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Friday, August 20, 2010

There's No Place Like Blogland

Life's been pretty quiet while I'm cooped up here for two weeks next Monday. This is so insulting to me after not being able to go and do for weeks and months without end and now I could, if only my body would allow. Nevertheless, there have been joys sprinkled throughout. Most of them come from Blogland itself. What would I have done without all of you and, though I was often too tired to comment, I did visit and read a lot.

There is such beauty in every corner of this globe and in Blogdom there is no limit of time or space. We can visit in Istanbul one minute and in another be whisked off to Mexico. Incredible! One can explore any topic, any style, any story.

Incredible, too, when a fellow traveler in Blogland sends a gift. This one is from Karen. Isn't it beautiful? Does it not delightfully express our experience in this place? Hence the title of this post...

Arggghhh, here goes my blood pressure! This post is NOT finished, yet it's gone down the sluice. I tell you that there are days when I have the exact opposite feeling about Blogger that I do about Blogdom. Two separate entities entirely. What happened? I asked for a post date of 8/20/10 and it did not hold. Frustrating. (Edited to Add: Oh interesting! Look at the post date...hmmm, gremlins about. I should add just for the record that today is Thursday, August 19, 2010. My post says that it is August 20, 2010 just as I requested. This post should NOT have posted.)

Okay, I'll scrurry along and see what I can do.

My mother brought me this gift from her recent vacation. (We had no idea that she'd be going at the worst possible time...Nan in the nursing home and my not being able to visit her. Nan really struggled through her days. Thank God for John who stood in the gap for all of us even winding up at a "family meeting" alone on Nan's behalf.) Anyway, this tea pot is from the Czech Republic, it's porcelain with 24 karat gold overlay. I think it's beautiful and so it will be taken better care of than being atop my old books. It's far more ostentatious than I am used to, but I think it will be great fun to serve tea from this pot.

As you can see from my find a few weeks ago, these Golden Wheat cups from the 1940s, I am a simpler kind of gal. These were purchased with autumn in mind and the thought of having something autumnal to hang from the old window. I knew as I was purchasing them that a few bloggers have them, but it didn't take long to find one right away—Dot at Pickett's Place. Whenever I'm tempted to think about how rough it's been, I think of Dot right away. She packed up her entire home and went to live near her parents so that she could be close to care for them. Now she's packing up again and going back home. My mind spins to think of all that work! Not only that, but while she was at her new home, she cleaned up the yard, planted, pruned...oh my the work! She says that she tried to fall in love with the new house, but couldn't. Okay, she's leaving it a much better place for the next inhabitants that's for sure.

So here's to leaving Blogland a little brighter... Perhaps I need to remove my meltdown in the center... Nope. I'll let it stand. It's a teachable moment.

Have a great day...


  1. Hope this finds you on the mend! Our computer has been on the blitz here lately. One day fine, next day some virus! Very frustrating...trying to catch up quick on the blog front. I am with you...& Picket, with the wheat cups being just fine. Simple!

  2. I guess blogger is on a different calendar than we are...at times. Strange.

    OK...two weeks is a long time to be cooped up...with just your bloggy friends for company. It's high time the virus fled...so you can be out and about.

    Beautiful tea pot...and vintage cups to sip from.

  3. Good Morning Vee, hope you are feeling better , I am once again trying to catch-up on my visiting. Love the beautiful tea pot, and the wheat grass cups too.

    And like you am so thankful for blogland, the painting says it for me.
    I hope that you will be able to get out and go to your hearts content, you certainly deserve some me time. You and John have been such faithful caregivers. I know Nan really appreciates all that you have done for her.
    You have a beautiful family, those two grandboys are absolutely adorable.
    Sending much love your way today, and praying for a speedy recovery.( my daughter and I both use clorox too. LOL, do you think we might be to clean, my dh always says" you know you gotta have some germs to survive!" gotta love him.)

  4. 'Mornin' Vee! So happy to see you roaming about in blogland! Thanks for mentioning me on Aug 20th! (tee-hee) You just go right on ahead and melt, friend. We're all here for ya! Isn't blogland just the best! I can't tell you all the great loving people I've met blogging. Some have become dear friends even tho we may never meet! Like YOU!

