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Thursday, August 12, 2010

P*it B*ulls

Sure. Like I don't have enough controversy going on.  Nevertheless, I am going to tackle this one. Folks are gonna get mad. Oh well, here goes anyway...

Let me say right up straight that I like dogs. My son and his wife have two, a pug and a beagle. (And I don't mean my grandsons!) My parents had a poodle and when we were growing up we had collies, pedigreed and everything. My sister and her hubby have a black lab and my neighbors have a chocolate lab named Brin. I like all these dogs.

This morning around seven (actually yesterday morning this having been written last night), I was outside planning to water my flowers when I heard dogs growling viciously. Within seconds, I heard a man yelling in a truly terrified voice, "Get outta here! Go away! Leave her alone!" Then I became aware of a smaller dog whimpering. I'm no Sherlock, but I was able to put it all together. My neighbor beyond the tree line was yelling at the p*it b*ulls who run the neighborhood...no leashes, no collars, no nothing. They must have attacked his poodle, which he often keeps on a run in his yard.

Brilliantly, I decided that the flowers were on their own and scampered inside. I was just telling John that the dogs that had charged him a few weeks ago must be up to something again when he saw them running down the street. "Yup," he acknowledged, "same dogs."

The dogs ran off where I could no longer see them and John left for the morning paper. Not long after he pulled out of the drive, I saw a police officer in his vehicle circling the neighborhood. When John returned, I told him and he said that obviously someone had called the incident in.

As we were drinking our morning coffee, we heard first one then another shot ring out. Some moments later, a third. I have no idea for certain, but I think that the p*it b*ulls are history.

As I was feeling a pang about that, John reminded me that he had been very afraid when they charged him and he reminded me that children play in this neighborhood, my own grandchildren included. What we had here were two p*it b*ulls running loose and wearing no tags. Obviously, their owners were not terribly concerned.

My sister has a new neighbor who owns two p*it b*ulls. They bark all day and night and when anyone goes to his/her car in my sister's drive, they lunge at the ends of their chains barking furiously or sometimes a low-throated growl that is most frightening. We've all worried what might happen if a chain breaks.

So the bottom line is, if owners are not going to take responsibility for their dogs, the dogs have no business running loose. Most communities have leash laws. I'm glad to see that our police department enforces ours. Yes, I am glad. No more pangs for me.


  1. You're not offending me. I hate pit bulls and more than than I dislike their owners more. THEY are the ones responsible for them and fail to do so yet always telling 'us' how safe their pit bulls are and 'we' really don't understand them. Oh boo hoo! When pit bulls bite their jaws lock and they do not let up until their prey is dead. The breed should be extinguished. I won't even get into dog fighting because that subject gets me started and it's only 5:30 in the morning.


  2. Hooray for your community!!!

    Our city has a leash law on the books. It was stumped for by me, way back when my Daughter was little, and was bitten by a stray dog. She's now over 50, so you can see... That was a lonnnnnnnng time ago.

    I was a sweet, quiet, non-confrontational young wife/mother then.

    And yet, I took it upon myself, to go door to door, to get a petition signed, braving being bitten by dogs, of course. We got it on the City Council docket and a lot of people agreed with us. A lot didn't also and we lost some customers at our store but... A leash law was voted in!

    Wonder who got your leash law on the books of your town? Maybe, [in your spare time -Hahhhhhh-!] you could find out, and say 'Thank you' to that person. Believe me, no one ever does, in my city. -wry smile-

    Again Hooray for your town and it's law enforcement!!!

  3. G'morn & I totally agree with your thinking. They are dangerous, period!
    My dad had one, never trust them no matter 'how sweet they are' ... hope the pooch is ok & glad they are *history*.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. Right on! Owners must be responsible for their pets...and pit bulls should be kept behind lock and key.

    Collies and labs...those are more my style. We had a black lab for fourteen years...and is fondly remembered.

  5. Dangerous dogs have to be dealt with.
    I guess you don't know if the neighbor's dog is o.k.?

    I am so glad that John didn't get hurt by them. The things you hear on the news are very scary.

    We had to have our Kimmy put to sleep because she got aggressive...and she wasn't a pit bull. It is hard but the responsible thing to do.

    Becky K.

  6. I like dogs too but pit bulls do scare me and I don't trust them.
    Do you think they would just shoot them? I think here they shoot them with darts and take them away and inform the owners. Then they decide what to do about the dogs. I think they have to go to court before then can actually kill them.

  7. Yikes...what scary experience that must have been for John! I hope your neighbor's dog was OK,

    I agree that ALL dogs should be tagged and on a leash when outside a fenced yard, and most certainly aggressive breeds should be carefully attended to.

    ANY dog can become a hazard to small children and small animals. My niece was attacked by a German Shepard that leaped over a fence when she was passing by someones house. Dogs are by nature very territorial and the owners have to be responsible to make sure their dogs are properly trained and restrained when needed.

