net, without the total cost? Yeah, I am 'olden.' I remember stuff like that. :-)

    Who has 2 posts up today...

  5. I have a few things I leave out a bit longer. Snowmen have a longer life don't you agree? I have lots to haul up to the attic from Christmas. But, right now my new project is in full swing! Now I am off!

  6. Well you make me look lazy! Raining here and back in school. I love the lights left out until February...how fun.

  7. Oh yes, the convenience of moveable technology. I am smiling at your words, "That way, I may truly accomplish something." I am smiling because it sounds all too familiar. :)

    I am glad to hear that you were victorious over at least some of your lights. Go you!

    I am smiling at that robot too. We had a grey kitty cat (the stuffed variety) sitting on the table by our back door for several days. I didn't even see Alaine (2) pick it up when she came the next time, but the cat went home with her.

  8. Went to Lowe's to buy paint for the bedroom late yesterday afternoon and they were out of the "base" that is used for the color I picked. This was the second time in a week that happened to me at Lowe's. So my painting project is on hold for a couple of days. That how my progress is going :-).

  9. I am glad you finally quit working on the Christmas lights and have moved on to other things. :-)

  10. You have been busy! I'm cleaning out the refrigerator today. It's a mess (always after the holidays & having kiddos at home) and I do believe it's going to be an all morning project.

    I do love your little mercury tree with the colored lights. SO pretty.

  11. Things are getting mighty clean and organized over there! I took a break from office work yesterday to take down the tree out on the front porch. Other than that, I've been sitting in the office and making order out of 'numbers, invoices, receipts' and the like. Today? I have several appointments...and need to have a photo taken for a travel visa. :) Enjoy your day...upstairs!

  12. Last minute preparations to do for leaving tomorrow. I have CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) trade show to attend. My new line of die cuts will be launched and I will have some busy days. I told my hubby when I come home, I hope my oven will finally be fixed (part ordered) and I'm sleeping for at least 24 hours and vegging out on the sofa! I have my Father Christmases and feather tree up year round...it does put a smile on my face as it does seeing your little tree, XOXO

  13. Oh my goodness Vee I have to clean up around here too, both kids were home for two weeks on vacation.

  14. Oh Vee,
    You are so patient. I had one string of the pretty lights on top of my armour...and sent them packing to my daughter in laws for her home when half of the lights gave up on me. There is a tool? Who knew?
    OH..and Judy is getting herself a travel visa...good to know. =)

  15. WELL my progress is all work and nothing much with the house - which isn't good at all because I have out of town company coming to visit Saturday morning - so I had better get with the program!

    Your robot comment reminds me of the time in tom Hank's BIG (one of my fav movies) when he was a kid inside a big man working in a toy manufacturing corporation and was asked by the owner and CEO what he thought of one of the prototypes - he had a problem with it mainly because it just looked like a thing, it didn't DO anything. Remember that bit? You know I need to watch that again, if for nothing else but to do the Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop thing with the two of those boys.

  16. I'm still finding Christmas decor that was overlooked on clean up day ~ with no place to put it since its all been packed away.

    I'm knee deep in year-end bookkeeping of all sorts, which of course is done on a PC. But I check Facebook and blogs from my iPad every morning ~ in bed with my first cup of coffee. I love retirement!

  17. I have all my Christmas decor packed and ready for the movers to take.
    There's no way I can clean my house until all these boxes are O.U.T.
    Maybe next week...:)

  18. Good morning Vee! I'm glad you are moving ahead and up and have a little device to keep you from missing anything that's going on in cyber land. I'm still working on the laundry that was built up over Christmas. Today I'm going to venture out to get an estimate on recovering and shoring up the seats on our dining chairs. They've lasted 32 years and are looking pretty dismal now...

  19. I laughed right out loud about not watching the video. Hi Pot. I'm kettle. I do the same thing!

    Things are looking really bare here, but it's a good bare. It looks clean and ready for some more pops of fun.

  20. It's too bad the robot couldn't have done the work on the lights for you.

    How fun it is to organize, settle in, and enjoy a new iPad all at once!!! Don't forget to take a tea break now and then!