    I hope you're feeling better in no time. Maybe, just maybe, the Lord knew you needed a break just to relax and rest and recoup, and a fever blister was the way to do it. Maybe He thought you wouldn't slow down to take care of yourself unless you HAD to. Now, take advantage of this time and rest. And someday, you can stand in the gap for John. He's such a dear and Nan will be okay until you get back to her.

    As for your teapot, it's beautiful! And you use it and serve tea out of it in your wheat cups. It's what's inside the teapot and cups that counts, right? And that goes for just about everything!!!

    {{{hugs}}} Vickie

  5. Please... Don't remove anything written. [You call it a meltdown, but I do not] Please... They make you human.

    Meaning, most of the time, you seem to live life, as a super human. Basically always thinking of the other person. And that is not an easy task. And sounds pretty super-human to me.

    But when you "let your hair down," sort of... Oh Dear, you sound like you do have some ordinary parts in you! Not just the always-do-what's-the-right-thing parts. And this makes you seem "more human" to me.

    And makes me want to surround you with gentle hugs...

    Awwww, I always feel like that.

    But..... I'm so human-all-the-time, that it feels easier to hug another friend, who has some human side too. No I am not being snarky! Ding it! I am not! I mean it. You do live in a super-human way, and I bet I'm not the only Dear Reader here, who would agree.

    More gentle hugs... Especially when trying to corral Blogger into doing fancy stuff, like keeping a entry back, till a certain date. Eeeeeek! I don't even try, such fancy stuff! -giggggles-

  6. Well now, that just doesn't seem fair that you've had to be cooped up for so long. I hope you will be feeling much better very soon.
    I completely agree with your observations on blogland. And as for blogger . . . I used to set up posts for the next day often prior to the new editor. I tried it once and had the same problem as you. Since then I've been leary of trying it again.
    Beautiful teapot your mom gave to you.

  7. SO..we all learn don't we..even from our own meltdowns..

    You are love an appreciated. You are a welcome read on my daily walk around Blogland..and you make me smile & think..2 of my favorite things to do ;-D

    Give Nan a hug from Utah..

  8. What a beautiful teapot! And, of course I love your cup and saucer sets.

    I am sending happy and healthy thoughts your way. ((((Big hugs)))).

    You and other blog friends have truly ministered to me over the past weeks as well.

    Becky K.

  9. Oh Vee, I hope your life will soon ease into a comforting normality that some call dull.

    The teapot from your mom is beautiful - especially the glaze. You'll enjoy pouring tea from it into your pretty autumn vintage teacups.

  10. My mom had that same Golden Wheat pattern when I was a kid!!
    Hope you are feeling much better now.
    Your comment about Ellen made me laugh!!

  11. Ahhhhh... I agree there's no place like Blogland. What a wonderful gift we have through this world of Internet!

    BTW, you mentioned those scheduled postings not holding. I've had that happen too. I found that if I close the post and come back to it, then try to pre-schedule, it seems to hold. It seems to be a quirk in the system. You might want to see of that works for you??

    Happy day.......

  12. Oh Vee...I love how honest you are! And don't we all wish computers and family and the world were as simple and lovely as the wheat scene on your china?

    Yes we do!

  13. I love blogland too. there is just not anywhere in the world like it. When I talk of it to non bloggers they simply don't understand. Blogger can be frustrating like you say. It takes hours for me to load pictures for my posts. I'm glad you are resting and taking it easy. I hope you feel better soon. I've been saying prayers for your full and complete recovery. Your teacup and cups are just beautiful!

  14. Yes, I'm new to blogland. I enjoy it so much and am constantly stumbling onto good blogs like yours. Hope you start to feeling better.

  15. I love the little teapot. There is just no teapot on earth that isn't cute in some way. I always thought they'd be fun to collect but hey...I'm not into collections much. They breed when you're not looking. :)

  16. Beautiful teapot, Vee. I'll be glad to hear when you're able to get out and about again, but hopefully you're feeling a lot better than you were at the start.

  17. I was having pleasant thoughts of blogland today...and even posted about Karen's blog! Great minds think alike! heehee! I love your post today and hope you feel better each day! I hate being cooped up (a Southern expression)! ♥

  18. Tap, tap, tap... Yeah, it's me. I'm wondering if you'd like a {{{{{HUG}}}}}.

    Ha! I thought you would!

