Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stuff and Things

This morning when I awoke, I realized very shortly that I feel just as bad as I have every other morning this week. Nerves will get you if you don't watch out, and they've got me. I have some sort of viral infection that has resulted in multiple cold sores on my lips, sores in my mouth, and a swollen neck, which is also, yup, sore.

And tonight is my junior high class reunion and I have hoped all week that I might be able to go after all. Originally, I wouldn't be able to go because of Nan, but now I'm not able to go because I look like the creature from the Black Lagoon. Guess this spares me the troubles of trying to make myself into a fourteen-year-old. Thank the Lord for small favors!

These school chums are the ones I began my educational journey with way back in kindergarten and we were together until high school. By the time we reached high school, our town high school had been closed for a number of years and we were bussed to the big city where we ultimately graduated in a class of nearly 500. We lost touch with one another even though we lived in the same small town. I never recommend that communities bus their children off for an education.

I'll be thinking of them all; praying as the Lord brings them to mind; and hoping that they have a fun time tonight wading through the memories.

In some sad news, John found that Sarah had died sometime Thursday night. She was buried yesterday in a coffin that John made special just for her. He wrote upon it: Sarah, a good friend to Nan. August 13, 2010. I'm quite upset by this because I feel that if I had been more observant I'd have known that something was wrong. But, being sick myself, I was pretty self-absorbed. All I know is that she had eaten her last two meals and was still drinking water. I also know that for some strange reason Fioré was lying with her all day. We will not be telling Nan about Sarah's passing for fear that it would upset her too much. If she returns home, of course, we will have to. If not, she will be spared.

So that's why I was looking for lovely things yesterday. Thanks for the helps with the posies. Because of you, I watered them for 20 minutes this morning. They don't look revived, but it's early yet.

Have a lovely weekend...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Something Lovely

I need to think about something lovely today. Something right. Something pure. Something noble and admirable (a poor paraphrase of Philippians 4:8). This has nothing whatsoever to do with Friday the 13th, though if I were a superstitious person I'd think so.

Back along, I told you that I had had a sweet offer of perennials from my sister's garden. At that time, I couldn't fetch them, but while Nan was in the hospital last weekend, I did go dig up three boxes full. I have lots of lilies (already gone by), some bleeding hearts ( I hope one of them is white), and a number of tall phloxes. They haven't looked especially happy in their new environment hence the cropped photos. Anyone know how long it takes for them to perk up?

I may just quit and buy some mums for fall. I'm beginning to see them all over the place. The garden could so use some color!

Nan is safely in Rehab and is as content as one can be. We are so thankful for the Lord's working this all out. Thank you again for all your prayers and thoughts on our behalf. We felt them, believe me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

P*it B*ulls

Sure. Like I don't have enough controversy going on.  Nevertheless, I am going to tackle this one. Folks are gonna get mad. Oh well, here goes anyway...

Let me say right up straight that I like dogs. My son and his wife have two, a pug and a beagle. (And I don't mean my grandsons!) My parents had a poodle and when we were growing up we had collies, pedigreed and everything. My sister and her hubby have a black lab and my neighbors have a chocolate lab named Brin. I like all these dogs.

This morning around seven (actually yesterday morning this having been written last night), I was outside planning to water my flowers when I heard dogs growling viciously. Within seconds, I heard a man yelling in a truly terrified voice, "Get outta here! Go away! Leave her alone!" Then I became aware of a smaller dog whimpering. I'm no Sherlock, but I was able to put it all together. My neighbor beyond the tree line was yelling at the p*it b*ulls who run the leashes, no collars, no nothing. They must have attacked his poodle, which he often keeps on a run in his yard.

Brilliantly, I decided that the flowers were on their own and scampered inside. I was just telling John that the dogs that had charged him a few weeks ago must be up to something again when he saw them running down the street. "Yup," he acknowledged, "same dogs."

The dogs ran off where I could no longer see them and John left for the morning paper. Not long after he pulled out of the drive, I saw a police officer in his vehicle circling the neighborhood. When John returned, I told him and he said that obviously someone had called the incident in.

As we were drinking our morning coffee, we heard first one then another shot ring out. Some moments later, a third. I have no idea for certain, but I think that the p*it b*ulls are history.

As I was feeling a pang about that, John reminded me that he had been very afraid when they charged him and he reminded me that children play in this neighborhood, my own grandchildren included. What we had here were two p*it b*ulls running loose and wearing no tags. Obviously, their owners were not terribly concerned.

My sister has a new neighbor who owns two p*it b*ulls. They bark all day and night and when anyone goes to his/her car in my sister's drive, they lunge at the ends of their chains barking furiously or sometimes a low-throated growl that is most frightening. We've all worried what might happen if a chain breaks.

