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Saturday, August 3, 2013

After the Rain

With few exceptions, most of this summer so far has been measured before the rain, after the rain, in the rain. I railed against it mightily for weeks. In the end, I might miss the cozy comforts of a daily rainy time, though I'd like to enjoy a few sunny days without wondering when the storms will find us.

I heard a Georgia farmer on the news the other day lamenting all the water that has ruined his crops. He said that in a drought he could irrigate his fields, but in a wet season there is nothing to be done — he can't take water away. There really can be too much of a good thing.

From my perch in the corner recliner...I had just scrubbed the deck with Oxi*lean before the rain...the world outside looks clean and exceptionally green.

Judy at My Front Porch says that she has recently learned that bloggers are never supposed to show the same thing twice.(Do check out what she's showing again.) I told her that I'd be sunk. Not only do I show things over and over, I do it in the same post. This is for those who always want a bigger view. Nothing's changed: same old, same old. That sofa may be calling me.

Anyway, the garden has seemed pretty happy, the lawns, too, the Japanese beetles are positively giddy and the slugs are taking over the world. Yes, I'm convinced, that sofa is calling me.

So where are you in the spectrum? Too much rain? Too little? Just right?

A happy weekend to you...


  1. Good morning Vee! I do love a good rain, even several day of rain as it makes me want to slow down and just relax at home. But, this summer has been a bit much, although I have tried so hard not to complain. It sure does beat a drought & 100 degree temps! I do feel for the farmers and their lost crops. I hate to see anyone struggle to make a living.
    Have a good weekend and snuggle up on the couch!

  2. I always enjoy your photos and looking out your windows! Parts of Florida have gotten too much...but we've been just about right. Our temps have been good so far...not too hot and we've had little pop up showers some afternoons to cool things off and water the grass. I can't complain. It's been a good summer to be here! Enjoy your day! Sweet sunny hugs!

  3. Too little rain..we are still in what they call a drought, although so much better than two years ago. This summer has been mild and such a blessing, our bills weren't as high as usual, which helped so much.
    Look at your flowers...and rain is smoothing.
    Enjoyed your pictures.

  4. We moved here in April and it has rained every day since, I believe. We wish now we had re-seeded the back lawn!
    Your photo of the rain on the window is great. I often plop down on my sofa to take a nap while it is raining. I usually wake with a few kitties sleeping near me!
    You have such a welcoming home and garden, Vee. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope your Saturday is delightful.

  5. The call of the couch seems to strengthen on rainy days. Hope you were able to answer that call and enjoy the clean, green sights out your windows. Your flowers look very happy with the whole situation.
    As for blogging the same thing more than once ... uh oh, I think I've been doing that all summer. Kind of like a broken record. Ha! My subject matter would easily reveal that we have had too.much.rain.

  6. For once in a blue moon, I can report that the sun has been sitting right over the UK for weeks on end. Today is not blazingly hot, but it is unlikely to rain. And I can't complain, because it has been 7 years since we had hot weather!
    By the way, the cream horns were the culprit. Anyone bringing cream horns into the house understands that they go with liquid refreshment, which takes time, and chatter, and 10 hours? Pfftt. A doddle. About posting the same thing.... I am also doomed. Too bad.

  7. Good morning! Well sunny Southern California is parched, dry, and in DESPERATE need of some rain. Trying to keep things green over here is LOTS of work and watering, which is somewhat frowned upon. I'D love to curl up on that couch of yours and gaze at all that green and listen to that wonderful sound for a while...ENJOY!

  8. I'd be sunk, too, on not showing the same thing twice or twice again!! You are beginning to sound like us about the rain. We actually have had a very dry summer up until yesterday and we finally got a good wash down. We are suppose to go into another dry period. That rain has made everything outside look clean and happy...