  19. Well, that's just rotten that you are stuck at home when you should be out doing thing that you love.
    Isn't that always the way? I find that when I've been waiting to do something for a long time, when the opportunity finally arises that I'm able... BOOM! something "goes down" that prevents me. :(

    I really hope that you feel better soon.

    I love the tea pot that your Mum brought you! It's lovely. As are the cups you found. They are perfect for the fall months. :)

    Take care Vee. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


  20. isn't karen amazing? so creative and
    artistic and kind.

    hopefully, you will be released soon
    to get out and enjoy the last few days
    of summer!

  21. ((Hugs))

    xo, Jen

    ps ~ I love the teapot. So elegant and it looks quite lovely on top of your books.

  22. Hey sweet girl, you are so wonderful, do you know that? I love how you lay it on the line, the good with the bad and in the process you make us all feel normal!!! Life is real, and definitely hard at times too ~ I hope you get out soon, enjoy a little fresh air and new sights. Your teapot is so beautiful, I know you must love it!!! Wishing you a wonderful, restful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  23. Your photos made me feel as if I took a walk down memory lane! My mother had a set of dishes in the Golden Wheat and I also spied some Grace Livingston Hill books under that beautiful teapot that we both liked to read.

    Take care of yourself...I hope you are able to get out and about soon!


  24. Hi Vee,
    I have tried that calendar thingy, but it really messed up my blog once, so I don't use it. Penny from The Comforts of Home had luck with it though when she went to Paris.

    Well, thank you for posting my art. There is no place like blogland. I hope that you are feeling better. I still think stress provokes all kinds of things, even when we have passed through the finish line. Why is that?

    I hope your day is beautiful.

  25. What a blast from the past when I saw your golden wheat cups! Those were the dishes that my mom and dad had when they first got married. You would get a piece everytime you filled your car up with gas at the Spur station. They kept them until around the 1970's when mom decided she wanted the new fad "Ironstone"! LOL!

  26. Hot tea in a gorgeous teapot, simple autumn teacups, a stack of Grace Livingston Hill, and LOTS of friends in crazy blogland who CARE how you are.

    Sending love, love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  27. Such a lovely teapot--it looks like an iridescent lustreware piece.
    I love the "big" neighborhood of blogdom too! Hope this finds you on the mend. Thanks for your comments today--you are so fortunate to have inherited the Friendly Villiage china. It is so perfect for the holiday season!

  28. Vee, Hope that you are feeling better with each passing day! Thank goodness for blogging, to pass the time! As you said, it can take you to all ends of the world, and cover a variety of interests! :)

    Prayers for better health sent your way, Rhonda :)

  29. Vee, I've just read your last few posts and have been refreshed by listening to your humor, grief, pain, delight - all wrapped up in the last few days! You have continued to inspire others inspite of your own pain and discomfort. You are in my prayers for relief and renewed health! May you keep encouraged through the love of friends and of your Father!

  30. I still haven't switched to the new blogger - I'm afraid:)

    Love your dishes from the detergent - I saw these at Pickets Place too and remember my Gram having them.

    Enjoy your weekend Vee!

  31. Vee,

    I hope you are feeling better! Blogger gave me fits the other day too, I still have two posts that are not posting but I refuse to redo them. I keep getting some sort of error message. I am sure it will work itself out in the end. Be well, rest up, and enjoy your weekend.

  32. Get well soon! Blogland helps, doesn't it? Kept me halfway sane all last winter. :) The Golden Wheat patterned dishes brought back memories! My grandmother had a set of china with that pattern. They were only used at birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I don't know if I have any pieces left or not. Speaking of golden wheat - harvest is late this year. The farmers are harvesting around the clock right now trying to beat the next storm. Fall is definitely in the air.

  33. Hope you feeling better soon Vee! Two weeks is a long time to be cooped up inside. Hope you're able to watch some good movies and read some rood books.

    That tea pot is a thing of beauty! So gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the cups.


  34. The china is great, the melt down is normal. Praise God John did and could help you. It is okay Vee not to carry it all. You can't...

    I love your Grace Livingston Hill collection. On behalf of her name and your life I pray that the peace that passes all understand, and the God that delivers extravagant grace, pours out both of these lovely gifts of grace and peace on you all week!


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