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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Unless you are educated in metaphor, you are not safe to be let loose in the world. ~Robert Frost

Goodness, what a difference a day or two makes. Just look at it these future skating rinks!

(These photos were taken just this morning. Yesterday's photos had been taken on Tuesday morning. In light of these revolting developments, my winter tree and lights make me happy — very cheering.)

We went to bed with the pattering of rain on the roof and woke to a banshee wind swirling about the house and demanding to be let in.

So where was I? Oh, yes, metaphor. I love metaphor (simile, too) and do not use either as often as I would like. Language is filled with it. Sometimes we're aware and other times we pay no attention. Scripture is filled with it. When we do stop to notice, we can appreciate it and understand on a deeper level. Who can not appreciate Psalms 23 or the phrase from Ephesians 4:  "He has led Captivity captive"? If that doesn't provide more understanding, I don't know what could. Do you have a favorite metaphor?


Some made me laugh yesterday when you thought that Mr. Buechner's words were my own. What a lovely compliment! However, I wish to point out that I used the block quote feature (that's the blue quote button on the tool bar third from the end). That button can be used whenever one is quoting a passage of a few sentences or more. It sets the entire quote in from the usual paragraph. To further emphasize it, I put the quote in italics and used a different color. Of course, I also added the writer's name.

If you know anything more about our tool bar, fill me in please. For example, I have no idea what the next button does. (It removes formatting...scary!)

A wonderful day to you...


  1. Oh, that wind was fierce! I could hardly sleep last night...every time I'd begin to drift off, a house-shaking gust would wake me up. And I heard a siren three different times which made me wonder what in the world was going on. Today it is still windy, but it seems calm in comparison. Perhaps I should have used a metaphor to describe all that...

    Ha! I have wondered about that "remove formatting" button myself, but have never dared to click it! =D

    Don't get blown away today!

  2. I just need to read your post and then learn...you also have things I have no idea about...thanks again for the info.
    Oh my! everyone's weather is so different and it does make life different. We are windy and cold here...but by cold I mean in the 50's!

    Metaphor...need to think on that one

  3. Whew, same howling dervish of a wind here too! I was waiting for one of the tall trees along the back property line to snap off at the top. It continues this morning and has brought some snow flurries.
    I don't have a favourite metaphor and don't touch anything I don't understand on the tool bar. A blog could certainly have disastrous results if one were to push the wrong button. A friend decided to upgrade to Google + and wiped out all the photos on her blog by clicking somewhere she shouldn't have.

  4. I got my cool morning -- finally! It looks cold in your part of the world. Tea time! :D

  5. Good morning! Most of the winds around here are HOT Santa Ana's and bring warm, WARM weather....Definitely, don't like them! Thanks for the tip on the tool bar, did NOT know that. I am lucky I post at all though most of the time. Have a wonderful day!

  6. We went from a record high 65 degrees on Tuesday to snow this morning and negative zero wind chills by tonight. I admit the snow and even ice look lovely if you don't have to drive in it. :)

    I once hit that remove format button on the toolbar accidentally. It was then I wished Blogger had an UNDO button and the one on the browser did not UNDO.

  7. Areas of our town flooded yesterday because of the rain. There were high wind warnings too. Yesterday was 65 degrees. Today it is sunny and 31 degrees. Never a dull moment!

  8. You are a wealth of information! I do not play around with "buttons" enough. But, then like Brenda above me said sometimes you hit then can not undo. That would be my luck! I did think you wrote yesterday quote, until I got to the end and saw his name. Still believe you could have been just as creative with your own words. That's how good you are! Crazy weather here. Yesterday in the mid 40's this morning 17 degrees and snow. That's the way it is! Hope your day is warm and cozy!

  9. Lovely photos. You captured rain-on-windows! -happy sigh- I didn't. -pout- (Crazy weather...)

    What more could you do, to show that you had posted a QUOTE?!? Goes to show, that we are all sometimes *guilty* of skimming. Me too. I admit it. Me too.

    "Skimming" over the words of a post, is the *Guilty Secret* of blogging. -chuckle-

  10. Well we started off with rain when we got home and by nightfall it had turned to snow.

  11. It has been windy and rainy here too. There were tornadoes west and south of us. God bless the folks who lost their homes and were harmed. Storm clouds are still overhead, but I think the worst of it is gone now.

    Oh, I adore metaphors! I don't know that I have a favorite one. I just use them without even thinking.

    I keep forgetting about the quotes feature on the toolbar! I have been doing the formatting on my own for quotes. And yes, I use the button to remove formatting for every post. Why, you ask? Because I write out my post in a Word file. Then I copy/paste it over to the Blogger editor. The html can go wonky if the Word formatting isn't removed, so I remove the Word formatting and then add the Blogger formatting. You might think that I am creating myself extra work, but I like the freedom of writing/editing in Word and I also have complete Word files of all of my posts, including all of my photos or links to my photos on Flickr.

    I also use the jump breaks to shorten my posts on the home page (located two buttons to the right of the insert picture button). The web page loads up faster than way (better for dial-up readers), and I give enough of an introduction to the subject to give people a choice to hit the "more" link if they want to read the whole post. I've read blogging studies that say readers will more likely read your entire post if you break it up like that. The theory is that if you have a huge post on your home landing page, that people will tend to scan over it quickly and may lose interest before they get to the end. When the reader commits to reading more, they are more likely to actually read more! LOL, I hope I am making sense!

    I see that Brenda (above) doesn't know about the undo button in the formatting bar. The undo/redo buttons are to the right of the compose/html buttons.

    1. Thank you SO much for your information!

      I've been on Blogger for seven years and I didn't know any of that.

