Thursday, August 22, 2013

Edwardian Farm

In the chapter Wayfarers All from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, Rat and some swallows are having a discussion about what makes them wish to fly south in winter and what makes them wish to return to England again.

'And do you think,' said the first swallow, 'that the other call is not for us, too, in its due season? The call of lush meadowgrass, wet orchards, warm insect haunted ponds, of browsing cattle, of haymaking, and all the farm buildings clustering round the House of the Perfect Eaves?'

John and I have been answering the call every evening for 11 so far to watch Edwardian Farm, a BBC program that features three historians running a farm in Morwellham Quay as it might have been done in Edwardian times. You may also be familiar with Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm, and others. Full episodes are available in various places. I use my iPad to link up to the tv set and we're off.

John enjoys the programs because they show the former ways of doing things, which fascinates him. I have cherries to cook off today and I'll be trying a method shown in episode 11 for its good sense approach to the addition of sugar.

The scenery is rich and lush and I feel as if I've stepped into a painting with each episode.


Thank you for another wonderful month of the Note Card Party. I'm thinking of making a few changes that might make it even easier for participants. Perhaps you have something to share on that note. I'll report back another day on that. 

Happy Thursday to you...

Love Vee


  1. There's probably a wealth of information in the shows that feature the past simpler way of life.
    I don't know how you could make the NC party simpler but will be interested to read your ideas.

  2. I love all these shows! I have peaches to can, if we don't eat them all first!


  3. Vee, I've never heard of these shows! They sound so delightful. Are they available on line? How do I find them? I think I would enjoy them a lot. Thanks! Are you sweltering in the humidity today? It's toasty here. :)

  4. I've missed that. I'll check our PBS schedule and see if they have that. We have 3 channels here for PBS. Cooking, leftist politics, and leftist politics.

  5. Your flowers are so lovely Vee, especially in the header picture....I've been playing with Pic Monkey and now showed it to my daughter who loves it. Thank you!

  6. I'm thinking the return to the simpler way of life has many benefits...especially after seeing the thriving and seemingly happy community of those living here in Amish country....where we have spent the past few days.

  7. Good morning! First, I love your new header...what a view! And the shows sound so like something both hubby and I would like. I will definitely be looking for them. Enjoy your day Vee!

  8. That show sounds great. I could use a simpler way of living right now...

  9. Hi dear Vee,

    Lovely header picture :) and interesting info about farm shows. Loved the vintage glass bottles of previous post.

  10. I would love to watch some of this series! I'll look for it on PBS! And the notecard party was a HUGE success...again! It's always so much fun! Enjoy your day! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  11. I love watching those shows and thankful for the some of the modern-day conveniences we take for granted too often! Getting settled in to a new life here in North Carolina and hoping to post's been a long time, XOXO

  12. Oh these are the kinds of shows that I love! I'm writing them down!!


  13. Thanks for the tip! I loved the various house series (1910 house, 1940s house) where regular families were plopped into era specific houses and lived in the style of the era. Boy did those show make me ever so thankful for my modern era. The olden days may look romantic but really they were hard times for one and all, and the only saving graces was friendly fellow sufferers who had a knack for looking on the bright side!

  14. Oooo... Vee, those Edwardian shows sound wonderful. I must look for them.

    About your lovely notecard party, the only reason I don't participate is because I post so few of my own photos, rarely in sets, so that it's hard for me to gather four that would make a nice set.

    (since you asked)...if you were to open it up that participants could select four of their own photos, whether posted or not, I'd join the party more. I love looking at everyone's selections. Gorgeous.

  15. Vee, Every month I think I'll participate in the notecard party and every month I have too much going on here and miss it. Next month I want to do it..for sure.
    That looks like such a great show. I am going to look it up.

  16. Hi Vee~

    I have not seen Edwardian Farm - how could I have missed it?! I love being taken back into time, and learning about what life was like before technology - although I do love technology.... most of the time.... ;0)

    I have never participated in your notecard party - I will have to check it out, because it does sound like fun!


  17. I don't think we have these shows over here on Dutch TV but they sound so interesting. I am always so interested in how did their work and lived their lives in those olden days.
    I am really interested in your note party but always seemed to miss it.
    Have a nice week.

  18. Hi Vee! Sharing a program with your husband is so sweet. And that fact that you both like it is a bonus!
    My husband and I like to watch America's Got Talent, but I wouldn't learn how to cook cherries, so you've got me there.

    Nice to see you!

