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Friday, January 25, 2013

Watching Smoke Curl

*Let’s learn to love the icy winter moon, or moonless dark and winter constellations, Jupiter’s glow, a slow, incoming plane, neighbourly windows, someone’s flickering screen, a lamp-lit page, drawn curtains.*

At the risk of ticking off a few more readers...on such bitterly cold days as these have been when the wind is howling and the furnace is going full-tilt, life closes down to the essentials. I have enjoyed watching smoke curl.

I tried to emulate Jill and didn't succeed. Just can't get the camera any closer or the image crisper with the limitations of my camera. (By the way, Jill offered some great tips for capturing those snowflakes and frost patterns right here.)

~frosty windowpane~

Think that I'll bake a cake today per Cait's *recipe.*  It's one that won't be too tempting for me.

Where is that gal's scarf? (I'm just noticing.) Everyone is pretty bundled up these days. Had to snap this photo of my daughter and her new winter hat.

Stay warm now...


  1. Morning Vee

    That shot reminds me of the town where my grandparents lived - love those memories:)

    Your sweet daughter looks toasty -even without her scarf:)

    I'm in a smiling mood:) It's Friday:)


  2. I love the posts you come up with. And if you hadn't said, would not have known there was a problem with that snowflake (?) pic--looks good to me. Our "storm" is starting, such as it is, and we won't get above freezing today. Amazing. Running out to see my mom before it gets bad. Oh yes, and there's that "bread and milk" thing in the south.

  3. Good morning! Love to watch smoke curl too though we don't get much of it around here. It's been raining ALL night again though. Your girl looks pretty toasty to me! Enjoy your week-end!

  4. I love to look out at Winter from the cozy warmth of the house. It's snowing here right now and since we don't have to BE anywhere today, Victoria and I are enjoying looking at the birds on the deck while I drink hot coffee.

    Which reminds me, that is a wonderful bird "cake" recipe. I will have to try it. I had to laugh at the reference to butter and being "rich". We can use butter and my daughter-in-law's dad (at Thanksgiving) also remarked that they aren't rich enough.

    He was kidding because he knows we bring in half of what he does but he got my lecture on "buying on sale and freezing butter"... the pantry lifestyle!

  5. -sigh- Yeppers, these days are beginning to take their tole, on a lot of us. I was so kinda'-bummed-out- last night. And that's not my usual mode. I couldn't even get-into enjoyment of my fun book. -pout-


    The COLD of Jan. is taking its tole! And we have to do anything, which gets-us-through. Watching/shooting smoke curl sounds like a delightful project, to me.

    Oh tips on frost pics!

    Love your daughter and her new hat!!!! She is so young and pretty, that that hat looks coooool and cute on her. Would you believe that I got a similar shape hat??? Me? Olden Nana! Black and simply but, warm, warm, warm. But also not fetching. On me that is. Not fetching. But at 75, one no longer has to be fetching!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    Keep watching that smoke curl up!!! Wish I had a direct view of the wood stove smoke curling near here. -pout- No direct view! Just smoke, after it's spread out. NOT a classy shot. ,-)

    Happy Full Wolf Moon, Sat. Have you seen it waxing? High up over head? Wow! Clear. Crisp. Cold. But beautiful.


  6. Nothing like being inside a cozy house on a cold winter's day. We have a little ice storm going on here.


    Well I never claimed to spell correctly.


  8. Love watching smoke curl too and oh - the wonderful smell of a wood fire going! Your frosty picture looks beautiful! I had to check out the cake you are making "that won't be too tempting" - so funny. It's been extremely cold over here but I much prefer that to mud and slush. Your daughter looks adorable in her new hat!

  9. Did you make your daughter's hat? It's been so cold that I wore a hat yesterday, but not nearly one as warm as the one your daughter is wearing.

    Having the fireplace DVD and watching a neighbor's chimney smoke must give the feeling of warmth and comfort. I would probably be tempted to get a blanket and take a nap.

    Is the fern frost a photo you've taken recently? It's absolutely intriguing. I remember one you posted last year...maybe the year before? Wish we had that here, but we do have sundogs at times and that was a new experience for us.

    1. No, I didn't make her hat. Yes, I have the DVD on every afternoon...you remember so well. I do have a blankie, though I've taken no naps. The fern frost photo was taken yesterday or the day before...the days are so like each other lately.

  10. Lovely thoughts on this cold wintry, but delightful day. Thanks for the links, already checked the cake recipe, and will go back and read the camera tips. Curling smoke always speaks coziness to me. Enjoy your day.

  11. I think that cold winter days are just perfect for staying in and cozying up and watching the smoke curl. (I feel equally listless during the dog days of summer. No, maybe more so.) Just enjoy the day and dream of spring...

    I happen to love that snowflake photo! And your daughter is so pretty in her hat!