  21. I've had my Christmas stuff put away for a few days now, except for a red berry wreath that I'll leave up all winter because I love red touches here and there. That's about all I've gotten accomplished here lately. The photo organization isn't going all that well. It's more time consuming than I'd realized it would be.
    Hope your day is a good one.

  22. Vee,
    I asked about your fingers! I can remember the sensation like it was yesterday. You sound like me with reading directions, except even when I read them, I don't always get it right.
    I do like that mercury glass tree. I'm smitten with mercury glass.
    You'll see that thanks to your suggestion, I now have Google Chrome which I had never heard of before. Duh. Thank you, once again, for your help!

  23. Slowly. It goes slowly. But at least it is moving in the right direction! My daughter was going to help, but her oldest (2nd grade) has been home sick with a fever for two days.Poor little guy. Of course, he has plenty to amuse himself with!

  24. The wreath is still on the front door, and pots of greenery by the entrance. We decided we liked the big white lighted star (from Ikea) up on the armoire and have left that for now. I noticed the garland (pearls) is still on the dining room chandelier. But it's pretty, and white, so it will stay for a bit, too.
    I'm feeling a bit lethargic after working two days and coming down with an infection. Antibiotics should kick in soon. There's lots more cleaning to do around here.

  25. Got a late start this morning but went to the commissary and got started on the loft.

  26. You sound busy and productive today Vee! I'm heading home from work in a few minutes and hope that my crockpot did it's thing. I'm also excited to see my new dining room table and chairs that arrived this morning!!! Then we're off to the curling rink. Things are getting back to normal indeed.

  27. Our Christmas tree and all the decorations are put away on January 1st. Today I created the new files for 2013. Now I have to dig my way through getting this office organized. That's a chore!

    I think you're making much better headway than I am.

    Please tell us more about the mercury glass tree. Has it been in the family for a while?

  28. Oh gosh, I could sit here for hours and watch you work...


  29. Mildly productive, with the emphasis on mild! The Christmas stuff got put back in its closet neat and tidy today. The rubbermaid containers of lights still have to be put in the attic, but that requires commandeering an able-bodied son. I still have cardboard boxes all over my house though.

  30. My hubby is really loving his new IPAD. He likes the way it comes right on when you open it...no waiting!

  31. We put away the last of the outdoor decorations yesterday. It's crazy how many lights we have that don't work! Enjoy that ipad!

  32. Ipad! Fun!

    I use my laptop, whenever the kids are not using it for math...I love it!

    I have started a bit of organizing here...Kyle has shelves in his closet, instead of a dresser. Today I began to save my sanity, by purchasing two clear bins - one for pants and one for shirts. Now they will not end up on the floor when one thing is chosen off the shelf!


  33. Hi Vee
    Love this post - so funny!!! I never read the instructions either until it all goes wrong!
    Packing up the tree things always makes me feel a bit down - Advent and Christmas are my favourite times.
    Wishing you a year full of JOY and happiness in 2013.

  34. spent some time catching up with your blog this morning. Love the apron you won! And the church photos are beautiful. Love the color blue of the sky. My hubby spends so much time trying to repair our tree lights also! This year our pre-lit tree needed to have 2 strands of lights removed. It took him over 2 hours. When he was in Afghanistan, the kids and I noticed one strand was not working properly. I had no clue what to do and my son just simply said, "Turn that part of the tree to the wall and no one will notice." And no one did notice until hubby came home the following year. Hope you're having a good day!

  35. You sound so industrious!! It's a good feeling to get everything packed away at the end of the season.

    I love the beautiful apron!!

    I'm waddling too.....today is the third day of my 'trying to eat healthy' ..hopefully a new way of life for 'awhile'..

    I Pads are wonderful..... I love mine!!

  36. Feels good to get things accomplished this time of year.
    Robot that don't do anything are the best kind. Leaves much room to the imagination.
    Have a good day!

  37. Hi Vee, not sure why but the Robot really strikes me as funny. I forgot you got an ipad for Christmas. Need to send you some tips. The tree is down at my house and I replaced it with another tree of sorts. Maybe I'll blog about it. ~ Abby

  38. As much as I love having the house decorated for Christmas, I am always happy to have it back to normal afterward. Love the robot :)

  39. Now an i-Pad, that is on my wish list!