  9. Can't post about the same thing twice? Who makes up these rules? Oh well.

    We are in the Land of Lots of Rain this summer. Rain, rain, rain. Just this week we had a day where 3 1/2 inches fell. We have had some sunny days in between, so it's not all bad. I found a spiritual application in your musings about the rain...how that we can begin to find rest and solace in the circumstances that God gives us when we accept them as coming from Him. As Amy Carmichael said, "In acceptance lieth peace." Often hard, but true.

    I enjoyed the wide view of your room...and now your sofa is calling me too! It looks like the perfect sofa for a cozy nap!

  10. You ask about the rain, here in northerly Alberta where me and my blog live, it's similar to you... our days are punctuated by 'the before the rain', 'during the rain', 'after the rain'. For my own view, it's not been too much, as we've had some awful drought years. But many further south have had floods so we feel for them.

    And I enjoy seeing a revisit of postings... to me it's a little like re-reading our favourite picture book as kids... there's a comfort in the recognition.. like seeing an old friend.

    And as Cheryl already said, who makes up those rules, anyway?

  11. We've had our share here, then two consecutive heat waves of nearly 100, but then we were blessed with picture perfect weather, not that I took many (or any) ;-) and at least the humidity is gone. We had rain Thursday all day. I didn't really notice, I was in all day. Your sofa looks very comfy, Vee. xo

  12. The rain here has been almost perfect. Aside from a small spell for a few weeks in July we have had the showers we need. It has been a very cool summer in the Great Lakes region. I think that sofa is calling me too!

  13. LOVE the rain on the window pic - looks awesome! As for rain - I concur; we've had WAAAAAY too much rain here as well.

    Yesterday hubs and I had a nice dinner date, and it wasn't raining so we drove with windows down - so nice to get all that fresh air - and we were nearer the river ready to cross over it and I couldn't believe how strong the mould smelled - bleck. Yes, too much of a good thing wreaks havoc.

    I like your couch idea, though I am heavy in work mode this week.

    I have every day spoken for coming up so need to get things DONE, though I am in the mood to curl up with my book instead. No rest for the weary, haha. Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

  14. I'm OK with the rain, except it rained the one afternoon that I was having company and I wanted to dine outside!!! The afternoon before and the next day's afternoon were gorgeous - go figure!

    Have a great nap . . . errr afternoon . . . that couch looks mighty comfy!

    I have to check out about not posting the same thing twice! What's up with that?

  15. We need rain. For some reason it's never divided the way we think it should be. I'm watering the lawn and flowers. It looks as though everything is blooming and happy in your corner of the world. I can understand why the sofa is calling you...sounds like a cozy, comfy afternoon. I think I'm getting sleepy (insert yawn).

  16. We've had our first rain in a more than a month and we're pretty happy about it.
    I'd be in trouble if I could only show something once! I'm not enough of a photographer to have views of a lot of different things.

  17. It's been fairly ok this summer, both in Bath, Ohio and Dewittville, NY, though just now I could maybe use a little more rain! If you can figure a way to send it over, it would be gratefully received, Vee!

  18. I just love your house -inside and out. So green and beautiful.

  19. I didn't know that was a blog rule. I show the same thing many times!! : ) Everything always looks so green, pretty and fresh after a rain.
    We've had more than our share of rain too but most days the sun does make an appearance though. It as also been a cooler than normal summer. It's raining here right now and I'm hoping it stops in time for the demolition derby later today!!

  20. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. No rain here yet. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  21. We have had way too much rain here. The farmers have lost a lot of their crops. My little tomato bush, has red tomatoes on it, but they are all mushy inside. We are already over the whole year in rain inches, half way through the year. We had almost 9 inches the month of July.

  22. I didn't know there was a rule book to follow! I say phooey on that.

    We are having a decent summer so far. It was very hot and humid there for a bit, but lately the temps have been really nice and we've had some needed rain. Just hope the rains don't start and never end, as they did back in the spring.

    Your couch is calling me, too. Our son surprised us by popping in yesterday. He was in ME and RI for meetings all week and I had no idea he was driving in once he arrived back in KC. We stayed up late visiting. I'm behind on blog visiting and trying to catch up here and there as I can. But I'm finding it hard keeping the peepers open!