  12. We're finally a bit warmer--I get so cranky when I can't get out in the garden, even in the winter. I just got a book on making those knitted hats, but with my workload, it's probably going to be next winter that one gets made. I know baking "warms" my home and I'm sure you'll feel that too! XOXO

  13. More frost fern photos please! We have double panes insulated window and don't get the lovely frost designs except on car windows if they are left out over night. Car windows lack foreground charm.
    The hat is delightful as is her smile. A scarf is needed ASAP and matching gloves too if it can be managed.
    We have had two days if freezing rain. Not enough to coat branches and make it pretty; just enough to make going anywhere outside out of the question!
    I still love winter whiteness, snow and smoke and icicle trims all about.

  14. Oh Vee...you have me smiling. I ate enough cake last night for the two of us...and then some...so I won't be by to sample your 'bird cake' today. :)
    BTW...it makes a nice picture...the smoke curling out of the chimney.

  15. Love the frosty window pane! The cold has left us so it must have ventured east but even more dramatically then when it hovered over us. We are back to 40 degree days. Those were great tips on Jill's post. Have a wonderful weekend and don't be slipping on any ice out there!!

  16. Vee, that chimney shot is amazing. And, of course, I had to check out the 'cake' recipe and had a chuckle. My two here would like it, although they don't need all that fat since they are "cage" potatoes! The window pane is awesome, too. xo

  17. It finally snowed here overnight and it looks so pretty, if not a little frosty. The cake looks tasty!! ;-D


  18. I'm glad you got a photo of the chimney smoke Vee. Just another reminder of how cold this week has been. The photo of the frost on the window is beautiful! Jack Frost is quite the artist isn't he. We had ice along the edges of our windows yesterday morning. A rarity. One good thing about the cold is the beautiful sunshine and I am enjoying it from inside the house.

  19. It has been cold enough for me here, too. At least the sun is shining and that helps.
    Your daughter looks so cute all bundled up against the cold. The hat looks warm!

  20. Oh that does look like a nice warm hat!!

  21. It is 32 degrees here today and the snow has melted. Hooray!

  22. It's been so cold here. Our downstairs feels a good 10 degrees colder then upstairs. So I have spent alot of time upstairs! Your chimney pic is great, but I really like your frosted windows!

  23. You won't tick me off! LOL!

    Curling smoke is one of the joys of winter...

    It is snowing here now, and bitterly cold.

    I like these kinds of homey posts.


  24. Hi Vee
    Your photo of Jack Frost is fine as are all the photos of share. Curling smoke brings to mind a fireplace to curl up in front of. It's snowing here again, what else is new?

  25. Vee,
    1. Your garland looks great. So does the greenery in the beautiful window.
    2. Projects....well besides the usual things -cooking, baking, cleaning, blogging, church things, I did paint the trim in the spare room last week. Primer, followed by 2 coats of oyster white. And I'm eyeing the stair baseboards.
    3. I was hoping you were making a decadent cake. I guess so, if you are a bird! Speaking of cake, I'm feeling a bit peckish...

  26. Aw - cute picture of your daughter! My Josh and his wife recently bought themselves these hats, too. I'll bet they feel good since y'all are snowbound right now. I'm glad you're enjoying the smoke curling and the snow. I'm so glad I'm NOT. Tilling the garden tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Gotta get the onions in...

    Have a great weekend Vee and John!

  27. Oh, I really like your frost pattern! Great job!

  28. It looks cold but that looks pretty good to me we panic if we see a smoke curl as we are under a total fire ban at the moment and there are many fires burning across the country areas of our country.

  29. We have been inside for 4 days, painting....I hardly know what the weather is doing but about 2 this afternoon, I had to go get MORE paint and didn't wear a coat...was somewhere around 60 degrees....

  30. Well isn't that interesting that we both posted about our pictures of frosty windows. Great minds think alike!! I looked at Jill's post on photography. I got those lenses she's talking about for Christmas, but haven't tried them yet. Funny she mentions McGyver. I used to watch that show, and call my husband that all the time, still. He can make something out of nothin'. Nice pic of your daughter without the scarf. ~ Abby

  31. The last thing I add to a winter scene when I'm painting is the smoke curling from all the chimney tops!

  32. Sometimes it truly is the simple things that make life worth living.

    I tend to enjoy more the sound and smell of the seasons versus the way they look because I have poor eyesight and am only learning how to photograph....and to be a truly great photographer takes time and patience - two things I seem to be abundantly short of possessing!

    Your daughter is darling, what a cute cute hat to keep her warm in these chilly days and nights!

  33. I love to go outside and see curling smoke out of our chimney! We use our fireplace a lot in winter--It is the only thing I like about winter except for soup and stews! I am just waiting for April 15 for that is when it is usually safe to plant outdoors here!

  34. Cozy - winter - family - warm -delicious - delight!

    I think you really are enjoying the season, Vee!

    Thanks for showing us the wonderful side of cold, bleary days!

  35. Your daughter looks adorable and very warm in her new hat! I'm going to look for one like that when the artic winds blow down aghere again.


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