      I write for the Mom Heart blog and I sometimes write my drafts on Blogger and then have to transfer them to Word to forward to our editor. Of course, I had to reformat when I went to word. Now I know how to UNDO THE FORMAT before transferring it.

      Not to mention just undoing what I accidentally did...

  12. Good grief, I didn't mean to write a book in my last post. LOL!

  13. This weather doesn't know what to do - the poor robins came back early with some of that odd warm weather, only to find things freezing up again. I have have a mind to go buy some meat for them, poor things.

    We have light dusty snow today - yesterday ALL DAY was the torrential downpours, been terribly windy. the day before that I walked barefoot to the mailbox, so it truly is odd.

    Stay warm, work on your novel, hon. You have it in you. I will buy the first copy only if you promise to sign it.

  14. .....not quite ONLY if you promise, but that would be very kind of you.....

  15. I'm so glad you ask questions, Vee. I'm learning here! I need to bookmark this post for future reference. My thanks to the others for sharing their knowledge, too.

    You have a gift for writing and I truly enjoy my morning visits.

  16. As one of the guilty party, I admit I noticed the difference in the type. etc but thought you were just being poetic. Until I saw his name. None the less, I like complimenting people, and just thinking it could be your writing made me smile. Amazing that wind last night, from north to south apparently!

  17. Your change of weather looks a lot like what we have all the time in the winter months! I wish I knew more about toolbars...in fact, more in general about computers; I love the collages you put together, XOXO

  18. I awoke at 3 AM to the howling winds. We are surrounded by trees, so I was a little unnerved. One day you have gorgeous snow and the next a spring-like day with howling winds. More snow is on it's way though this weekend.

    You know, New England weather makes you really live in the moment.


  19. It's just the opposite here. Yesterday the sump pump was getting a workout from the heavy rain and warm temp. Today? cold cold cold!! Slippery and dangerous.
    I wish I could have stayed home with the cat.

  20. I know absolutely nothing of the tool bar. Mine is invisible to me! I really need to check it out some time. It was a wicked ill wind here, too, started very late, I see a piece of a gutter in my front yard. I need to investigate. Ay! xo

  21. As I watched the news last night and saw the weather ascending toward you it made me wonder what we'd see here this morning. I did call our daughter in North Carolina to see what whipped her way. She said it was quite windy there. Stories are more interesting to read with metaphors or similes. Hope your day goes well...

  22. I love the rainy window shots, I love a cloudy day, lol, i know very little about the buttons on the tool bar , with me its trail and error, mostly the later!

  23. As one who loves all things literary, I'm fond of just about any form of imagery. Just like you, I love finding it in the Bible.

    Now, if you were to ask my family, they would probably say that I'm the fondEST of hyperbole, the "grosser" the better.

    I use it about 4,728 times a day.

  24. It is very windy here today and bitter cold.

    I love the window shots!

  25. Hi Vee. Your neighbourhood looks like mine today. What a lot of water laying around. The ditches are full, culverts frozen, ponds are forming in fields etc. It's going to be nasty when it freezes over tonight. Oh well. Spring will come soon as my daffodils popped up today. :) I didn't know about the block quote feature, thank you very much, and don't know what the other one might be either. So much I don't know about posting and I'm afraid I'll do something wrong and lose it all. Well, the lights are flickering a bit here with the wind. I heard a tree took down power lines in a neighbouring community so they are without power. I like your collage of the different views from your windows. Have a nice afternoon.

  26. How about that banshee wind today? I was going to go to the gym, but after running to the garage with the trash, decided it would be the rowing machine at home for me today! Wimp, cause I really should go to the gym. But I really got rained on yesterday when I went. *whine*

  27. I can't think of a favorite metaphor but I do like them.
    Very windy here - today everyones green garbage cans are blowing down the back street.
    I cracked up over John's comment!! : )

  28. We had the same weather I'm afraid - major flooding here closed roads, schools, etc.

    At first I thought you wrote the quote too then realize that it wasn't you. Sorry I can't help you with the other features.

  29. Yesterday tornadoes today freezing howling winds! Always interesting weather here.

  30. Beautiful mosaic Vee - the weather is crazy here too! I need to check out that quote button - learned something new here today! You are amazing. Thanks for your comments - have you done a lot of iPhoto books? I love how mine turned out!

  31. I love your photos, too. But do you want to hear a funny metaphor story? When I met my future husband he asked me where I lived. I told him I lived on Metaphor Creek....not really! I told him I lived on Meadow Fork Creek but he didn't understand my Southern drawl back them and misunderstood. We still love to laugh about it! We laugh together...I think! heeheehee! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  32. The wind took down trees in our area and knocked out the power in our community for most of the day. They had to send the kids home from school. It was beyond blustery. Hope you had a wonderful day. ~ Abby

  33. There's always something new to learn about blogging - thanks for that little lesson!

  34. love that last shot - has a nice glow. so windy & flooding around here. the river is rushing by. stay warm. ( :


  35. It was calm here today with a sweet fluffing of snow.
    I need to learn so much more about all the options offered
    with my blog! I guess it hasn't become a priority yet, which is probably quite obvious. It is frustrating at times, I must admit.
    I always love your window shots, Vee!

  36. Your photos are so lovely, Vee...I can just feel the greyness of the day and the coziness of your home! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I hope you try the tote project...it was just plain plain to work on!

  37. How did I miss this post? Ah,well.

    Beautiful photos - we have had wind and crazy weather here. It is now very cold - 23 degrees.

    Thanks to Donna for her information about the tool bar.

    I love to learn something new everyday!



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