    Have a nice weekend!

  23. When I went out to the garden today, I was thinking how last year it was so hot and dry, this year is has been so cool and wet!

    The large tomatoes are not ripening very well, at least the three cherry tomato varieties had enough sun to ripen. There are weeds everywhere.

    Maybe next year we will hit a nice average?

    Hehehe, I break the blogger rules all the time. A friend was reminding me recently that I could do so much more to expand my blog.

  24. I'll take any left over rain. And, I'll post the same thing ... lovingly. :)

  25. Cool and wet for us this year too. Lawns have never looked so lush in the summer and the lake is up.
    I've got to admit, the couch does look like a cozy place to read and maybe catch a cat nap!

  26. We've had a lot of rain here, especially compared to the last 2 summers, but I can't say that it's too much. We just pulled out of official drought territory, so I guess I'd have to say it's just right although I am reminded just how much I hate humidity!

    It's much nicer to see green grass and trees instead of brown. :-)

  27. Oh dreary summer rain. It seems you are getting lots of it this year. Did you know that, as I told Kathleen of the blog "Maine", this weather on the weekend and perhaps for a few days to come is due to an Arctic Cyclone?? Yep. That's what I read on the internet. It's pushing unseasonably cold air down over parts of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and since Maine is right next door, you as well. It will bring unsettled weather with sunshine then pop up showers and thunder showers for a few days. Fun eh? Amazing what one learns on Facebook (from a Meteorologist). She also reported that the Maritimes will experience a nice hot high by mid-August. For that I'm thankful as we will arrive home about then. :) BC has had little rain in July but got some showers Friday and Saturday. It's sunny and warm here in Calgary, but feels a lot like September. So, Hang on Vee. It will be sunny and hot soon. :) Have a great Sunday!

  28. Rainy, cloudy days are perfect for a nap on a comfy sofa.
    Your flowers and yard looks amazing...it's hard for me to think of anyone thinking "dreary summer rain" or "too much of a good thing" regarding rain but that's 'cause we've never, EVER had too much rain. Hope the sun is out all next week for you. :))
    I miss visiting with Auntie....

  29. Just had to comment on your blocked comments Sunday post - Love it!

    Your house is beautiful.

    We are having a rainy Sunday, warm and wet, West Cork weather - suits me fine - but I hope for not too many more of these - last summer we had weeks of it. Hope your weather will be just as you wish soon.

  30. Vee, I don't know exactly where you live but I wish I could live there. A smaller house nestled in the woods. Just seems like a good place to be. I watched the news this morning about all the embassy's around the countries being on lock down and many other things going on. I rarely watch the news in fact I was on my way to Andy Griffith when that info caught my attention. Just want you to know your blog is an encouragement to me and if you ever decide to you are going to move please let us know. I'd love the chance to be hidden away some place. Thanks for your great blog posts!

  31. I was just saying I missed a lot of our rain when we were away. I could do with a little now. I think we are into the hot, hot stage of summer which has been missing to this point. I always like seeing your house no matter how often because then it's more like stopping in for a short visit, i mean, really into your house/ :-)

  32. Hi Vee,

    Wouldn't mind if it rained for days on end if I were cocooned in your cozy, corner recliner, in that sweet little house of yours! And, go ahead, show that storybook garden of yours over and over again...it will always be FRESH!


  33. I agree with the farmer. I'd rather a drought than all this rain. I've hardly gotten any tomatoes this summer. I'm just hoping that it dries out for August and we can have a late season crop. I enjoy a rainy cozy day now and then but mostly they make me sleepy and then I get nothing done!

  34. I see that you are capturing "water" photos! Love the window silhouette with the raindrops clinging to the glass.

  35. As Pondside already commented, we've had little rain this summer, following a warm spring as well. I've never had ripe tomatoes in July until this year. Weather is interesting, but there's nothing we can do about it other than accept it for what it is.
    Your home looks like a cozy place to spend rainy days. Good thing we don't have to follow blog rules - I blog about the same things all the time.


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