  8. Dogs do what they're bred for and yes, the owners need to take responsibility. You bet if those dogs were actually shot that the owners are going to raise holy heck with the officials. What everyone has said is correct, no matter how tame and sweet certain breeds may appear you should not trust them.

    Our neighbors have three dogs, two gentlers breeds and a German Shepherd. The shepherd is a young dog and has already charged many neighbors, causing them to avoid walking, jogging or walking their dogs past this part of the neighborhood. Many have felt trapped by the fact that they can't safely walk in the area. The dog bit one neighbor and ripped the shorts of a jogger. Very frightening!!! Finally they put in one of those electric dog fences...but STILL I don't even trust that thing.

    Dogs should be on a leash when not in their fenced yard.

  9. Well, it's sad that people have bred such savagery into pit bulls. It's the people's fault for all the years of breeding for fighting and aggressive behavior. I'm glad your police force took care of this situation. From what I've seen, these aggressive animals cannot be rehabilitated and must be put down.

    Now, I know not every pit is aggressive, but by and large, they've been bred this way. We've had a few local incidents where small children and one lady were attacked and were horribly disfigured for life. It's just not worth the risk.

    You're not making me upset at all! One of my friends who used to raise pomeranians told me of someone whose little pom was attacked and killed by a pit. It, too, was running loose.

    So go ahead and shoot 'em if it must be. Our laws here say that if a dog or other animal is on our property and is threatening or appears vicious, we have the right to defend our property/family by shooting it.

    Pit bulls should be outlawed.

  10. And to you Aunt Amelia - you were an activist WAAAYYY back when! I'm not surprised...

  11. It would be hard to be offended when dogs are allowed to run loose and the people lock themselves in! To me it is not about breed but more about people not being responsible for their animals. I have a Westie who I know has tendencies to bark and growl. He is never off his leash or let out alone or even left out alone. I don't think he would bite but I don't know for sure!! So I make sure I don't give him an opportunity to bite. That is what owners need to do.

  12. When free roaming pit bulls raced into our FENCED yard (and wounded our cat) I jumped in my car with my cell phone and followed the dogs while staying on the line to animal control. They had been notified of the dogs, but each time they came out, the dogs were long gone.

    If anyone sees two or more dogs off leash, call animal control AND FOLLOW the dogs! Stray dogs need to be rounded up so they don't get hit in traffic, and so that they don't form packs with other stray dogs.

  13. Our neighbors have a dog they let run loose (we are in the country but a neighborhood) who drove us all crazy.

    I don't remember what kind of dog he is but it is one that can get vicious. He scared everyone who came up the gravel lane and was always in our yard and the other neighbor's yard.

    That neighbor finally went to them and told them if they didn't lock the dog up, he would contact the sheriff's department.

    They were furious with him and are talking about moving because of it... but that dog has not bothered us all summer!

    The sad thing is, when you get to know that dog, she is very friendly but everyone she does not know is an enemy.

  14. You know I am an avid dog lover..but this is far too much for the everyday person to deal with..bad bad owners! They should be punished as well {maybe not shot...but..}
    Mr. B, Braxton & Lulu were attacked last year by a pit and my son & his pug were the year before..luckily (and at a very HIGH COST of vet bills to us) everyone made it out OK..but there needs to be real enforcement.

    If my mother-in-law were walking the dogs (as she USED to) she would have had no way to fight the pit off - Mr. B had a hard enough time..

    Don't think about it for a moment - other than hoping the owners are reprimanded...

    I feel badly for the breed and agree with "Terri" that all dogs should be taken care of and guided..pits included.

    And they (and all dogs!) should be on a leash when out and either in the house or a suitably-fenced yard when not..our late ShihTzu actually bit the neighbor boy (he was teasing Charlie relentlessly before we saw what was happening ) but Charlie was on "house arrest" ( we reported the incident to the Animal Control) and we felt terrible, so it's not just the pits..they just have been so mistreated and think they have to defend themselves all the time-even Lulu is now more aggressive since her attack..she's terrified of anything coming up behind her (the pit came up from the back..)

    God entrusted us to care for these animals and some of us have really let Him down..

  15. I'm amazed at such a quick response, and I heartily endorse it.

    Now there's one less thing for you to worry about.

  16. I just saw your comment on Elizabeth Berg on another blog and thought I'd stop by. I've just finished reading "Home Safe". It was a quick read and, although I liked it, it is not nearly as good as some of her earlier books. Elizabeth is a delightful person. I've met her several times and even sat with her at a luncheon a few years ago. We both live in a Chicago suburb.


  17. I agree with you Vee! That is totally irresponsible!!

    Here in Ontario, Canada where I live, Pit Bulls are illegal. Ones that were alive already when the ban came into affect are still allowed but if anyone is caught breeding them... big trouble.
    Eventually, hopefully, they will be all gone.
    I had an "experience" with one once as well and I do NOT mourn their loss..