So the bottom line is, if owners are not going to take responsibility for their dogs, the dogs have no business running loose. Most communities have leash laws. I'm glad to see that our police department enforces ours. Yes, I am glad. No more pangs for me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Project Long in the Making and Not Yet Finished

This is a little project that I have been working on for months. I have tried it many ways and have ripped it apart several times. And gosh, now I see that those buttons just won't cut it. I think that I may be too much of a perfectionist. It'll never be perfect so why do I keep trying? I'll tell you why... this is for a very special gal who could whip one of these up herself (with one hand tied behind her back and blindfolded) in no time flat and it. would. be. perfect. I think of it this way, though. Don't good chefs need someone to bake or cook for them sometimes? And wouldn't a painter enjoy a painting done especially for him/her? And doesn't a good writer appreciate good writing? Sure. Anyway, that's my philosophy and the reason I have soldiered on despite being out of my element. At least I'm learning new things.

Have I ever told you that I am not a fan of messes? They make me nervous. This from a former first-grade teacher who taught her own art classes. That was probably the beginning right there! Anyway, creating is always messy. Always. Maybe I just need some extra room. My space is filling up rapidly and especially so after my sister gifted me with tons of her stamping things. I'm delighted and appalled all at the same time.

Anyway, with one of those hundreds of stamps and some fabric ink, I've been practicing making my own ribbon. Ohhhh, I like it. Yes, I do believe that I can get used to this.

Did I tell you that I lost the beautiful armoire in my sewing room? It didn't really belong to me so it went to join the rest of the set at my son and daughter-in-law's. John helped me move in an extra bureau floating about...the attic's full of them...and so I set up my new station. About the same time, my mother gave me this vintage suitcase that belonged to her grandmother. I filled it with the canning jars that contain buttons and old lace. That's *Pearl* sitting right up there atop the pile beside a vintage postcard. (Pearl used to belong to Nan, but Nan began to think that Pearl was staring at her. This is pretty common for Alzheimer's patients I am told.)

It's all a-jumble and needs some tending. Oh well! Thankfully, no one on the first floor can see it, except now that I've shared with all of you, that seems a moot issue. :D

Concerning Nan...we have been waiting for official word for several days now of where she will be going after her hospital stay. It's all been so up in the air. I've kept myself busy packing for her knowing that she's not coming directly home. She's in such rough shape after that fall. She's been unable to feed herself because her hands are so crippled and so it's meant trying to get there for all of her meals so she'll be able to eat. It's an awful thing to know that if you're not at the hospital, your loved one will go hungry. The staff is much too busy to help with feeding the patients. Crazy state of affairs now let me tell you.

Anyway, I'm taking her rollator along to the nursing home and I wanted it to have a cute tag so it won't get lost. Hope Nan likes it...of course, her name is written in what appears to be an empty center.
Guess that's all I've got for today... I hope to get caught up with you soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ice Cream Date

This past Sunday afternoon, the aromatic oil diffuser did it again. We were literally knocked out within ten minutes of dropping in some Peace and Calm. I slept for nearly three hours upright in a chair while John napped on the sofa. Talk about sleep deprived.
Edited to add: For those who've asked, I first mentioned this item *here.*

When we woke, we decided that, since we were not house captives as is usually the case, we would go to the flea market. While there, I received a call from my grandson via his aunt saying that he wanted to come for a visit. Oh no!

But never fear, I set up a quick ice cream date and asked them to meet us at "the farm" where we'd have ice cream and visit the animals to include a llama who spits. Perfect.

I've never taken my grandson for an ice cream before so was quite interested about his order. It was fast and sure: small chocolate soft serve in a dish with rainbow sprinkles. Oh. Interesting. My daughter ordered a medium half and half (chocolate and vanilla) and I ordered a mocha chip cone as did John.

We sat outside at the picnic tables enjoying our treats and watching rabbits scamper about in their hutches. Sam ate his with careful attention and after a little while, his aunt told him that he had a "jimmy" on his chin. Sam's eyes grew very wide and slowly he asked, "Why do you say that I have Jimmy on my chin?"

Honestly, I just love this age. Language is so interesting not to mention confusing. So what do you call these things?

Monday, August 9, 2010

More Post Cards on Parade

Refrigerator door decorations don't usually make me this happy, but these pretty postcards have a spot front and center and they make me smile whenever I see them. That's all the reason I need to keep them right there.

Four blogging buds have sent a postcard. It all started with Suzanne of At Home with the Farmer's Wife. Then the card from Judy @ My Front Porch. Next was Pat's @ Mille Fiori Favoriti. The last was from Penny @ The Comforts of Home

Do you think that it would be fun to send someone a postcard and get one in return? I've another spare floating about in addition to the two being returned to two gals here. First one who says she wants it, gets it.

Couldn't help myself with the mosaic, its being Monday and all.

I do have a secret reason for gathering postcards. Wanna see?

Photo from Coastal Living

Check out all those pictures (postcards?) above the bed! How's that for a mosaic? I kinda like it. No, I really like it.

Have a great Monday out there...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

He Is the Vine...

All these flowers are on one johnny jump-up plant. Each one is unique and lovely, but obviously they don't exist for very long without being attached to the plant. It reminded me of this verse:

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. ~John 15:5

Happily, I have recently learned that johnny jump-ups are perennials so I'll be planting them in the garden from their container very soon. This should help them get the proper drainage they require.

This mosaic was the Mosaic Monday dud for last week. Sometimes a dud can become a bit more. Mary is taking a break this week so no mosaic today. ;>

God bless your day and your week.