  19. Sounds like a show I would enjoy watching, too. Thanks for hosting note party, Vee!
    As far as memes go, blog parties, I would much rather have a comment left on my post then an email after I visit a participant. Does that make sense? I enjoy the emails but like to know my blog was visited by some of the other participants as well. l

  20. Sounds like a wonderful show to watch together. I think I would love that show as well. It sounds delightful. I'm going to have to check it out....

    As for the blog party, I just need to remember it! LOL I get so busy it totally slips up on me. I'm going to do better. It's so much fun to see all the wonderful pictures everyone has to share! Enjoy preparing cherries today. Yum!

  21. These are great shows. I've not yet finished Tales From the Green Valley, but Edwardian Farm will be next. We're also enjoying Foyle's War on Netflix, which gives a different view of WWII in England - the good and the bad.

    I'm making peach jam today, and maybe salsa, depending on how things go.

  22. Our family just started watching the Victorian Farm and really enjoy it, even the teenage kids! ;D
    Looking forward to watching some of the other shows too.
    Wishing you a lovely day!


  23. It sounds like something I would enjoy watching!

  24. I will be looking for that...I loved the programming in England when we lived there...thanks for the heads up!
    Arianna is rereading The Wind in the Willows since her uncle gave it to her for birthday on Kindle...

  25. Thanks for the tip on the show! I don't know if we can get the program or not, and I don't have any ipad hookup gizmo for the TV. I do know that TV programming is rather dismal right now.

    Mmm, not sure what changes are needed for the note card party, but it's your party, so change away! I will have to bow out of the next one. I could schedule a post way in advance, but I wouldn't be able to visit everyone. So that's not really fair. I'm going to have a difficult enough time trying to pull off next month's photo challenge. I have no idea how I will visit any of the participants then either. My usual routines and computer time will be quickly going down the tubes.

  26. Haven't watched that one but it sounds interesting.
    Don't have any ideas about the Note Card Party. Seems just perfect and easy already, but I'm up for anything. : )

  27. That sounds like a delightful show. The end of August in Texas leaves your eyes thirsty for green.

  28. Sounds wonderful! I am trying to get back into blogging, it has been 2 months since I brought Jim home from Rehab. he is doing wonderful, truly a miracle!

  29. That sounds interesting, definitely something I would enjoy watching. I'm going to have to check out that show.

  30. Sounds like a series I would like to see.
    We just switched from PBS Detroit to PBS Boston.
    I'm not sure I like it!! It doesn't have your show.
    Let us know how the cherries turn out!

  31. Oh Vee I do love your Note Card party. And this header, with your blog name sitting along the sill, brilliant!! I need a window like yours, that looks out at such beautiful scenery.......(sigh) xo

  32. The note card party is lots of fun. It is nice to see your window again with the cups hanging.Other thing is, now I have to read Wind in the Willows again. It's been way too long.

  33. I would love these shows and appreciate you sharing about them.
    Thanks again for a fun and friendly note card party.
    Wishing you a restful evening and a nice Friday.

  34. I love shows like this! It's on YouTube for people that don't have a TV or who's PBS station isn't airing it.

  35. Oh how I wish we could get these shows - we are so in the "boonies" here with no cable and too cheap to hook up to the Satellite world - sigh! We've purchased the Downton Abbey series and LOVE this kind of show!! I'll keep looking for the DVDs of these shows!?

    1. Full episodes are offered on You Tube

  36. Oh, you had me at The Wind in the Willows! Do you love that book as much as I do?

    The series sounds delightful! I took your recommendation once before (Downton Abbey) and was so happy I did. Maybe we'll give these a try. We'd have to watch via the laptop though...unless Netflix has them...

  37. The series is def. something we need to look up = right up our alley.

    There was a series similar about re-creating lives during old times - Victorian, Civil War, WW2, 1770s, I forget the name of it but we loved it.

    We use my new laptop on the big screen tv all the time to watch Netflix, so will have to find those on YouTube now. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  38. Hi sweet friend!!! Long time no comment, right? Yes, I am a loser ~ I've just been caught up with my own goings on ~ but have missed you so. You've made me want to watch these shows! And so I'm off to find them and can't wait to hear more of your cherries ~ sending you hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

  39. I would love that show so am going to see if we can get it (streaming or otherwise). We watched 1900 house years ago. It was our first such show, and we loved it. The only one I didn't like was the one set in Plimouth (Pylmouth). Instead of just working the land and living the way they would have had to, they decided to get all political and in my face. I think that was the last one that PBS did. I didn't realize I could get some through BCC.

  40. I am not much of a TV watcher, but these sound like shows I'd enjoy! I am catching up with Downton Abbey, so I'll be ready for the new season. It took V awhile to get into the show but now he is also enjoying it!

  41. Is that the Edwardian farm from England I wonder/ If s have not watched it.


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