  18. the truth can sometimes be painful but
    is still true.

    people who want dangerous dogs should
    keep them safely tucked away.

    i feel terrible for that little poodle!
    and john, for that matter. how terrifying.

  19. I like dogs, but I don't like it if any dogs charge towards me. We have the leash law in our neighborhood and many people have the invisible fences. However, dogs have been known to break through the fences. We had some neighbors who let their dogs be outside all night and they spent a good portion of that time barking. Very annoying.
    I think people need to be responsible dog owners. I have met a lot of pit bull and rotweiler owners who tell me they are the nicest gentlest dogs you can own. I have a hard time with that one.

  20. I walk 3 to 4 miles a day around our neighborhood. I know almost every house that has a dog. 90% of the dogs love to bark and growl at me when I walk by. You would think I would be used to it by now but they still scare me. My wife says they bark at me because they can sense that I am a BIG SISSY! She may be right?

  21. Vee you are so right and I totally agree with you. Charli and I do not walk in our neigborhood any more because of all of the unleashed dogs. One day a German Shepard came CRAWLING up behind us. When I noticed and tried to shoo the dog away it growled showing his teeth. I picked charli up and started screaming help me. Help me please. a woman came out of her house and started screaming that I was nothing but a big baby. He's only playing. She was yelling at me because her dog was running the street without a leash. When I told her I was going to call the police she settled down. People need to take responsibility for their animals.

  22. It's a sad, sad reflection on people's irresponsibility.
    As a veterinarian, I've got to tell you that pit bulls are such a product of their environment. The way they are raised is often how they turn out.
    When I was in school, I ended up adoping a pit that had been hit by a bus. She was so dear that the veterinary school wrote off her bill as a teaching case (the owner could not afford the massive bills) and I ended up adopting her.
    Obviously, I was a responsible owner unlike your neighbors. Peaches didn't like some dogs, but others she did, so I was always careful. That's just common sense. Always approach a strange dog warily.
    By the same token, I have seen people that keep getting labradors, and repeatedly, dog after dog, these labs attack other dogs and attack and kill neigbors' cats.
    Vee, I am so glad these dangerous dogs are out of your neighborhood. Now I just wish the owners were gone too, before they replace the dogs.

  23. Vee,

    Those dogs are dangerous! We once lived in a quite neighborhood where the guy across the street had a pit bull. Our next door neighbor and his wife walked he block every evening for exercise. As they were strolling past our sidewalk the dog suddenly lunged, broke his chain and attacked the man, clamping down on his forearm and hitting a major artery. This attack was totally unprovoked, they were not even walking on that side of the street. The man came close to almost bleeding to death before the dog was fended off and he received medical attention. I was sweeping my front porch when it happened and witnessed it with much horror, a few feet away my infant son was in his walker. Thankfully the dog was put down and my neighbor only had a terrible scar. I am so glad that John did not get harmed by them.

  24. Folks need to control their dogs. No ifs, ands, or butts.

  25. I've got to throw my 2 cents worth in! Pets are a privilege and not a right. Pet owners should abide by leash laws and if there isn't a leash law, they should respect their neigbors and use leashes and clean up after their pets. My husband and I are animal lovers. It is the fault of the owner for not being responsible towards their pets. We clean up after our dog immediately after she deficates. I wish our neighbors would do the same and honor the fact that I paid for all of those flowers in our flower beds and I'm much more diligent about caring for those flower beds than they are in their animal care. (I'm on a roll now!!) When I see them allowing (watching) their dogs (3 large breeds) walk into my flower beds, I can't help but feel a little dislike - for the owners. They are good people and young. I hope somewhere/sometime soon they also learn to respect the work and care that other people put into their yards. - - Also, we've had a half pit bull. She was a good dog - must have gotten the personality from her other parent. We have a full pit bull living down the street. The owners walk it on a leash and it's a very well-behaved dog. I still wouldn't want to find myself face-to-face with that dog if it wasn't on a leash. Knowing the hazards, why do people buy a breed that might be harmful to other animals or humans? Also, when buying a dog breed that's known for its aggressive nature, people need to be very concerned about the personality traits of both parents. Years ago many farm animals - especially males - were aggressive, but farmers began culling the aggressive ones and breeding back to only the gentle animals. This has certainly worked and proves that proper animal breeding is a must and also a must for the potential buyer to research the breeder from whom they're buying. OK, enough from me. - - See, not mad at all, Vee!

  26. This is not offensive at all. Our neighborhood had a horrible situation where 2 pit bulls got out of the house and attacked 2 kids, seriously injuring both who were in the hospital for many months. It changed the law here quickly and people must be responsible pet owners.

    I'm new here and really like your blog and will enjoy future posts!


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